Poverty sweater US$400. Hypocrisy priceless.

As reported in True Pundit, actress Connie Britton is wearing a US$400 sweater at the Golden Globes that says “poverty is sexist”.  It was a black sweater of course.

Hollywood hypocrites strike again.

Oh and Oprah is running for President in 2020!

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40 Responses to Poverty sweater US$400. Hypocrisy priceless.

  1. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    A four hundred dollar sweater advertising “Poverty is Sexist.” You couldn’t make this up!

  2. Rabz

    Gutfield has a nice take on her hypocrisy in the video below.

  3. overburdened

    In the olden times we would have just decided that she is a fuckwit.

  4. egg_

    ‘Poverty is sextits’?
    Ample proof.

  5. Pedro the Ignorant

    We are doomed.

    In Victorian England, actresses had lower social status than sixpenny prostitutes.

    They were prescient, those old Pommies.

  6. Caveman

    What gets me is that they are still prepared to work with Poverty. Why no charges have been laid.

  7. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    In Victorian England, actresses had lower social status than sixpenny prostitutes.

    Dunno, Pedro, I could argue that there are those where the status hasn’t changed, just the wages.

  8. John Constantine

    Their abc will gush and coo over her bravery at wearing something that cost a mere 400 bucks.

    Remember their abc staff mantra:

    “We are such a wealthy country”

  9. Sorry, those frontal accessories re just not real. Nothing sys fight poverty or poverty is sexist like huge boob job in $400 sweater. (sorry, my keyboard is on strike gin, not printing the first left of the alphabet, except when it does the utocorrect thing – but it can’t seem to utocorrect “utocorrect” itself.)

  10. John Comnenus

    I’ve got a genuine, designer, black poverty sweater so poor it can’t afford words. One size fits all. I am happy to sell it to Ms Britton for US $999 and will give ¥1 to charity from the sale to assist ghost on poverty

  11. Leo G

    How do you argue against the idea that poverty is just behaviour based on a gender stereotype?

  12. duncanm

    she’s right. As Gitfield says, most homeless are men, as are most residents of boarding houses.

  13. John Comnenus

    Those in poverty not ghost on poverty. Hell I’m so poor I can’t even afford effective autocorrect!!!! but I did find some free exclamation marks on the side of the information super highway.

  14. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    “Poverty is sexist.” My colonial oath it is – just ask any man, living in near poverty, as a result of a Family Law Court property settlement.

  15. egg_

    “Make poverty history mammary”.

    Sponsored by DuPont silicone.

  16. Note that the profound statement is above the big boobs not across them. This ensure that her message today is not compromised by a sexist focus on her big boobs and their struggle with gravity. Whatever, I used to like it more when they burned their bras.

  17. struth

    Who’s she waving to?

    There seems to be hardly anyone in the stands.

  18. Up The Workers!

    This story reminds me of the time when the famously virtue-signalling vegan Greenie, Sir Paul McCartney, in May 2008, bought himself the absolute latest Lexus LS600H Hybrid car, and to flaunt his impeccably Green credentials to the rabidly Green local presstitutes and all his Green friends and hangers-on in London, then air-freighted the new car the whole 11,265kms distance from Japan to London aboard a KAL 747 aircraft, thereby generating a carbon footprint of 38,050 kg of CO2 – some 100 TIMES greater than the 397kg of CO2 which would have been generated if he had sent it by ship.

    “Finking”, as Bonking Billy Short One would say, is not a Leftard’s strong point!

    One day, egregious virtue signalling may save the planet.
    Not sure WHICH planet – but it bloody certainly won’t be THIS one.

  19. Up The Workers!

    To Jannie at 4.04am,

    With boobs like hers, she’d possibly be making a more valid point if her sewn-on Leftie protest slogan proclaimed that GRAVITY, rather than POVERTY, IS (sometimes) SEXIST – but that would probably require the expenditure of another $400.00 on a designer-black sports bra, worn OUTSIDE her designer-black jumper purely for additional virtue-signalling purposes.

    Leftardism – where crass stupidity is raised to an art-form.

  20. struth

    Like an old haggard porn star who joined the Amish.

  21. Tel

    As the saying goes in showbiz, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.”

    A few days ago nobody even knew who she was, now everyone is looking at her… errr… message.

  22. one old bruce

    Reminds me of the kind of empty slogans cults use to promote themselves. Take a few trendy words and put them on a T Shirt, this was before ‘memes’ and the internet.

    One borrowed Victor Hugo’s ‘an idea whose time has come’ (‘end world poverty’ or similar). When you asked them what they were doing about it, they said they were just spreading the ‘idea’.

  23. one old bruce

    If you break Sexual Reproduction up into 2 stages, a) preliminary fitness testing and b) the actual production of offspring, where the first is mating rituals, signalling and display,

    it looks like the elite women of the western world are stuck on the first stage, like chimps who keep pushing the ‘food’ or ‘pleasure’ buttons in the experiment. Technology has created a feedback loop which did not exist in nature. Or like addicts injecting themselves with unnatural amounts of some hormone or pleasure chemical…

    All evolutionary dead ends.

  24. Crossie

    In Victorian England, actresses had lower social status than sixpenny prostitutes.

    Some of the prostitutes were on very friendly terms with kings and moguls. Harvey Weinstein was chucked out of polite society for showing that Hollywood was providing the same services.

  25. Up The Workers!

    If you could milk stupidity, I reckon she’d be good for at least a couple of gallons worth.

  26. Titch

    Pretty well sets the standards for celebrity and its slavish followers. If the popularity push for Oprah to stand for election and this dumb blonde paying good money for a black jumper (made in China, perhaps?) are examples to be held up to us as worthy, just indicates how trailer trash rules the airwaves.

  27. Peter

    Connie is a 50 something American actress who in her “career” has been a few TV sitcoms and dramas, plus some films I have never heard of (and I am a film buff). When your career is this relatively ordinary, I guess you have to fit in with the leftist herd. BTW how can a pretty ordinary working thesbian afford an expensive top like this? Well, she was married to an NY investment banker. Just saying that I remain to be convinced that she knows a lot about poverty or more to the point, fixing poverty – though she is “Goodwill Ambassador” of the United Nations Development Program, the anti-poverty agency of the UN. But then again the UN knows little about how to fix poverty either. Their mantra is tax the rich till the rich are not rich anymore then we will all be poor together. All of course, in a world run by elites in $400 tops.

  28. Mick Gold Coast QLD

    From Tel at 6:48 am:

    “As the saying goes in showbiz, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.”

    A few days ago nobody even knew who she was, now everyone is looking at her… errr… message.”

    Unremarkable really, it’s the very reason for existence of the awards ceremonies. She’s playing the game perfectly and in the most conventional manner – young (I assume), with nice big bits – prominent, highlighted – lots of time spent on the hair and the make up, out on the prowl for a rich and powerful male sponsor to offer security and satisfaction. No small part of the presentation is designed to generate envy, to distract and to anger the competition.

    Harvey’s been smote but there are scores more to replace him (which brings to mind the ugly physical appearance of the obese and unkempt Weinstein – these sheilas are well able to excuse a truly awful compromise when they target one who is fit for purpose).

    You can see the same carefully choreographed and purposeful display any night that National Geographic runs a documentary on the lion pack and the lionesses, monkeys, birds or butterflies.

  29. Robbo

    No brains but nice boobs.

  30. Bruce

    “No brains but nice boobs.”

    A tribute to Dow Corning?

  31. H B Bear

    This chick needs to send some of those pies to starving African orphans. Maybe Bono could fly them over in his private jet?

  32. cynical1

    “As the saying goes in showbiz, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.”

    There is now.

    Brainless cow in $400 t shirt has ridiculous slogan on chest.

    Large chest now stands out like chapel hat pegs.

    Although sagging more…

  33. Blair

    1. relating to or characterized by prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex.”
    Poverty is that?

  34. Up The Workers!

    Its a great pity that the splendidly gynecomastic Bonking Billy Short-One wasn’t there.

    Even more money could have been raised for charity by staging a “Wet designer-black $400.00 Poverty Sweater Competition” on the Red Carpet.

    They both have similar bust sizes, and most of the Q.W.E.R.T.Y.L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.L.P.A.C.T.U.S.S.M. crowd would be right behind Bonking Bill.

  35. UTW, you nailed it. The shirt should simply read:

    Gravity is Sexist

  36. Leo G

    Gravity is Sexist

    Poverty is busted!

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