The four horsemen of the current apocalypse

Wolfgang Kasper at the Mannkal-IPA conference on Western Civilization. Two wear red and two wear green: the revival of Marxism, the Welfare State, Environmental Fundamentalism and Islam.

The horsemen used to be Pestilence, War, Famine and Death.

For nerds. A heap of stuff about the original horses.

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8 Responses to The four horsemen of the current apocalypse

  1. André M.

    Red and green?
    But I thought Black was the new black?

    Fun question: What sound do these horses make as they approach?

  2. Sparkle Motion

    Thank you for posting that, a very interesting watch and listen for someone with a limited exposure to many of those themes. Really impressive scholarship in setting the scene with the historical context for values and the origins of different approaches to civilization.

  3. Aqinas

    You forget mass immigration

  4. Bruce of Newcastle

    The four horsepersons of the Apocalypse in Good Omens were awesome.
    The other four horsepersons too especially when they, whilst riding their Harleys, faceplanted into a huge pile of fish at 100 mph.

    I’m not sure of what I think about the upcoming Amazon miniseries, but David Tennant as Crawley is an excellent casting. 😀

  5. Dr Fred Lenin

    The communist u.n. , islamofasciscism ,the gangrenes ,and the stupid left with their meeja mates Looks ]like a good Quaddie to me . The left include turnbull and co.

  6. Tel

    The rider of the black horse: price inflation.

  7. iain russell

    Unbelievably I had just read this, before I read Cat. ‘Unbelievably’ because it was published on the Australian Bolshevik Collective. Perhaps Maoism is now passe and another truer form of Marxist mass murder , mass deprivation and mass starvation is the meme de jour.

  8. Zyconoclast

    You forget mass Immigration

    That falls into the pestilence category.

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