Dan Mitchell on the descent into Hell in Venezuela

“Cheer up” they said, “Things could be worse”.
So we cheered up.
And sure enough, things did get worse.

Can someone please post the list of lefties who wanted Chavez to come over here and brief us on economic reform.

BTW Dangerous by Milo is essential reading for a heads up to get seriously involved in the culture wars.

Milo could be a contemporary equivalent of Jacques Barzun. This is a piece on Barzun to submit to The Independent Review.

Abstract. Attention to the cultural and moral framework of society has become a matter of urgency because classical liberals can win any number of arguments in philosophy and economics but still lose the war on the cultural front due to the march of the left through the institutions of the West. This calls for a more effective partnership between economic liberals and cultural conservatives and Barzun has contributed to this partnership with a running commentary on the cultural, educational and intellectual state of the nation from the 1930s to the year 2000 when his last book was published. This article introduces Jacques Barzun and his career, starting with his work on race and moving on to the culture of democracy and issues in education and cultural studies. There is a heads up for some of the organizations which are active in cultural commentary and renewal.

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  1. Muddy

    Regarding Venezuela, one danger we don’t see in any of the feral media reports is how much the economic and social disintegration has created a prime opportunity for terrorist and criminal enterprises to maintain a base close to the U.S. The former in particular would be a deep concern to U.S. intelligence services.

  2. overburdened

    At the end of the day the resources will still be there. The issue is which Power will assume sponsorship. My tip would be China. I wouldn’t know.

  3. Tintarella di Luna

    Thanks Rafe, am reading Dangerous at the moment, interesting once you get past Milo’s extravagant BS which I know is part of his confected persona.

  4. mh

    …. interesting once you get past Milo’s extravagant BS which I know is part of his confected persona.

    He is gay, you know.

  5. Rafe Champion

    He is brilliant and evidence based, he cuts the MSM and the left to shreds.
    Read and learn!

  6. RCon

    Senator Kerry Nettle (Australian Greens), Warren Mundine (ALP National President 2006), Wayne Berry (ALP Speaker in the ACT Legislative Assembly), John Pilger (independent journalist and film-maker), Gavin Marshall (ALP Senator, Victoria), Dr Meredith Burgmann (ALP President of the NSW Legislative Council), Jack Mundy (environmentalist), Lee Rhiannon and Sylvia Hale (Greens NSW MLCs), Sam Watson (Murri activist), Simon Cocker (secretary, Unions Tasmania), Dave Robinson (secretary, Unions WA), Reverend Alex Gator, Tim Gooden (secretary, Geelong Trades Hall), Phillip Adams (broadcaster and Republican of the Year 2006) and many more.

    Mentioned later Natasha Stott-Despoja


    Of course this requires you to trust the Green Left Weekly as an authoritative source.

    Please excuse the formatting.

  7. JohnA

    OK, I have used one of my Audio Book credits to buy “Dangerous”.

    I expect that my clogged up mobile phone will struggle with it but I will persist.

  8. Entropy

    Ok, I admit Venezuela didn’t work out as well as all people of good will hoped. But just like each time in the last century socialist principles were introduced, it was betrayed by the leaders who turned out to be lying thieves in thrall to the CIA. But next time, when true socialism is really tried, it will finally see the demise of the reactionary capitalist running dogs at the feet of the corrupt USA.

  9. Dr Fred Lenin

    Entropy ,you are taking the piss ,aren’t you ?socialism and communism are totally against human nature ,,never mind the “traitorous leaders “ and the CIA , even if you ran it totally by computer it would still fail ,.they ARE religions aren’t they ? History proves religions .. never work,no matter how well meaning or theoretically correct . You will soon see the decline here when y-the union mafia branch of the socialists takes over from the turnbull silvertail branch ,tweedledumb follows tweedledumber ,wit the help of tweedledumbest gangrenes .

  10. Roger W

    Entropy, you are so right. What makes it even more worrying is that the CIA, according to official history, was not even formed until July 1947 and its forerunner, the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) was only a creation of World War II, which makes the effect on failed socialist regimes before this time even more sinister. Clearly, the Deep State was so deep it was working well below any observable level. I await the next book by Michael Wolff, which will undoubtedly reveal the True Facts behind these dastardly betrayals.

  11. Entropy

    Not at all Fred. And now by your question you have been exposed as a tool of the capitalist class. You, along with all the other enemies of the people conveniently located on this blog will be tried and shot when the revolution comes.

    Maybe with a shanghai if allowed by the wise politburo of the Benevolent Peoples’ Democratic Republic of EastAsia. Otherwise I will sick my sister’s poodle on to you. Nasty lick and won’t stop until you are tickled to death.

  12. Texas Jack

    Should we all go down on our hands and knees and thank heaven the Bolivarian Revolution actually happened? It’s hard to write this when 30-odd million people convulse in a troubling economic disaster, but important lessons of the Cold War era, particularly those regarding the divergent performance of Western democracies from their Soviet Era counterparts, have been too easily and conveniently consigned to the dustbins of economic history in our schools and universities. Venezuela seems to me to fit the bill of a godsend. An almost perfectly calibrated economic and social cohesion Petri dish, whose wretched citizens face disaster at the very moment when the long constrained potential embedded deep within the US system is being liberated.

  13. Dianeh

    I am also reading Dangerous

    Only started it this morning. So don’t have an opinion yet. I do like Milo, even if he does refer to himself as ‘hot’. He is an excellent troll.

  14. Entropy

    The True Facts have always been there in plain sight, Roger. It is just the interests of the aristocracy and the corporate bosses who turn every thought to the subjugation of the Will Of The People (that you and I can see clearly) will never cease in their efforts to distract and seduce the bourgeoisie with petty baubles and entertainments. As you say, the CIA is just the latest manifestation of the Real Ruling Class. It is only when those of us with Clear Insight ( you, me, Monty and maybe we can let Clive Hamilton run Agriculture) seize and control the reins of power on behalf of the subjugated will True Socialism free the people from their enslavement.

  15. marcus classis

    BTW Dangerous by Milo is essential reading for a heads up to get seriously involved in the culture wars.


    Add Vox Day’s ‘SJW’s Always Lie’ and SJW’s Always Double Down’ to that. They compliment Dangerous extremely well.

  16. Entropy

    Should we all go down on our hands and knees and thank heaven the Bolivarian Revolution actually happened?

    All joking aside. No. Not even a little bit.

  17. lily

    My Grandson gave me Dangerous as a Xmas present it was the best present I received, it even beat the choccies.

  18. Snoopy

    George Fungus is great fan of Cuba and Venezuela.

  19. Perth Trader

    Socialism’s base is jealousy , not goodwill.

  20. Texas Jack

    #2603495, posted on January 7, 2018 at 5:37 pm
    Should we all go down on our hands and knees and thank heaven the Bolivarian Revolution actually happened?

    All joking aside. No. Not even a little bit.

    And fair enough as sentiment. It’s seems to be something you’re very passionate about. But, if there’s the slightest risk the Venezuelan disaster might arise elsewhere, at greater cost, aren’t we fortunate the disaster is contained, visited upon as few as possible? Beyond that I hardly know how to spell the name of the place…

  21. Rafe Champion

    Smart grandson lily!

  22. Crossie

    Of course this requires you to trust the Green Left Weekly as an authoritative source.

    A veritable rogues gallery in that list of names though I am surprised at Warren Mundine being among them.

  23. Crossie

    I’ve had Milo’s “Dangerous” on my iPad for a while, must read it before the holiday runs out.

  24. Mater

    ‘Dangerous’ is so very valuable because EVERYTHING is referenced to a source.
    Properly absorbed, it arms you demolish any dinner party lefty, on a wide range of subjects.
    Yes, it’s US centric, but let’s face it, they always raise the issue of Trump and/or American politics.

  25. Rafe Champion

    Yes he is not just an outrageous troll, he has done his homework and provides the evidence. Very impressive.
    Apparently there are videos of his Australian tour which I have not seen.
    He has put us on notice to get into the culture war with no holds barred or die.

  26. Paul

    True Socialism free the people from their enslavement.

    Next you will be telling us Arbeit macht frei
    Your a useful idiot.

  27. classical_hero

    Australia is going down the same path. We’re an energy rich country that will soon run out of energy. Only can governments be so stupid.

  28. classical_hero

    Paul, entropy was being sarcastic.

  29. Robbo

    Why aren’t we hearing more from the group of absolute effing idiots that wanted Chavez to come to Australia and tell us how to improve our economy? Isn’t that fat knowall blowhard Phillip Adams still pompously proclaiming his own brilliance on the ABC? Why isn’t he using some of his time on the airwaves to explain his membership of the Chavez fan club to us? Nitwits like Lee Rhiannon and John Pilger are a couple of others who should be giving us an explanation of their desire to turn Australia into another version of Venezuela.

  30. Dr Fred Lenin

    Entropy you have done well in this post ,your training g at department 13(dezinformatsie). Of the first chief directorate at Lybyanka square has suited you for a career in the left media . May I suggest applying for the alpbc,lucrative salaries and little Real work , Fairfax would suit but its on the skids . Keep up the good work for the UN.communist cause ,Be carefull though the tall poppy syndrome is alive and well amongst the comrades ,just look at krud and giliard.

  31. How come the signatories of that letter haven’t gone to live in Venezuela for a few months and then report back on how successful Chavez flavoured Socialism has been?
    We should offer to fund a ticket over there for them. Three months, daily reports on You Tube, site visits to hospitals, schools, prisons, supermarkets etc. Should be entertaining.

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