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  1. Pedro the Ignorant

    Hola, compadres.

  2. Free Advice

    Where’s the Alexander Downer thread?

    I knew the end of season 2 would have some twist, but I’d never would have guessed an aussie connection.

    It looks like the dodgy fake Golden Showers Pea Pea dossier has collapsed for the FBI.

    Now they are distancing themselves from the fabricated fraud.

    I can’t wait for season 3.

  3. BrettW

    Congratulations must go to Charlie Pickering who on live TV said NY Eve the only time OK to kill a police officer. Did manage to then say “kiss” but pretty good stuff up for live TV.

  4. Jessie

    Happy New Year to All Cat Bloggers and their Families.

    Raining like billy-o and flooding here. 🙂

  5. Haaapee Nu Yeear 2 allll the Katszies.,
    The annual bouttle of Mooet et Shandylion was reeely gud, but it makez tyeping quiet difficlut.
    Tim 4 beds methunks..Does anywon know where is my bed is?

  6. Ubique

    2018 – Exciting Year of the Trump!

  7. OneWorldGovernment

    #2598148, posted on January 1, 2018 at 1:16 am

    Happy New Year to All Cat Bloggers and their Families.

    Raining like billy-o and flooding here. 🙂

    And to you also Jessie

    If you don’t mind but where is the general location of ‘here’ where it’s raining and flooding?

    All the best.

  8. Motelier

    To Sinclair, Rafe, Steve, Jacques, Cats and Kittehs.

    May 2018 deliver all of the promise and enjoyment for all of you and your families that you make in your New Years Resoultions.

    Motelier and MrsM

    PS. Nooooo I will not have a hangover to start 2018. We took our new business venture out on the road at a council run NYE celebration event. For those following the development of a startup.

    We went with enough dough and fillings for 200 pizzas, plus cold drinks and a loan of a scoop icecream freezer with 9 flavours, for the night set up in a popup gazebo directly opposite the “woodfired” pizza. Set up was done from 2 pm and trade from 4pm to midnight.

    We managed 27 pizzas per hour 😀 from 4pm till 8pm through intermittant showers. First fireworks spectacular at 8:30 for 15 minutes and then we steeled ourselves for the next rush. Nature had other ideas, delivering a solid downpour from just after the first fireworks that chased the crowds away. So for the night 112 pizzas at $17 a pop. The surprise was the owner of the woody ordering one of our pizzas and enquiring where we purchased our base 😇. Shhhhhh its a secret recipe.

    No droopy pizza slices from us!

  9. OneWorldGovernment


    One of the finest Capitalists in the World.

    Andre Rieu is a supply side economist.

    He created a product that he delivered for many a year and now gives ‘the punters’ what they want.

  10. Anne

    2018. This will be the most momentous year in our lifetime. Buckle up puny humans. It’s going to get bumpy!

    I predict: The last four U.S. Presidents, Poppy Bush, Clinton, GW Bush, Obama and Hillary will be executed.

    Donald J. Trump is the greatest President in American history.

  11. Anne

    Thanks OWG. That’s beautiful.

  12. L:inden

    When he first started the critics shit canned him! because he did something different and the audiences loved it, taking no notice of the learned ones lol

  13. L:inden

    Charles Pickering another typical smart arse product from our once respected ABC, I do hope that he made that comment gender neutral.

  14. manalive

    Nations can economically self-destruct, it can happen over generations, need not be a uniform trend and the longer it goes on the harder it is to reverse , Argentina is an oft-cited example.
    When presumably economically literate ’captions of industry’ pursue aims that are self-evidently potentially ruinous as described by Glenda Korporaal (approvingly) in the Weekend Oz, I can’t help but be very pessimistic.
    I realise they are simply acting in the interests of their shareholders within policies imposed by the government but there is no light at the end of that tunnel, either.

  15. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Venezstraylia, Argentstraylia? Not yet, but we are on the way. Trump’s policies will filch a share of our available capital and jobs. We, in the meantime, will have intermittent electrical power, an expensive cost blow out on a fairly useless pushing-water-uphill monster battery (a solution comparable to how desalination plants were a ‘solution’ instead of dams), and we will continue to strangle ourselves with green and red tape.

    There is, to coin a phrase, ‘a lot of ruin in a nation’, so we are going to be a slowly boiled frog unless the climate madness is called for the overblown scam that it is, and we get some sensible leadership and some new coal-fired power plants rather than the posturing we’re getting at the moment.

    Happy New Year to all thread writers and threadsters who sail on SS Catallaxy. Long may she float.

  16. Mother Lode

    It looks like the dodgy fake Golden Showers Pea Pea dossier has collapsed for the FBI.

    House of Tards.

  17. Mother Lode

    I do hope that he made that comment gender neutral.


    He was gender neutral when he said. Just as he always is.

  18. candy

    Thanks OWG. That’s beautiful.

    Yes, really nice. I like the solemn humming in the beginning, very moving.
    Thanks OWG.

  19. Rabz

    Looks like JC can’t be reached for comment.

  20. JC

    I can, Rabz. This is a sick joke.

  21. What a great site, where the owner trolls his own contributors and gets a great laugh.

  22. Boris

    Happy new year to everyone. Australia just had another year of uninterrupted growth and I wish everyone that doomsayers will fail with their predictions again!

  23. Charlie Pickering December 2017: “people will keep being stupid and we will keep laughing at them.”

    Charlie Pickering New Year’s Eve 2017: “We’re getting ready count it down to the magical moment…the only time it’s OK to kill a police officer…sorry I meant kiss a police officer,”

    His first comment was remarkably prescient.

  24. Farmer Gez

    Golden Showers Pea Pea dossier has collapsed

    Not on their ABC.
    Having a quiet coffee this morning listening to the normally jovial New Years radio when the switch is flicked to Trump-spasm.
    The Downer story by the US Never Trump news brigade is presented as a piece of seminal journalism (laughed at that little unintended innuendo).
    Huge implications for the New Year.
    I’m off to move sheep to shady paddocks and check the water for the upcoming Heataggedon a the end of the week. 45 they say but last time it was 43 and we topped out at 38.

  25. Ragu

    The Hair Monster!

    Happy New Year to all and sundry.

  26. pbw

    Goodbye and, speaking personally, good riddance to 2017. But Trump’s steaming ahead and Christmas, thanks to him, made a triumphant return last month.

    So, a parting glass to 2017.

  27. Marcus

    What a great site, where the owner trolls his own contributors and gets a great laugh.

    I don’t get it. Do people here not like Andre Rieu for some reason?

  28. JC

    No , we all love the hair monster. I particularly love the wheelchair waltzing. Best part of his comedy act.

  29. Michel Lasouris

    To all the Nay Sayers, re Andre Rieu…. you can do better? No?. Well then Shut the F Up

  30. Wil

    My resolutions for 2017 didn’t work.
    Will save them for 18.
    ( to do with the human condition, waistline, food, liquid, lipids, brown ale, outdoor exercise, etc.)
    My prediction for 18 concerns the imminent expansion of the Middle Kingdom .
    H N Y

  31. DrBeauGan

    The best part of the André Rieu clip was that most of the time we couldn’t hear him over the bagpipes.

  32. herodotus

    … sensible leadership and some new coal-fired power plants rather than the posturing we’re getting at the moment.

    Amen to that. Best wishes Lizzie and your family.

  33. Louis

    So apparently from February you will no longer be able to buy low dose codeine over the counter (which included all your personal details and purchased being shared amongst every teenager with access to a chemist’s computer).
    No. Now you will need a script to get it. So, best you only have that kind of pain when your doctor’s clinic is open and has an available appointment.
    As an extra bonus to wasting your own time and money visiting a GP to get a script, you can add the cost of the Medicare rebate for those wasted trips and the less available doctor’s appointments (because now some are to be wasted on writing scripts for formally over the counter medicine).
    All at the same time as the Federal government complain about the rising costs of Medicare and are happily introducing ‘medical’ marijuana.

    F### you to the bureaucratic c**ts that pushed this. I hope you enjoy your kick backs. Yes, that’s right. Because as soon as something becomes script only, suddenly only the large brands are stocked. I wonder who benefits from that?

    How long until we get to smash the Liberal party?

  34. Texas Jack

    Not to be too freaked out by OTC Codeine problems, but why ain’t we talking about Turncoat calling for a postal vote on a republican model? Presumably he wants another opportunity to bring a cheer squad for victory selfies taken from the floor?

  35. Louis

    Lord Wentworth fancies himself the first President of Australia. I think you’d find if we did become a republic people would be happy with the Governor General still being called the Governor General.

    The problem is the model the politicians want is not what the public want. i.e. President elected by the politicians vs President directly elected by public

    Why the fu*k would any of us vote for their model??

  36. Anthony

    Little Chrissie Nixon, Underwhelming Overland and Tubby Ashton, until he contracted Pellitis, all told Victorians that there was no african youth terrorisation of our people. They knew it was BS, we knew it was BS and now, hiding behind an acting Commissioner, they admit that it was all BS. Does that mean that they will address the issue? Of course not!

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