Expletive undeleted

The short version, from the comments thread at Instapundit as is the photo:

So let me get this straight:

* The NYT alleges that Pres. Trump said the word “shithole” in private meeting
* CNN repeats the word “shithole” on the air about six dozen times

Did I just get that right?

The longer version from Drudge:


Meantime, what’s the issue, the word he used or is it something else?

And for you too young to remember, this is the source for the phrase expletive deleted. Makes me feel old to have to do this, but you would have to go back forty years to be able to get the point.

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  1. Clinton

    Private meeting, unnamed sources.
    Press overreaction
    Bad language, that we don’t even know if he used, that is entirely appropriate for him in teh way he talks and for the way his supporters talk and think.
    He seemingly was stating the fact about countries, not their residents
    How many CNN reporters would like to move to Haiti or Uzbekistan or Tasmania for the rest of their lives?

    The same phrase could be uttered by many suburban residents of Melbourne about the current African gang problems.

  2. iamok

    Clinton there is no gang problem in Melbourne. Get with the programme.

  3. sfw

    I can’t understand how it is the nations interest for the gov to bring in people from African and other shitholes to our country. I just cannot see how it is in our interest, so why do they do it?

  4. Baldrick

    Fatty Trump gets canned for speaking the truth!
    Perhaps Leftards would rather he lie, like most politicians … or would they can him for that too?
    (Rhetorical question)

  5. Tintarella di Luna

    Anne Coulter v Immigration Lawyer – on immigration from not very nice places

  6. lily

    I have lived in Tasmania all my life, don’t judge all Tasmanian’s because of a few. My husband and I have run successful businesses and employed a lot of people over a lot of years and I might add paid a bloody lot of tax, we are in our 70’s and still working part time.
    If you want to winge about Tasmania do it to the people who are to blame, like the Greens and Labor especially Bob Hawke he helped start the rot, what’s more I would prefer to live here than in Melbourne which we visit regularly.
    Mainlanders don’t mind bringing their camper vans down here to clog up our beaches for free every summer. There are plenty of you who are retiring down here, and guess what, you are ones who do not want to change a thing as long as it isn’t in your new back yard.

  7. Up The Workers!

    I’m still trying to work out which part of Dodgy Dan and the Crims’ Party’s shithole of “Mogadishu-by-the-Yarra”, that photo above was taken in.

    Could it be the Tarneit Community Centre where all the invisible African/Apex/M.T.C./A.L.P.-imported criminal Gangs that Dodgy Dan and his Police Farce Chief apparently can’t see , hang out at while vandalizing public property and terrorizing the local community and Police?

    It certainly looks like a typical Labor(sic)-maintained public space.

  8. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    It certainly looks like a typical Labor(sic)-maintained public space.

    Certainly NOT where Hizzonner Lex Lasry goes to get away from the revolting peasants.

  9. wozzup

    Firstly let me say that if I were Trump I would be looking for some bureaucrats to sack. I should have thought that a President, even Donald Trump (especially Donald Trump given the Left’s mindless hatred of him) has the right to privacy when holding a private meeting. Second I agree with him in his description. Though somewhat rash to describe them thus in this politically correct day if these countries are not shitholes why are their citizens flocking to west to get out of them? In fact now that I reflect on it I think he is being remarkably restrained in his description. The third point to make is that by no stretch of the imagination should criticism of a country – even in those terms be described as racism. He was not discussing race. He was discussing countries. Countries which in fact are by any stretch of the imagination shitholes in many cases. And if not lets see some Leftist pack up and immigrate there.

  10. Y

    He’s just saying what everyone is thinking, which is why this will have no effect at all.

    I were a politician I’d have stuff like this leaked all the time. It’s not ‘on the record’, but you’re communicating directly to the people that matter.

  11. stackja

    DT stirring the pot. Kettle gets involved.

  12. Dr Fred Lenin

    Steve ,in Tim Blair The mayor of New York. Comrade Di Blasio (democrat. Communist) ,has started legal action against five oil companies for “ destroying the climate “ or some such nonsense,he is also destroying the future pensions of city employees pension fund ,by urging disposal of oil gas and coal shares . Someone suggested the oil companies do the green thing and stop supplying oil petrol and heating oil from comrade Di Blasio feifdom , there would be no elector al consequences for the clinto sanders party, would there ?
    Action of this sort would bring the stupidity of the left into prominence ,a lesson more people need to learn .

  13. Exit Stage Right

    I’m with you Lily. Clinton has pulled three completely different countries/states from out of his/her arse and insinuated that they are shitholes. I don’t know anything about Uzbekistan or Haiti, but Tasmania, my birthplace and home for 43 years sure ain’t the shithole that Pres Trump was referring to.
    Tasmania was put on the road to ruin by the Greens, Bob Brown and Christine Milne in particular.

  14. overburdened

    President Trump spoke the truth in undiplomatic language. Not being a diplomat, I would like to amplify his remarks by referring to them by the more appropriate title of fucking shit holes.
    Having been to a few places that can well earn the title, it must be said that there are naturally degrees of shit holeness.

  15. overburdened

    There are pockets of this phenomenon in Australia, where the billions of dollars and man hours put in due to Our Shameful Past (TM) have been squandered for no lasting benefit.
    The difference here is that the denizens don’t want to do other than grub around in the dirt and continue to achieve nothing, so long as the white c%nts keep providing money for piss and Chicken Treat.

  16. Paul

    Even the few ‘dreamers’ who get educated won’t go back to those sh**holes. They have no interest in helping their home countries to develop.

  17. overburdened

    As far as Tasmania goes, it wouldn’t be too bad if the mendicant state stopped bludging and being green about stuff to the detriment of its economy (such as it is), found something useful to do that would benefit the population, and STFU

  18. Spring is near

    If it looks like a sh!thole and smells like a sh!thole chances are its Canberra

  19. Roger

    ABC RN radio called the term “unpresidential”, but proceeded to use it anyway, with a trigger warning.

  20. Frank

    That kid does look like he is taking a dump in that picture.

    I just cannot see how it is in our interest, so why do they do it?

    I wonder these things too. The best I can come up with is they have no clue, been institutionalised their entire lives (school, uni, politics/press etc) and get browny points from their friends for doing it. Spending time in universities will do it and some manage to avoid being mugged by reality afterwards, if they ever in fact leave. They probably never go to the third world or if they do, never get past the tourist traps and so have an authentic view of those parts. Or they are mentally ill. Then there would be the vindictive and motivated types, misanthropes on a mission.

    My money is on the first one in the main. Clearly they lacked for sufficient beatings during their formative years and therein lies a possible solution, if not an avenue for future research.

  21. lily

    overburdened 260835
    You sure as hell aren’t overburdened by me, so follow your own advice and STFU

  22. overburdened

    big fish/ small pond. You could be a small fish in the bigger world if you wanted to be. Frog/ well/ sky

  23. overburdened

    If you live in Tasmania you are a part of the burden on the rest of the Commonwealth, even if you are doing well individually. It’s a big picture thing. I know Tasmania does little picture stuff pretty much by necessity.
    Anyhow that’s not what the post was about. I have had the pleasure of calling by places that almost make Tasmania seem attractive until you get there.

  24. Jo Smyth

    Just been scanning the comments in the Australian. Nearly up to 1000 and can find hardly any that disagree with Donald Trump. The media are so out of touch it’s laughable. Just because they are indoctrinated with rubbish they think everyone else is.

  25. overburdened

    The campaign against Mr Trump is as stupid as the one against Mr Abbott. Neither fits the progressive narrative because they both made some things better and didn’t completely wreck anything. One hopes the Americans support Mr Trump and don’t let the jelly backs do to him what they did to Mr Abbott.

  26. gabrianga

    They just don’t get it. Commissar of SKY’s Nightly,News gives President Trump a typical Left Wing tongue lashing then hands over to CNN , yes CNN, deep in Darkest Africa, for comment,

    Must admit the young female SKY, reporter walked, it in against SKY,CNN and the indignant African interviewed at length by CNN.

    A glimmer of hope?

  27. Bruce of Newcastle

    Haiti is a shithole. My brothers and sisters in Christ in the Dominican Republic, who we pray for from time to time in our church, regularly send both teachers and aid to churches over the border.

    The Dominican Republic is as poor as a proverbial church mouse, Haiti is worse.

    Their ministry is despite Haiti’s government announcing that voodoo is the national religion. That stupid act won’t help overcome the misery, corruption and poverty.

  28. Siltstone

    Re Tasmania. There is a straight forward solution. Independence. Become an independent nation state. Go cap in hand to the UN, NZ, China , whoever. Its win-win.

  29. Exit Stage Right

    You are not overburdened with intellect. Tosser!

  30. Leo G

    Surely you are not suggesting that President Trump is (expletive deleted) with those CNN/NYT minds?!

  31. rickw

    Shitholes are full of shit people.

    We should automatically exclude immigrants from shitholes on the basis that they can’t keep their own room tidy.

  32. rickw

    Haiti is a shithole. My brothers and sisters in Christ in the Dominican Republic, who we pray for from time to time in our church, regularly send both teachers and aid to churches over the border.

    You can see the Haiti / Dominican Republic border on google maps satellite image, the shit is so deep in Haiti it delineates the border.

  33. Leo G

    I seem to recall that certain Shitholians who had serious untidy room problems accused the Clintons of duplicity, malfeasance, and theft of billions of Shitholey aid dollars only three years ago.

  34. jock

    I recall danny de vito in the second jewel of the nile movie on the phone to his accomplice. He was in a small south american village. Danny referred to it as a : third world toilet” . We all thought it funny at the time.

    Seriously there are a lot of toilets out there. Funny the inhabitants of those countries aren’t lining up to get to china or india or japan.

  35. jock

    Another thought te the sudanese youths in victoria. I thought we brought in south sudanese victimscofcthe janjaweed militias. But i wonder if by bureacratic mistake we actually gave refuge to the janjawwed miltias themselves.? Seems the yoofs of african apearance are acting more like the militias than the victims.

  36. C.L.

    This may be Trump’s greatest ever triangulation.
    Democrats and advocates now running around insisting the countries sending millions of “refugees” to the US aren’t shitholes at all. They’re great places, apparently.
    Um …

  37. classical_hero

    Did the media get so worked up when President Obama called Prime Minister Netanyahu a “chicken shit”?

  38. Confused Old Misfit

    Tasmania is reclaimable, provided always that a plurality of Tasmanians get real on environmental issues.
    At least, as far as we know, most Tasmanians eschew the voodoo. As far as we know…

  39. Leo G

    Time thinks he’s outrageous- on fire even:

  40. Graham

    Given that President Trump is not reported to have identified the shithole countries by name those complaining must be self identifying. Haiti seems to be a very self aware country and had quite correctly identified that it is one. Well done Mr President for speaking the truth and getting to the heart of the immigration issue in the USA. It makes no sense for it to open its doors to the dregs of the world

  41. overburdened

    IMO this is President trump’s strategy. At every turn he shows the hypocrisy and cant of the elites. EG none of the squealers want to go and live in say Somalia, Yemen, Haiti etc. None of them could even make good on their pledge to leave America if Mr Trump was made President. I think the long game is to have the progressives/ elites or whatever you want to call them (I prefer fuckwits) paint themselves into a corner where they will have to put up or shut up, to torture 2 clichés.

  42. ABC RN radio called the term “unpresidential”, but proceeded to use it anyway, with a trigger warning.
    That’s rich coming from the potty mouths at their ABC , some of the language in their shows make Donald sound like a choir boy.

  43. classical_hero

    Graham, President Trump is the ultimate troll. He most probably allowed this to be leaked, whether he said it or not. It’s getting the media worked up and getting them to admit that some countries are not worth living in their current conditions. He never mentioned any countries by name, getting the media to do it for him.

  44. overburdened

    Maybe they should all go to Tasmaniastan and get a solid Welcome to Country rogering by Bob Brown and Rodney Croomb and their twisted acolytes. Bob may need a stand in for the action themes.

  45. Tel

    gabrianga #2608406: A glimmer of hope?

    Murdoch media has always offered a glimmer of hope to conservatives and “free market” type people. That glimmer has never faded, nor has it ever delivered anything.

    But if you just pay one more year’s subscription…

    The guy is a frickin genius, isn’t he?

  46. Diesal

    I have made a good living for 20 years working in shit holes, sadly as I have done so I have watched Australia turn from a great place to live into one which is little better than many of the places I have been.

  47. Diesal

    Further to that, the shit holes are often fine if you are a foreign expat, your life is insulated from the horror and squalor which is the lot of most of the inhabitants. The only shame of it is that you are often enriching the corrupt scum who plague these nations.

  48. Another thought te the sudanese youths in victoria. I thought we brought in south sudanese victimscofcthe janjaweed militias. But i wonder if by bureacratic mistake we actually gave refuge to the janjawwed miltias themselves.? Seems the yoofs of african apearance are acting more like the militias than the victims.

    There are no victims in Africa. They’re all the same.

  49. overburdened

    Diesal and Adam
    Yes and yes

  50. Jimf

    Surely the greatest intellectual lie, even by progressives standards, would be to pretend that all 200+ nation states are equal.By all accepted measures (life expectancy/GDP pp/crime rates etc) there are countries that ARE shitholes!! FMD, it’s why global migration ppl over the last 50 yrs has occurred. No one from successful western democracies is busting borders to get into African,Middle Eastern,Central American regions are they?
    The UN and weak EU dreamers have a vision that hard fought wealth and stability in the US, UK,Germany,France ,Aust, Canada etc is ripe for pillaging.Japan understands that culture and relative wealth are precious and they ring fence them. Our western leaders are crooks.

  51. Jimf

    If the overriding goal of the most talented citizens in shithole countries is to get the hell out then isn’t that also the most telling and ultimately damning dynamic the west could ever facilitate?The hypocrisy of western leftists claiming to be humanitarians but wanting help drain shitholes of the best and brightest.They should stay and contribute to a better future for their own people.But a liberal in NYC or Sydney would rather take the best from the poor shitholes who surely need them more than we do?

  52. Jimf

    An idea in the spirit of global migration. It draws on Julia’s Malaysian solution. Well take 1 aspirational migrant from a 3rd world country so long as we can deport 10 Green/ALP members in exchange.how committed are they?

  53. iain russell

    Once again I have to agree with Bruce of Newcastle – are we cousins? – and if indeed DJT did use the term ‘cloaca’, then children, he was speaking Truth to Power. The Power of One. I luvs dat Man!

  54. BorisG

    If this was great expression why deny it?

  55. Oh come on

    Borry makes a reasonable point. Trump is saying he didn’t say it. Why give him plaudits for something he denies he said?

  56. mareeS

    A wiser person than me once said, if you import the 3rd world you will live in it.

  57. Tom

    Trump — after emerging from a private meeting with a roomful of DNC Trump haters — denies he used the word “shithole”. What are the chances one of the Dems just made it up to damage Trump, knowing that their lapdog media would go into a Get Trump frenzy? It’d certainly what Trump believes. That is the trouble with the alternate reality the left lives in: it just reinforces why ordinary Americans are revolted by the DC swamp. Chalk up another victory for Trump.

  58. nemkat

    Senator Dick[hole] Durbin [R] made the claim.
    If Trump denies saying it, then it looks like some Repubs are on the 25th Amendment bandwagon.

  59. Herodotus

    The increasingly trivial BBC OS program (3am-5am on News Radio) jumped onto this Beatup Bandwagon and had people saying that the people from these various countries were hard working self improvers, likely future doctors and medical professionals etcetera. The UN treaties were mentioned as if the USA was under some sort of obligation to have open borders. As usual they also ran Sarah Hanson-Young’s “think of the poor oppressed” line. As an aside, you may have noticed that UN secretary-general Guterrez wants universal unhindered migration! That’s as much condemnation one needs for the UN. Defund!
    A couple of sensible callers got through the Cordon De Derangement. One American, and one african, who said the US has a perfect right to select its migrant intake. The American slipped in the notion we are familiar with here, much to the annoyance of Ms McGovern, that it was the Democrats who were building voteherds!

  60. Herodotus

    Dick Durbin is a 73 year old Democrat who has been enjoying the lavish benefits of incumbency first in the Reps and now the Senate for some 34 years. Incumbency is part of the problem.

  61. Herodotus

    He admits that he used derogatory language, oco.

  62. nemkat

    If Kevin Rudd had been nominated by us and made it to UN SecGen, he’d be calling for unhindered migration, and Australia wouldn’t have a leg to stand on.
    Mal Turnbull made the right call there.

  63. classical_hero

    Herod, he used “tough language”.

  64. struth

    If people are still asking why the west are taking people from shitholes would you please please start getting your head around the global socialist UN.
    Look up just one bloke.
    Antonio Guterres.

    Please start to understand who and what is your true enemy and who and what our politicians are subservient to.

  65. Linden

    Yes he only said what most people think,

  66. Linden

    I thought Hilary and Bill were going to rebuild that shithole, after all she certainly was given a lot money for charity

  67. cohenite

    So this bastard dick durbin has a private meeting with the POTUS where some tough language was used and he comes out and discloses his version of that private meeting. I hope Trump kicks him off the Christmas list.

  68. classical_hero

    It’s amazing how people are up in arms about the supposed comment, yet they were calling Alabama the same term. What a bunch of hypocrites.

  69. Spring is coming

    The leaders of Haiti should take a note from Trumps playbook and declare Haiti is their Sh!thole and they are proud of it. Let’s make Haiti great again!

  70. Zatara

    Senator Dick[hole] Durbin [R] made the claim.
    If Trump denies saying it, then it looks like some Repubs are on the 25th Amendment bandwagon.

    Nah, Durbin is a Democrat. The author of the unconstitutional DREAM Act among his other heinous deeds.

    Reference to the 25th Amendment as a cause for removal from office is inaccurate. It merely states that the Vice President would replace him. But inaccuracy has never stopped the MSM when they set their teeth into a meme before.

    The 25th Amendment – “In case of the removal of the President from office or of his death or resignation, the Vice President shall become President.”

    Causes for removal are addressed in Article II, Section 1 – “In Case of the Removal of the President from Office, or of his Death, Resignation, or Inability to discharge the Powers and Duties of the said Office, the Same shall devolve on the Vice President, and the Congress may by Law provide for the Case of Removal, Death, Resignation or Inability, both of the President and Vice President, declaring what Officer shall then act as President, and such Officer shall act accordingly, until the Disability be removed, or a President shall be elected.”

    So, unless his accusers can prove to 2/3rds of their fellows that use of course language constitutes an “Inability to discharge the Powers and Duties of said Office”, or come up with a specific charge to convince that same 2/3rds to impeach and convict him for “Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors”, they can pretty much go pound sand.

    We are talking about politicians here and the ‘don’t throw stones in glass houses’ principle will apply long before it gets to the floor of the House. The continued yip yapping of the mutts to the MSM is just to prolong the meme and get them some air time.

  71. stackja

    #2608647, posted on January 13, 2018 at 8:45 am
    Senator Dick[hole] Durbin [R] made the claim.
    If Trump denies saying it, then it looks like some Repubs are on the 25th Amendment bandwagon.

    Nah, Durbin is a Democrat. The author of the unconstitutional DREAM Act among his other heinous deeds.

    Durbin is a DILL [D-Ill]. Dill by name, dill by nature.

  72. OldOzzie

    Haitians eat dirt cookies to survive

    The cookies — made of dirt, butter and salt — hold little nutritional value, but manage to keep Haitis poor alive.

    Reporter: To get to the dirt cookies we must step over this open sewer to get to the cookies

    (Proceeds to step over sewer then track his shoes onto the sheet the villagers lay their dirt cookies on)

  73. nilk

    I can’t understand how it is the nations interest for the gov to bring in people from African and other shitholes to our country. I just cannot see how it is in our interest, so why do they do it?


    Crashing the current welfare system to replace with something much more “fair” works marvellously well every time it gets tried, so why not try it here?

  74. PB

    “I can’t understand how it is the nations interest for the gov to bring in people from African and other shitholes to our country. I just cannot see how it is in our interest, so why do they do it?”

    Divide and conquer.

  75. John Comnenus

    So why do people who leave shit holes seem so keen to turn the place they go to into shit holes just like the ones they left, and then complain that they get the same shit outcomes in their new country that they got in their old country? Maybe the problem is your culture, and if you don’t want change your shit hole creating culture then don’t come to Australia or America. If you want to leave your culture and join ours or America’s then I’m sure you will be welcome and find plenty of opportunities.

  76. Louis Hissink

    There is? was a locality in the Kimberley of Western Australia that was so described. CSIRO boffins noticed a conspicuous LANDSAT image with unusually bright pixels (then 70 x 70 meters area) that on inspection were. embarrassingly, the deposition of reworked drink containers manufactured in the capitol cities of OZ.

    Oh Fitzroy Crossing was the European label,

  77. Stimpson J. Cat

    We should automatically exclude immigrants from shitholes on the basis that they can’t keep their own room tidy.

    Jordan Peterson should be sent to sh$tholes to teach them how to clean their rooms.

  78. Bad Samaritan

    OK, so we already know that the average IQ of blacks, and Muslims is very low See here. Wherever you have a lot of these you have violent sh*tholes, since the characteristic of low-IQ types is that have far less ability to engage in rational discussion. or constructive thought in general; the violence or criminal thresh-hold is reached much quicker.

    Thus we get the murder rates in The Americas at 16 per 100,000, but only 1.5 in non-black, non-Hispanic USA + Canada; 12.5 in Africa, and only about 3 everywhere else . It’s clearly a genetic, inherited problem, which will not be improved by moving DNA deficient individuals elsewhere. Meanwhile we also have the oft-noted reality that most violent criminal-types vote left.

    Put this together and you get; low IQ criminality-minded blacks and Muslims moving from violent sh*tholes to mostly decent and pleasant places; white countries; (thus far higher-IQ Asia won’t let them in ,or is actively ejecting them if they are already in) where they mostly mate with one another, or else with the very very lowest-IQ locals….thus ensuring that on average they will remain low-IQ and criminality-inclined into the future.

    And that’s all there is to it. Inherently stupid and inherently violent and inherently unproductive-in-general people being moved into places where they will never be any different (in general;on average). Big surprise that everything and everywhere they touch turns to shyte, eh?

    BTW. For bleeding heart leftist apologists for violence who reckon IQ is not a legit measurement because whites and East Asians come out far on top, all you need explain is why someone seeing pictures…Blue Square, Blue Circle. Red Square, Red Circle, Yellow Square, Yellow Circle and then a Green Square cannot anticipate a Green Circle being next is anything but a unwanted and un-needed moron. That’s the average black or muslim!

  79. Dan Dare

    If it looks like a dog and barks like a dog………………

  80. wozzup

    I have an idea.

    If there are really no shitholes in the world (as the Left apparently claim) , lets save those billions we waste every year on foreign aid in which we pump Australian taxpayer’s money into the pockets of corrupt despots in 3rd world, errr well, paradises?

    Unfortunately these shitholes do exist just as PDT alleged. It is easy to identify them because they are countries no one wants to visit and which their present occupants are vacating as quickly as their bony legs will carry them. All in the interests of bringing their cultures – which created those conditions here. Apparently part of these cultures is to vote for the Left and big government so there is no secret why Leftist parties in Western countries support this.

    There is a good precis of these countries here and yes, they look to me like shitholes: https://pjmedia.com/trending/top-10-shiholes-never-want-visit/

    Occasionally Leftists do visit these countries of course, but we all know this is always merely a whistle stop visit pursuant to their never ending quest to virtue signal. Case in point, Sean Penn visiting Haiti after a cyclone (and virtue signalling about it) or in the case of the Clintons, to latch on to the same country to rip it off while pretending to help while lining their own pockets (and virtue signalling about it). All of which leads me to ask what in hell has Haiti done to deserve this? First if gets wiped out by a cyclone, then pricks like Penn and the Clintons swoop in to pick over the bones. But I digress.

    Here is a challenge. If there are no shitholes in the world let’s start a movement challenging Lefties to move to these wonderful enlightened , beautiful paradises. There are plenty to choose from – Haiti, Somalia (in fact almost anywhere in sub saharan Africa) , North Korea, Venezuela (especially Venezuela which can always do with more lefties – apparently they taste good) etc.

    And while we are at it, lets not forget Canberra. No, I take than back they already have more than their fair share of Lefties and there is always the risk that one day they will overflow the border and make their way to the real Australia. Or enter Parliament. Damn too late.

  81. struth

    Socialism’s main export is the shit from it’s shitholes.
    No one wanted it or bought it but everyone is paying for it.

  82. Dr Fred Lenin

    To the bloody communist children of the media ,what is wrong with calling a shit heap a shit heap ? Their u.n. Would love to turn the whole world into one ,the old narxist lowest common denominator agenda . A message to the children of all ages in the media etc, ,GROW UP ,GET A REAL JOB ,LIVE IN THE REAL WORLD .

  83. Aqinas

    Australia needs to stop letting in immigrants from shithole countries too. No more Africans. No more South Americans. Almost no Asians. No middle easterners. No Indians and Pakistanis.

  84. mh

    President Lyndon B. Johnson:

    “I’ll have those n___s voting Democratic for the next 200 years.”

  85. Barry 1963

    It’s the old story: a Haitian can call her country a SH, but she would take offence at someone else doing it. Bit like criticism from within and outside of your family. Haitians don’t vote in US elections so not a big deal for Trump.

  86. Oh come on

    The Prez is not going to be removed from office via the 25th Amendment unless he genuinely needs to be. Firstly, it would require the VP and the cabinet to turn against Trump and report to Congress that the Prez can’t perform his duties. Then, if Trump informs Congress that they’re wrong, a two-thirds majority of the HoR AND the Senate need to vote to remove him. That is not going to happen, unless he really is incapable of performing his duties. If it’s just a case of Trump getting two thirds of Congress really offside (which ain’t gunna happen unless it transpires that Trump has been doing something terrible in office this whole time, but let’s go to Dem fantasy land for a second), they’d just impeach him in the House and convict him in the Senate instead. Why bother with the 25th Amendment?

    A 25th Amendment ‘solution’ just ain’t gunna happen unless something takes place similar to the reason it was adopted in the first place.

  87. Oh come on

    It’s going to be pretty funny if the GOP members in the meeting come out and confirm that Trump didn’t actually say the shithole stuff. The MSM are going to be scrambling to qualify their outrage!

  88. Oh come on

    And another bloody thing. Dick Durbin is out there busily trying to shaft Trump, yet the day before he was sitting at his elbow in the bipartisan meeting, making a big show of ‘working constructively’! These swine cannot ever be trusted.

    Trump needs to walk away from a DACA fix and let the Dreamers start to be deported. The Dems were never negotiating in good faith. Time to call their bluff.

  89. Paul

    No one gave a flying f… When Obam a called Libiya a merde show.

  90. Tel

    Trump needs to walk away from a DACA fix and let the Dreamers start to be deported. The Dems were never negotiating in good faith. Time to call their bluff.


    If Trump starts to back down in any way… it’s game over after that because they know they can beat him, and that’s is the only thing that matters to them.

  91. Paul

    I have often wondered why these ‘dreamers’ who have come from these shit hole countries, come to the West obtain a great education but dont go back, with there high education, surely they can contribute to their home countries to make things better. But then I realise It’s because these countries are shit holes to live in.

  92. Rob

    Reminds me of the time when Channel 7 reporter Mark Riley so cleverly brought us the inadvertently overheard “Shit happens” remark Abbott made in private discussion with a soldier in Afghanistan.
    Every soldier knows of the likelihood that “Shit will happen”.
    How big a rock does Riley live under?

  93. Oh come on

    Look, Trump has denied saying it in the first place. Let’s just wait and see what happens. This could get interesting.

  94. classical_hero


    The main source of this story is a known fabricator. He said lies about what a Republican congressman said to President Obama in a meeting that even the White House denied was ever said. Why do the left constantly go to lying sources.

  95. nemkat

    Looks like #FakeNews.
    The DemonRats are following LBJ’s dictum: accuse your opponent of being a pigfucker, forcing him into a mirth inducing denial.

  96. classical_hero

    What was the media’s reaction when President Obama called Libya a sh!t storm? Now it’s the largest slave market in the world due to his actions.

  97. Bruce

    sfw :

    “I can’t understand how it is the nations interest for the gov to bring in people from African and other shitholes to our country. I just cannot see how it is in our interest, so why do they do it?”

    It is not meant to be in the interests of the peasants.

    Therefore, it is fairly easy to see in just whose interests it is supposed to be.

    In an interesting parallel from several decades ago, the British Labour government of the time openly stated that its massive immigration programme was primarily about dramatically changing British, and particularly English, culture forever.

  98. OldOzzie

    Trump was right…literally

    When President Trump asked why the U.S. should accept immigrants from third-world nations he allegedly characterized as “s-holes,” liberals (and some neo-conservatives) howled with outrage, branding the president a bigot and a racist.

    But…was Mr. Trump right? Perhaps far more than his opponents would like to admit. Don’t take my word for it – take the word of the liberal, globalist United Nations, which celebrated its annual “World Toilet Day” and named its “Toilet Heroes” last November 19.

    Here are a few interesting statistics, straight from the U.N.:

    – Around 60% of the global population – 4.5 billion people – have either no toilet at home or one that doesn’t safely manage excreta.

    -862 million people worldwide still practi[c]e open defecation.

    – 1.8 billion people use an unimproved source of drinking water with no protection against contamination from [feces].

    – Globally, 80% of the wastewater generated by society flows back into the ecosystem without being treated or reused.

    – Only 39% of the global population (2.9 billion people) use a safely[] managed sanitation service [–] that is, excreta safely disposed of in situ or treated off-site.

    – Combined with safe water and good hygiene, improved sanitation could prevent around 842,000 deaths each year.

    Wow! Sixty percent of the world’s population has no effective toilet in the home? And we expect that these people are going to emigrate to the U.S. and become rocket scientists and nuclear engineers? Lots of luck with that.

    “Open defecation” is, apparently, a pretty big problem in the third world – particularly in India. The liberal Washington Post, which excoriated Trump for his comments, reported on this last fall.

    How about the places President Trump cited – Africa, Haiti, and Norway? According to the World Bank, open defecation is practiced by 55% of the population of Benin, 76% of the population of Eritrea, 42% of Liberia, and 44% of Madagascar. In Niger (where four U.S. troops died last fall), 71% defecate openly. Nineteen percent of the population of Haiti still practices open defecation, down from 38% in 2000.

    And Norway? Zero percent.

  99. overburdened

    The only intelligent thing I have heard from one of the severely limited cattle that get sent for me to try and extract meaningful work from (but only for a few more days yay) is, ‘you can’t polish shit, but you can put glitter on it’.
    How’s that Arab Spring thing working out for the lefties? Oops my bad they lefties aren’t there.

  100. OldOzzie

    Shithole translation challenge

    Foreign media outlets are having trouble translating “shithole,” the word of the week, into their languages. Here’s how a few outlets have tried to describe the uniquely American obscenity:

    China: “Cesspit.”
    Taiwan: “Countries where birds don’t lay eggs.”
    Japan: “Countries that are dirty like toilets” or “dripping with excrement.”
    Korea: “Beggars’ den.”
    Croatia: “The place wolves like to f–––.”
    Tanzania: “Dirty countries.”

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