Christmas countdown 2017

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  1. I am Spartacus


    Merry Christmas all.

  2. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)

    Merry Xmas to all the cats!

  3. Up The Workers!

    That’s another couple of assets which have passed through Packers’ hands.

    She’s got enough front to lead Australia’s Labor(sic) Party.

  4. a happy little debunker

    She has been accused of sexually harassing male staff.


  5. struth

    She’s got enough front to lead Australia’s Labor(sic) Party.

    Yeah, I believe they’re fake as well.

  6. Awake

    Off topic, sorry

    Is Steve Kates, american?

    I mean, he talks about the U.S. 50% of the time.

  7. James of the Glens

    Is the bovine from the Jersey Breeders 2018 Calendar?

  8. Mak Siccar

    Merry Christmas one and all. Hope Santa is kind to you and that 2018 is a better year for all than 2017. Long live the Cat Files!

  9. Baldrick

    “$5 million each,” James Packer.

  10. Caveman

    Car full of snowflakes .
    Lefty scum
    Merry Christmas

  11. Bruce in WA

    Had the neighbourhood Christmas “do” at our place yesterday afternoon/evening.

    Little bit fragile this morning.

    Merry Christmas to all the Cats and Kittehs; long may you reign!

  12. Tom

    Mariah looks like she snorted a truckload of blow, got the munchies and ate James Packer.

  13. gbees

    I’m amazed the word Christmas still rates a mention given it’s the desired goal of the left to remove Christianity from everything.

  14. Tiny Dancer

    The 2nd amendment and breasts.

  15. He could have taken her down a few cobblestone streets. I’ll bet she was expecting it.

    I must be getting old, I don’t find Corden very funny after seeing a couple of his endeavours.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Oh, and Bah Humbug!

  16. Judith Sloan

    Honestly, Sinc. Aren’t we over Mariah? James is.

  17. Sinclair Davidson

    Honestly, Sinc. Aren’t we over Mariah?

    Traditional Judith. Tradition. 😁

  18. Titch

    Is there any song more banal than this one? And it has been voted the most wanted Christmas song of all time! Sort of establishes the standard of acceptable in society these days. I can’t think of any Christmas song or carol that is less desirable, what a wank it is. No wonder Christianity is disappearing off the planet. I totally despair for the future for our grandchildren, makes me remember that in the 1970’s I was very chary about having children, as I was already uncomfortable about the world we were bringing them into. I feel responsible for my actions. despite the joys our children have given us. Quite frankly, I despair for the future for these children, and my heart breaks for what they are in for.

  19. Elle

    This absolutely rocks, Sinc! You had this girl dancing around the lounge room and a little bit on the balcony. It’s ok. It is Elle’s kosher, busty bistro in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. Magnificent views! Smokers allowed. Ask Tim 😉

  20. classical_hero

    Some traditions are worth keeping.

  21. Confused Old Misfit

    Here I thought that Maria was going to have a wardrobe malfunction and they were going to sing:

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