So who has the scariest biggest red button after all?

After you’ve been negotiating with unions in the New York property market, what’s so tough about international relations? According to the story that has just been released, North Korea agrees to high-level talks with South Korea on Jan. 9.

Seoul says North Korea has agreed to hold high-level talks with South Korea next Tuesday.

Unification Ministry spokesman Baik Tae-hyun said Friday that North Korea has accepted Seoul’s offer to meet at the border village of Panmunjom that day to discuss how to cooperate on next month’s Winter Olympics and how to improve overall ties.

The announcement came hours after the United States said it has agreed to delay joint military exercises with South Korea until after the Winter Olympics. The Games are to be held in the South Korean city of Pyeongchang.

The rival Koreas are seeking to improve their strained ties after a period of rising tension over the North’s push to expand its nuclear and missile arsenals.

It’s only a step, but a trip of a thousand miles must start with that single step.

And now for Iran.

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22 Responses to So who has the scariest biggest red button after all?

  1. Alexi the Conservative Russian

    Steve, I luvs ya but if you believe this is genuine then the word gullible comes to mind. I wouldn’t trust these bastards as far as you could toss them!

  2. Ubique

    I wouldn’t trust these bastards as far as you could toss them!

    And Phat Boy is too pudgy to toss far.

  3. BorisG

    Steve in his fairyland thinks North agreed to talks because of Trump’s threats. Me thinks it is more likely because Trump backed down and agreed to the South’s request to postpone the military exercises until after the winter Olympics. Or possibly both.

  4. Tom

    Imagine if the US news media wasn’t a subsidiary of the Democratic Party: we would have had some serious analysis of the performance of a White House that has refused to chicken out of America’s most difficult foreign policy challenges, unlike the last three presidents, who — in the absence of any leadership from Europe — have caused most of the threats to global stability now emanating from the Middle East and Asia. Ninety per cent of the US press is so hell-bent on bringing down POTUS45 he will get little credit for righting the global power balance after the cowardice of Obama.

  5. Up The Workers!

    Perhaps we could assist by loaning the South Koreans, Australia’s renowned red-necked Minister for Defence Industries, Christopher (“Mincing Poodle”) Pyne to stiffen their spines in the tough negotiations with the Phat Boy?

    Provided that the South Koreans can persuade the North to hold their aggression for at least the next half century, the Mincing Poodle can work his $50 BILLION worth of seat-saving submarines – all built by a highly Unionised workforce in the mendicant State of Weatherdill’s Snowtown, by the light of Bryant & May’s matches and a collection of donated, second-hand Eveready batteries pulled out of Elon Musk’s legendary giant carpet-bag.

    If THAT doesn’t scare them into quivering submission, he could always threaten to bring the Australian Defence Minister, Marise Payne, over there, sit her in a very large trebuchet bucket and fire her in the general direction of the North Korean Leader. Marise and Kim Jong Un have much in common. They both look like refugees from a Jenny Craig franchise.

  6. Andre Lewis

    North South Korean “talks” is a misnomer. These meetings over the past 50 years involve the South Koreans and allies putting forward proposals to a group of North Korean generals who sit stony faced supposedly listening who at the end stand up and march out of the room without saying one word. Such is the “dialogue” that is undertaken with the hermit state.

    Better to nuke them first without the bother of any discussion.

  7. Roger

    Steve, this meeting is about how much South Korea will pay Kim for the North’s participation.

    The offer of dialogue is a routine gambit for the cash strapped North.

    Nothing to do with Trump.

  8. overburdened

    So many experts. Time will tell. Main game IMO will be tracking NK plants in the guise of family reunions. I wouldn’t know anyway but hey good to see your name up in lights.

  9. overburdened

    I particularly enjoy the wannas that take any opportunity to bag Mr Trump. He’s the President of USA. I wonder what the wannas do for a living- hopefully not living off the taxpayers tit by being a government employee or non-worker.

  10. Aqinas

    overburdened – they probably work in academia.

  11. Defender of the faith

    Overburdened: count your lucky stars if you aren’t a US taxpayer. Because this president is clearly the greatest leach in potus history. He spends most of his time watching tv and tweeting nonsense. He travels frequently but only to golf courses he owns. He cast his own property as a winter White House and then jacked up the obscene member fees to his own benefit. In general he has made it plain as possible that he regards his role as marketing event for his own business interests.
    The man is a grub and a fraud. In matters of international affairs he is a dangerous idiot. All if this evidenced from his own words, not least his childish dick flashing routine with the Korean nitwit.

  12. mh

    This shouldn’t have to be explained, but…

    The humorless NYT points out that Trump doesn’t have a button on his desk, but Scott Adams (Dilbert) wryly points out how his button worked and how he pushed the buttons of his critics & Kim Jong Un at the same.

  13. Paul

    Having a few skinny worm infested ‘athletes’ would not deter fat boy kim from nuking the South if he wanted to.

  14. egg_

    Better to nuke them first without the bother of any discussion.

    Or at least nobble NK’s nuke facilities.

  15. W Hogg

    WWIII’s created by T666: 0
    Any wars started by T666: 0
    ISIS territory under T666: -96%
    Saudis cracking down on Islamist terrorists
    Bigly increase in defence orders and employment
    DPRK holding talks with RoK

    Gee, it’s like the Kenyan had a bunch of brilliant policies designed to pay off 6-12 months after the election.

  16. Louis

    All the more time for NK to keep selling it’s military equipment and weapons to other problem groups in the world.

  17. overburdened

    Makes me wonder why he got the job and not someone..someone….maybe you? It takes a special kind of buffoon to build a successful multinational business, coming of his father’s base, and end up being the President. I did read that he declined the salary as he said he had money and was doing the job for his take on what’s best, but who knows if it’s just fake news, as it’s called these days. Whether I agree or not with all his decisions is irrelevant. Like most everyone else’s opinions it needs to be said.
    FWIW very few ever aspire to high office and even fewer achieve it. Whoever gets to the top of the greasy pole in a democratic society deserves some credit and due respect, even if you don’t like them or how they go about things. Any clown can toot off on the Great Democratiser of the internet. Every fool who isn’t, say, the President of the United States but has access, an opinion and a twitter account is on the same pitch as said President. Go get him Tiger.

  18. overburdened

    BTW if you are suggesting that the President of the USA is a blood sucking parasite, I would humbly suggest that you check your spelling. It doesn’t hurt not to let yourself down straight off the bat. I would also like to see the time and motion study that led you to conclude that he spends most of his time doing whatever. It maybe there’s a bit more to the job than you seem to think.

  19. Defender of the faith

    Overburdened: apologies. I meant to describe him as a leech. Not often I use that word, being used to having respect for elected leaders.

  20. Muddy

    Given the colour red often means ‘stop’, why is the nuke ‘button’ (yes, I know, there’s no single button) not green for ‘Go?’

  21. egg_

    Given the colour red often means ‘stop’, why is the nuke ‘button’ (yes, I know, there’s no single button) not green for ‘Go?’

    DEFCON 1 is white.

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