Oprah for President!

First Greg Gutfeld

And then Mark Steyn with Tucker Carlson

Of course, there is then this


In the meantime


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38 Responses to Oprah for President!

  1. Marcus

    Say she wins in 2020. The Rock will beat her in 2024, easy.

  2. a happy little debunker

    And a free car for you, and you and you……

  3. Tel

    At least Oprah has some idea of how to run her own business and make money.

    Personally I don’t have anything good to say about her product, but then I don’t buy it, and I don’t think it was ever intended for me. That said, I don’t go to Trump’s hotels nor eat his steaks either.

  4. Anne

    Delusional. Although Oprah would be the perfect candidate – a silver-tongued, black, fat, molested (funny how she never mentions Pe-do-philia) WOMAN. People aren’t tired of the victim card at all.

    Oprah is an unashamed Globalist and by 2020 everyone will know the Globalists’ plan for humanity- death and slavery. It’s not like they hide it, Agenda 21, Georgia Guidestones, Bill Gates, Prince Philip etc.

    By the time Trump is finished with the tangled network of structures, players and corporations everyone on these maps below will be stripped bare of assets and either imprisoned or dead.

    Trumps Executive Order is momentous because it refers to Crimes against Humanity.
    That doesn’t just mean child trafficking, organ harvesting, it means Big Food, Big Pharma, Vaccinators, Chemtrailers and Water Fluoridating Governments who have been sickening and killing people slowly with toxins.

    All the guilty stripped of their assets – Trillions!!! It’s beautiful.

    I suspect Soros and Hillary, maybe Obama, are already at Gitmo but it’s not over till Queen Elizabeth is hanged and the Vatican is raided.

    Look at these maps. It will curl your hair!

    Q Anon: “Learn to Read the Map”
A Cartography of the Globally Organized Corruption Networks: A Treasure Trove of Maps, Diagrams, Org Charts, and Family Trees


  5. Anne

    That video of the entire stadium chanting – “PLEASE TRUMP, LOCK HER UP” is freaking crazy. 😳


  6. Stimpson J. Cat

    Think of the dirt in Oprah’s incredibly large plus size closet.
    Imagine what the God Emperor would do to her.

    Courtesy of srr

  7. Anne

    Hah, thanks Stimp.

    I was just looking for that clip.

    She sounds so sinister at the end there’s no way it could be construed as, ‘yeah, old white racists, they’re old so they’re gonna die soon, right.’

    No, it “They. just. have. to. DIE.”

    Bloody sinister. 👿

  8. Slayer of Memes

    THE LEFT: Trump’s a billionaire tv-star who has no political experience, we need to replace him!

    ALSO THE LEFT: Oprah, a billionaire tv-star with no political experience, would be a great president!

    (See also: Doublethink)

  9. Oprah would be the 2nd black POTUS with a vagina.

  10. Leigh Lowe

    Oprah would be the 2nd black POTUS with a vagina.

    You’re confused Carpe.
    The last one was a vagina.

  11. You’re confused Carpe.
    The last one was a vagina.

    If only Reggie Love was available for comment.


  12. Howard Hill

    LOL to both of you 😉

  13. H B Bear

    This is why satire is dying.

  14. #justme

    Skin in the game and gas in the tank, Sinclair you need to respond, crypto, what is happening?

  15. Muddy

    Satire died? You’d think someone would have tweeted it, but … nothing.

  16. Howard Hill

    This is why satire is dying.

    I don’t get it?

  17. Peter

    Honest to God. The USA is officially effing insane. Oprah? For President? Why not pick some dude on Youtube from that epic fail video? He is famous – he had MILLIONS of “hits”. He could do the job and everyone would love him. I don’t know whether I want to laugh or cry. Or both. Hasn’t that country had enough of token appointments to the head of state? Haven’t they learned a lesson? Apparently not. Like I say effing insane.

  18. Mullumhillbilly

    The ‘ol bait and switch ? Gee the punters up for Oprah, who then ‘steps aside’ for Michelle O late in the game. .. ‘cause they all look the same anyway…

  19. Stimpson J. Cat

    If I wanted a transgender President I would vote for Bruce Jenner, not Michelle.

  20. overburdened

    Again I an reminded of the riposte to Mr Reagan nominating for President of the USA- ‘why not an actor, we’ve had a clown for the last 4 years’.
    Different times and different rules. This attempt at populism is IMO insanity.

  21. overburdened

    ha just read posts. What Peter said

  22. Gee the punters up for Oprah, who then ‘steps aside’ for Michelle O late in the game

    If they want a female president it won’t be Michelle O, she has balls and dick – male genitalia. Apparently, sex change did not go as planned.
    We had a female PM once. She had the pussy, and she used it to her advantage.

  23. Amused


  24. Up The Workers!

    John L at 8.48pm said:
    “We had a female PM once. She had the pussy, and she used it to her advantage.”

    It might have been more politely expressed to suggest that she merely had a large and well-attended Electoral Orifice, though I am put in mind of a quote I once saw (author unknown) about an out-of-favour female, that: “She’s been kissed more times than a Courtroom Bible – and by much the same class of people!”.

  25. Tom

    Oprah for president? Of course, it’s all bullshit. They they just made it up to soothe their Trump dementia — and to provide a distraction squirrel for Hollywood’s year from hell:

    NEW: A source close to @Oprah tells @tvkatesnow as of today, she has no intention of running for President in 2020:
    “It’s not happening. She has no intention of running,” the source said.
    Source says that’s from Oprah herself.

  26. Mark M

    Fear & Loathing is indeed coming to Davos!

    Trump fear and loathing in Davos
    The ‘globalists’ gathered in the Swiss Alps don’t know whether to cry, panic or laugh about the incoming American president.

    Trump Plans to Attend the World Economic Forum in Davos

  27. Oprah will not run against Trump. She knows how devastating he can be on the campaign trail and she knows that he knows where all her skeletons are buried.
    Furthermore, I’ll bet Oprah actually voted for Trump. She was always a big fan of his and she learned a lot about business acumen from him.
    If she does run (unlikely) it will be after 2020.

  28. H B Bear

    Another Trump Derangement Syndrome distraction squirrel set lose to keep the hope alive.

  29. Shy Ted

    “You get a white slave, and you get a white slave, you all get a white slave”.
    And they’ll have to change the name of The White House to The Oprah House.

  30. the sting

    Whatever Hollywood wants , do the opposite .

  31. Johno

    This is beautiful, but has the Left thought this through.
    In 2008 they had Hillary up against Obama in the Democrats primaries. Clashing victim groups. White women against black male.
    Running Oprah would align the victim groups. Black woman.
    But, what happens if a male Muslim decides to run. It’s clashing victim groups again.
    Oprah has to convert to Islam before she can be the Left’s preferred candidate.

  32. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)

    I don’t want to be rude, but I’m not accepting anything less than a ferrari.

  33. Baldrick

    Fatty Trump became a celebrity when he created a show where people competed for a job.
    Fatty Oprah became a celebrity when she created a show where she gave away free stuff.

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