Q&A Forum: January 29, 2018

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21 Responses to Q&A Forum: January 29, 2018

  1. Geriatric Mayfly

    Gawd!! Is that left-fest still running?

  2. Entropy

    I hate it when summer comes to an end. Ah,well Killjoys season 2 beckons.

  3. Rufus

    Thus the taxpayer was mulct.

  4. JC

    panel this evening

    Sally McManus

    Sally McManus is the 10th elected ACTU Secretary in the organisation’s 90-year history and the first woman to hold the prestigious position. Sally was previously an ACTU vice president.

    Heather Ridout

    Heather Ridout is one of the prominent women in business in Australia.

    Good old Heather. Anyone recall when the Liar’s Party was peddling C02 tax, there was old Heather on Q&A and anywhere that would have her on, telling us we needed the Carbonic tax in order to create certainty.

  5. struth

    Just popped in to say good luck watching this shit in 2018.

    I really don’t know how you people do it.


  6. DJA

    I can’t watch QandA anymore my blood pressure simply can’t stand it
    Good luck for 2018

  7. Who is the conservative piñata this episode?

  8. My “old, outdated” browser no longer streams ALPBC, and I don’t feel like walking to the telly to turn it on, so I’ll just have to follow the ebb and flow via the inestimable comments of those Cats who are bold enough to watch and comment. Thank you, brave souls.

  9. mareeS

    It’s my birthday today. I rewarded myself and the family with no-TV, and would never have gone near q&A.

    We have been sharing silly stuff, lots of cats.

  10. egg_

    Missed it by that much – will have to record a rerun.

  11. Tintarella di Luna

    Happy birthday mareeS, hope you had a lovely day, made better by not watching Q&A, as was mine

  12. Dave in Marybrook

    …..I can’t. I just can’t.
    Plus doesn’t this clash with sTan’s truth and reconciliation show?

  13. egg_

    doesn’t this clash with sTan’s truth and reconciliation show?

    Cripes, The Snowcone Variety Hour will lose audience share to sTan’s Black and White Minstrel Show?

  14. Steve trickler.

    Rest in peace Q&A Forum.

  15. overburdened

    The tribe has spoken. 14 comments

  16. Pete of Perth

    Q&A will go the way of Aussie rules State of Origin. Just have wait for snow cone to cark it NADT.

  17. EvilElvis

    Was the time different? Foreign correspondent seemed early on an inadvertant flick through?

  18. It’s already back?

    Oh well – interruption lotto next week troops

  19. Megan

    I’d pushed it completely out of mind. With good reason.

  20. Mark M

    It’s back?
    In other news …

    Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes, a 29-year-old speechwriter with no foreign policy experience when he joined the administration in early 2009:

    “At one point, while musing about what more could’ve been done to halt the murder, rape, torture, destruction, and resulting refugee crisis in Syria, Rhodes says, “if we would have gone full-bore into Syria, we wouldn’t be sitting here with a climate agreement, we’d have no Iran agreement, we wouldn’t have had the time to do Cuba.”
    Sorry, Syrians, you were sold out for carbon emissions targets.”


  21. H B Bear

    So The Snowcone Variety Hour unfurls the Big Top and starts the new year not with a bang but with a giant … not this shit again. Time to send the Zacky Mallah courtesy bus down to Lakemba, maybe fly Yassy back from London or get some angry white abos on and get some cheap publicity next week.

    The show must go on.

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