Just Disgraceful

As just reported in the Australian:

Barnaby Joyce’s resounding win in last month’s New England by-election has netted the National Party $153,000 in electoral funding, compared with the $130,500 the party received after the 2016 election.

It is unknown how much the campaign actually cost to run, but given the lack of alternative candidates in New England, it is unlikely that the National Party will book a loss on this one.

Spartacus predicted that the New England by-election may wind up being fund raiser for the Nats and lo and behold.

The National Party should return every single cent they receive as a penalty for failing to properly vet their candidate.

The Liberals should do the same for Bennelong and so should every other party receiving funding following a Section 44 related bi-election.

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16 Responses to Just Disgraceful

  1. Zyconoclast

    It’s the law so honesty and integrity have nothing to do with it.

    A bigger problem is selective application of the law.
    Why did some politicians get sent to the high court and others not?
    In nearly all cases it was Candian, UK, NZ types who rightly got the flick.

    “Ethnic” types not so much.

  2. Grandma

    Catch that flying pig Spartacus.

  3. Bruce of Newcastle

    No comment about Susan Lamb being disgracefully in the reps? (See the Oz today.)
    No comment about the lack of a root and branch vetting of all parliamentarians?
    Or are some animals more equal than others?

  4. Robbo

    Good call on parties returning public funding because the re-elections were caused by their failure to ensure their candidates were actually eligible to stand. Given the lack of ethics of the major political parties in Australia don’t hold your breath waiting for them to do something as decent as handing back money they do not deserve.

  5. teddy bear

    It’s not the National Party that should refund the state but Barnaby joyce and the rest of the illegitimates that should be repaying all the money they took while being ineligible. But I imagine hell will freeze over before that happens

  6. Ubique

    I still hold the debacle is due to an activist high court. The authors of the Constitution, in a nation of British immigrants replete with institutions that mirrored their British counterparts, never intended that anyone with British or British Dominion heritage/citizenship be regarded as a foreigner. It’s a fair bet that close on 90 percent of all Federal MPs serving in our first 100 years as a nation would have been disqualified by the high court’s interpretation.

  7. Combine Dave

    End public funding for candidates.

    Problem solved.

  8. gbees

    It’s legal, but hey so are the pollies expenses rorts. I’ve had enough of these useless moochers. I’d like to see both parliaments disbanded, new candidates (none from current crop) put forward and vote again. Electricity prices expected to double next year and triple thereafter. Meanwhile China rakes in the cash, builds coal fired power stations, and nuclear power stations and raids our assets (farms, water supply, resources, ASX companies, real estate etc. etc.) all under the noses of our pollies who argue amongst themselves about homosexual marriage and a Republic. Morons all of them.

  9. herodotus

    Of more importance is the lack of hard scrutiny of those becoming Australian citizens in order to have some sort of protection against deportation when they embark upon their criminal career.
    Here we are with no recourse down the track if offenders have only Australian citizenship.
    Going a bit tangential, this whole dual-citizen pollies mess has had no reference to whether any or all of them have a commitment to Australia’s best interests.
    There are anything up to half of those in our parliament who I suspect of not acting in the country’s best interests.

  10. Pete of Perth

    Teddy Bear… hell freezing over can only be caused by glowbull warming ™. It’s worse than we thought.

  11. nemkat

    Looks like Susan Lamb tried to have 2 bob each way with her renunciation of British Citizenshipjust in case she lost, which was very nearly the case.
    The politics is interesting, though. You wouldn’t think the Libs would want a by election in Longman, which they lost due to an 8.45% Swing in 2016.
    On the other hand, they’ve got Shorten defending the indefensible, and if he caves and refers her, they’ve had a big win.
    I wonder if Baaaanaby will vote for referral, though.
    He must have done some deals with Labor, otherwise why did they run dead in New England on December 2?

  12. Graham Jose

    Forgive the language, but I am f-cking over these self serving politicians and ready to foment rebellion in the streets. The system is shit and those in charge are crooks.

  13. Kingsley

    Going on the handful of political campaign finances I have seen I’d say that this did NOT cover their costs. That doesn’t make it right or wrong but campaigns cost a lot more money than I think many people realise .

  14. Rabz


  15. Up The Workers!

    I think I’ll give up work and just lose elections for a living.

    LOSING the elections also has the benefit that you don’t have to spend all your subsequent days down that burrow under the flagpole in Canberra, with a bunch of wallet-stuffing, truth-mishandling dingbats and no-hopers too dumb to even know their own citizenship and nationality.

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