Monday Forum: December 18, 2017

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  1. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    According to witnesses, the alleged attackers were heard shouting “Aussie scum” as the brawl took place. A 17-year-old, believed to be an Iraqi national, was arrested trying to leave the property. He has been charged and bailed.

    Shouldn’t have any problem deporting the piece of shyte then, should we?

  2. Mother Lode

    At least she has kids herself.

    I will bet she sees them as projects.

    And, indeed, she projects all her political causes onto them.

  3. Ez

    At least she has kids herself.

    May their Christmas holiday occasion be filled with composting for beginners kits and cards noting donations made on their behalf to an obscure empowering the women of tomorrow charity.

  4. Tintarella di Luna

    Btw, having worked for two decades with children with autism/Asperger, I can state that they rarely – if ever – enjoy meeting Santa. They have enough difficulty making sense of the world without having some hairy fat guy in a red suit ho-ho-hoing all over them.

    My son who is now 26 still freaks out around people dressed up as clowns or Santa — I don’t dare let him near a politicians because he can smell fakes a mile away.

    Parents who know their children have autism and are triggered by over stimulation etc.. wouldn’t let them within a bull’s roar of a shopping centre or a Santa — but it is the ideologues and the ‘we-know-best’ brigade and those who subscribe to the theories of ‘normalisation’ and social role valorization who have pushed the barrow of inclusion to the point that when misapplied or hurried it causes enormous distress for children and adults who have not had a proper, proportionate and incremental exposure to what is supposedly ‘normal’.

  5. Bruce in WA

    So the Feral Government [sic] has draft legislation to raise a new tax on alcohol to “curb binge drinking”. Hardest hit would be cask wine: the proposal would see a currently $10 cask rise to approximately $45.

    And as the price of booze goes up, drugs become relatively cheaper and soon become the oblivion of choice. Regional WA already has the dubious honour of housing the highest users of ice in the country.

    But it’s not just that. My old Nanna, long gone now, lived on a minuscule pension after Grandad died. Her two pleasures in life were her daytime soaps on the TV, and at night a glass of white wine while she did her knitting. Every Saturday morning she would walk down to the main road and buy herself a 2-litre cask … because that was all she could afford. I dare say there will be quite a number of older people who, if this new tax becomes reality, will find themselves having to give up their glass of cheer. And I’m sorry … but I think that stinks!

  6. The Moribund Barking Toad

    New Fred

  7. stackja

    Tintarella di Luna
    #2588994, posted on December 20, 2017 at 11:51 am

    Very interesting.

  8. John Constantine

    The racists at the party had not made a politically correct enough attempt to make sure that the correct level of optical diversity was reached among the people invited onto the property.

    Australia can no longer tolerate such levels of racism, and all gatherings must now be diverse or be crushed.

    Making sure enough catamites and slavegirls were available for the gatecrashers would have avoided the troubles.

    Lucky nobody was racist enough to own a firearm at the property, or the crushing power of the State would have really descended.

    Fifty thousand dollar bill for holding a racist event without a permit?.

  9. Snoopy

    ABC television news: “….. after ISIS crumbled….. ”

    Just like that.


  10. Mick Gold Coast QLD

    I opened the PC early on to see this, found better things to do until now.

    The Australian headline

    New blood was PM’s only hope, by Simon Benson

    “The Prime Minister has pushed the reset button on his government and his leadership.”

    This opening line tells me pure fantasy follows. There is nothing to write about.

    During a decade and a half in Parliament Lord Wentworth has never, ever demonstrated leadership … or capability, or willingness, or good reason to be there. He has sat on his clacker for the whole of that time doing nothing useful. He wouldn’t know what a “reset button” is.

    He did muster up the energy a couple of years ago to rise from his lounge, have Jeaves collect his smoking jacket and do a lap of the snooker room, head nodding up and down like a Martin Place pigeon, cooing at his cleverness in smiting that Abbott fellow having the bed-wetters smite that Abbott fellow for him. Then he sat down again.

    His only other achievement was to lock in the pooves vote, or so he thinks.

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