Amazing. Migrants boost crime rates in Germany

Who would have expected it?

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  1. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)

    but…but… all people are equal…. this must be fake news.

  2. Rafe Champion

    Don’t miss the story inside the story about the possibility of Germany becoming a failed state.

  3. wal1957

    Merkel certainly didn’t!
    Her guilt trip has put Germany on the path to anarchy. This industrious country will probably be brought to its knees. The world is in a very sad state at the moment.

  4. nemkat

    Doesn’t matter if they are Muslims, Christian, Zoroastrians, or Buddhists.
    People from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia Etc,, only understand the rule of the gun, the sword, and the club.
    They belong in their home Countries, Australia ought not be taking responsibility for them.

  5. Herodotus

    They are boosting the crime rate in Melburnibad too, but Louise “Get Pell” Milligan hasn’t heard anyone talk about African Gangs. Commenters are having a lot of fun with this over at Blair’s blog.

  6. Herodotus

    It won’t just be Germany that will fail. Europe is going down as a whole, with only Hungary and Poland showing some fortitude.

  7. md

    Migrants boost crime rates in Germany

    Not that the German people will ever find out about it.
    Germany Passes ‘Online Hate Speech’ Law.

  8. md

    #2602030, posted on January 6, 2018 at 6:33 am
    It won’t just be Germany that will fail. Europe is going down as a whole, with only Hungary and Poland showing some fortitude.

    If you have been following the Brexit negotiations you will see that to the British it is a matter of coming to an agreement on economic matters, but to the EU – meaning that leftists who have control of the EU – the only issue of significance is to force their social policy agenda on Britain and the rest of Europe. The same applies to Switzerland, which is not an EU member but has many treaties covering economic and other issues. The EU places Switzerland under constant pressure to bend to its social policy agenda.

    Since the Left like to refer to open debate on social policy as ‘hate speech’, we should refer to the Left’s social policy agenda as ‘hate policy’, because it is indeed driven by the Left’s hate-driven desire to vandalise our society.

  9. Robbo

    “Amazing. Migrants boost crime rates in Germany”

    Amazing that the idiot Merkel did not think of that possibility before opening the floodgates. What a total dill.

  10. md

    French President Suggests Blocking Websites During Election Period to Fight ‘Fake News’

    While some may argue that Macron’s legislation could crack down on the spread of misinformation during political campaigns, the precedent of blocking websites that publish information a government finds disagreeable is a dangerous one. Countries such as Communist China have enacted a website blocking system known as the “Great Firewall of China” that prevents Chinese citizens from accessing many websites outside of the country, including Facebook and Twitter. Most recently, the Iranian government has begun shutting down access to social media websites in an attempt to prevent protesters from coordinating events. The length that the French government will go to in order to control online political speech remains to be seen.

    And remember when a recent Australian PM proposed broad censorship measures (broader than they currently are, that is)? The stories name names, so I won’t link to any of them. A quick Bing on media censorship in Australia will find them for you.

    This is why the Left always win: they just go ahead and put the boot in, whereas ‘conservatives’ are too scared and too cowardly to do anything on principle.

  11. Robber Baron

    To the statist, backward ignorant lawless migrants are good for government spending. More must be spent on police, more on justice, more on welfare, more on public housing, more on legal aid, more on counseling services, more on English lessons, more on education, more on crime compensation, more on public health. These migrants are a boon to government. Bring Them Here they say!

  12. H B Bear

    So long Eurabia. It will be ugly.

  13. John Constantine

    Could be Hussein Obama’s eternal victory.

    Destabilise the middle east and north Africa with their Arab Obama spring, kill the strongmen that were stopping the boats, then flirt and flatter the frumpy merkel until she got so giddy she imported three million single military age cannon fodder into Europe as the edge of the caliphate wedge.


  14. John Constantine

    Letting the creepy redfilth gillard grope him was just the price Hussein Obama paid to get the corrupt Australian autocracy to see the caliphate was the right side of history.

  15. flyingduk

    Import Somalis, get Somalia……. no one could have known!

  16. Fat Tony

    #2602046, posted on January 6, 2018 at 7:35 am
    “Amazing. Migrants boost crime rates in Germany”

    Amazing that the idiot Merkel did not think of that possibility before opening the floodgates. What a total dill.

    I don’t think it’s wise to assume Merkel is an idiot.
    Let’s just pretend for a minute that Merkel wanted to set Europe up as a dictatorship (with her in charge, of course). This is nigh on impossible in a rich, peaceful society.

    So, import millions of savages from MENA who have virtually no chance of integration. To be on the safe side, make sure they are military age males.

    This will bring something akin to civil war in Europe, or at least extreme civil unrest.
    Merkel & backers declare martial law – which will never be lifted. I’m quite sure Merkel will have something special planned for the majority of the MENA useful idiots – maybe concentrate them in camps for a while for disposal. The Germans have experience in this field.

    So, the future of Europe will be the “jackboot stomping on the face of humanity forever”.

  17. Roger

    The one aspect of Obama’s legacy that will endure.

  18. Aqinas

    Meanwhile in Melbourne….

  19. Paul

    I believe the left consider ‘crime’ as only a ‘social construct’ that can be ignored.
    After all, it doesn’t affect the left does it?

  20. Rafe

    Good call Robbo. Look where Merkel came from!

  21. Mitchell Porter

    Herodotus said

    “They are boosting the crime rate in Melburnibad too”

    I just checked The Age to see the latest on that story, and there’s a headline, “Teen gang deportation plan a ‘death sentence’, Sudanese leaders warn”.

    I’m pleased to see that deportation is at least being discussed as a possibility. For Australia to deliberately allow itself to acquire an “African crime gang problem” would be an “own goal” of the highest order. There is no reason to tolerate it and treat it as a “new normal” to which we should simply adapt.

    Since one thought I had entertained (deportation) is already being discussed, let me voice a few other obvious thoughts.

    Along with deportation, we should be considering options like: suspension or a permanent halt on: South Sudanese immigration, African immigration, “refugee” immigration. Apparently the UN tells us that we should take a certain number of UN-certified refugees every year, but we are under no more obligation to do that, than Poland and Hungary are obliged to accept their immigrant quota as assigned by Brussels.

    We should understand how these people got into the country in the first place. Not just the policies, the actual bureaucrats or other enablers who made the decision and who lobbied to bring Sudanese here. The racial composition of Australia is being transformed without any there being any clear public decision or discussion of the matter, and yet it is happening; we need to understand very clearly the apparatus of immigration and lobbyists that makes it happen.

    It would be healthy if at least some people in this country were discussing, publicly and rationally, whether there are serious racial differences in psychology and cognition that are responsible for the worldwide phenomenon of African crime, or whether it can be attributed e.g. to young men being brought together against their host society by their common skin color.

    (I would point out that genetics can affect specific subpopulations of a race. For example: apparently 2% of Finns have a gene for impulsive behavior, which makes them susceptible to drunken violence. That’s specific to Finns – but only to 1 in 50 of them.)

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