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  1. Roger

    Jim Molan – and all MPs – must avoid promoting bigotry, commissioner says

    Leaving aside the question of the legitimacy of the videos, note Soutphomassane’s use of the guilt by association ad hominem attack. Given Soutphomassane’s academic credentials, it can be assumed he has studied logic and knows exactly what he is doing: smearing Molan’s name with the charge of bigotry because he posted videos he thought were genuine and in the public interest but happened to be produced by a group which is beyond the pale of the reigning centre-left orthodoxy. That really is a despicable act.

  2. Rockdoctor


    Planning to maybe next year depends on contracts I get this year but things are really picking up commodities wise which is feeding into increased expressions of interest but for the annual wet season hiatus just have to wait. I have transited through the airport at Changi a few times up to about 5 years ago so effortless compared to SYD or BNE International but not into the city proper has been a least 10 years.

  3. Zatara

    So what you are saying Eyrie, is that you were wrong and the boosters were reused.

    Your hate-on with NASA is plain, as is your hard-on for SpaceX.

    Facts however are not your strong point.

  4. Viva

    Every woman takes a gamble when she marries. Either her husband has it built in that he will give her his primary allegiance through thick and thin, even through affairs, temptations etc or he is one of those who are susceptible to falling in love and leaving. It is whether or not he has the capacity for devotion.

    Unfortunately some women find out which it is only after he walks out the door.

  5. calli

    Boambee John
    #2630005, posted on February 7, 2018 at 9:22 am
    calli at 0906

    And pop a cherry on top.

    Given the context, perhaps that might have been better phrased?


    I was picturing Barnaby, tarred and feathered, looking like a big, red-faced sundae.

  6. Pete of Perth

    Katong, 328 Laksa, 5 star chicken rice
    Like to spend $$$$, Dancing Crab
    Cinemas are cheap
    Grab, Singapore version of Uber
    Pasir Ris, go for a bike ride along the shore then a beer at The 5 Rabbits Bistro & Bar
    Catch a boat across to Pulau Ubin and go for another bike ride

  7. jupes

    The Minister admitted there was no evidence de-radicalisation programs actually worked, but said the Government had to try everything in its power to prevent another attack.

    How does slinging a few million dollars to Muslims to run de-radicalisation programs that don’t fucking work prevent another attack you moron?

    “There is no evidence anywhere in the world that de-radicalisation programs have been working en masse at the moment,” Mr Elliot said.

    Listen to yourself you tool. It doesn’t work ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, but you think it might work in NSW? FMD in the history of mankind has one nation produced so many utterly moronic politicians.

  8. Chris

    For deradicalisation, there IS one proven method, but its been abolished here.

  9. Any structural engineers around?
    I found this interesting geometrical shape on the web, and it is carved out of the solid from a billet of aluminium.
    Can anyone give me the formulae for the volume of the interior given the length of the sides of the two shapes in it?
    It’s a Truncated Icosahedron, when it’s at home.

  10. Eyrie

    Zatara, A very small used PART, of the booster was used in building what were essentially new boosters. This is totally unlike re-use of a Falcon first stage. Stick around, Block 5 Falcon boosters are coming on line this year which are designed to be fill ‘er up and go from what has been learned so far with recovery and re-use.
    You really badly need to read some history, not NASA PR propaganda.
    The most impressive thing about SpaceX is that they are willing to try new things and modify the rocket in the light of experience to fix real or incipient problems. NASA would take years instead of weeks or months to do this. SpaceX also tries not to make the same mistake twice.
    Please tell us how much NASA has spent on SLS/Orion and how long it has taken and when it will fly.

  11. JC

    #2630225, posted on February 7, 2018 at 1:39 pm
    Loving the tour notes, Habib!

    An A-list add on for sure.

  12. gingerbeer


    If you’re at all into audio you must include The Adelphi in your list.

    Geez I miss that place !

  13. John Constantine

    Australia leads the world in importing moderate Wahhabi’s to run tax funded deradicalisation programs for radical imported and home bred Wahhabi.

    Gross domestic product boosted with higher numbers in deradicalisation industry programs?.

  14. gingerbeer


    How accurate do you need to be ?

    Easiest method would be to approximate as a sphere.

  15. Eyrie
    #2630246, posted on February 7, 2018 at 2:09 pm

    Forget it, Eyrie. You are dealing with the worst case of the infamous Australian “Tall Poppy Syndrome” I have ever encountered. Spacex could announce the successful test of a warp drive tomorrow, and there are those here who would claim they stole the idea from Star Trek.

  16. Roger

    It doesn’t work ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, but you think it might work in NSW?

    They have to try something, even if it won’t work, otherwise they’re admitting defeat, which is politically unacceptable, as are the methods which will work, for now.

    The French announced a similar program last year to deal with an even bigger problem even though one of their own experts said it wouldn’t work because we simply don’t have the psychological tools to deradicalize these young Muslim men unless they assent to the process to begin with, which they don’t. Unless they are psychologically broken first, it won’t work.

  17. Makka

    but you think it might work in NSW?

    It doesn’t have to work. It only has to create tax eating jobs and provide winks and nudges to the moslems, quacks and assorted other parasites. All these programs so called are for is to distribute favours. Nobody gives a damn if they work.

  18. I’m too late for the Chile story, so I’ll post it here.

    If it wasn’t for Pinochet, Chile would’ve become Venezuela decades ago.

    The communist filth complaining of Pinochet never talk about Allende bringing in Cubans to roam the countryside murdering communist opponents. It was a classic communist takeover attempt.

    And Boris is an idiot but you already knew that.

  19. egg_

    SpaceX nears launch of Falcon Heavy, facing a changing market for heavy-lift rockets

    “There is a part of the commercial market that requires Falcon Heavy,” Gwynne Shotwell, president of SpaceX, said during an interview with The Times last summer. “It’s there, and it’s going to be consistent, but it’s much smaller than we thought.”

    Uh oh, trouble at Mill?

  20. Diogenes

    3. Singapore Sling at Raffles.

    Prefer the Straits Sling – no pineapple

  21. dopey

    In Singapore drink the local beer at $4 a can. The Euro brands are $6 but brewed in Malaysia.

  22. Entropy

    #2630252, posted on February 7, 2018 at 2:17 pm
    #2630246, posted on February 7, 2018 at 2:09 pm

    Forget it, Eyrie. You are dealing with the worst case of the infamous Australian “Tall Poppy Syndrome” I have ever encountered. Spacex could announce the successful test of a warp drive tomorrow, and there are those here who would claim they stole the idea from Star Trek

    Actually Musk would be stealing it from a Mr Zefram Cochrane. sheesh.

  23. testpattern

    ABC finally moves on comments by violent racists they allowed to be posted yesterday. Not good enough. Someone should get the sack.

    ‘Truck drivers are asking for police escorts across the long Fitzroy River Bridge because of repeated rock throwing attacks.’

    ABC Kimberley Comments that advocate violence will be deleted & the people that post them blocked. Let’s keep the conversation constructive without resorting to abuse

    ABC Kimberley There is nothing ‘left’ about refusing to be a forum for violent threats. They are not only irresponsible but also possibly illegal.

  24. AEMO not looking real flash at the moment:

    Only one interconnecter not red.

  25. egg_

    ‘Truck drivers are asking for police escorts across the long Fitzroy River Bridge because of repeated rock throwing attacks.’

    The Purfleet bypass in NSW didn’t come soon enough?

  26. H B Bear

    Mainland Tasmania electricity price 4x the Pony Club.

    Time to stop all GST and Commonwealth transfer payments when State government policies cripple their own (failed) State economies.

  27. Mother Lode

    Why would you agree with that? Joyce is guilty of infidelity but that doesn’t alter the truth of his belief that homosexuals cannot be ‘married.’ The one has nothing to do with the other.

    Isn’t it an Alinsky thing? Demand absolute (inhuman) purity from your opponent?

    Bandt is just using the whole of family values as a grab bag.

    Remember, this hero in the struggle against capitalism, and against the unconscionable abuses of the more powerful against the less empowered, had no cavil in ripping off his au pairs.

  28. AEMO watch: this has to be captured:

    07/02/2018 13:40 AEST

    State Price
    QLD: $64.99
    NSW: $85.01
    SA.: $13,549.66
    VIC: $13,049.80
    TAS: $-0.64

    Looks more normal in the time it took to format it for the Cat.

  29. egg_

    #2630252, posted on February 7, 2018 at 2:17 pm

    Thanks for a fact-free-post.

  30. egg_

    Spacex could announce the successful test of a warp drive tomorrow, and there are those here who would claim they stole the idea from Star Trek

    Why doesn’t Mr Bleeding Edge tackle the EmDrive?

  31. Leigh Lowe


    #2630269, posted on February 7, 2018 at 2:54 pm

    Slater and Gordon downsizes, jobs expected to go

    And here I sit with no champagne.

  32. testpattern

    17 Feb 2018 will be the 150th anniversary of the Flying Foam Massacre

    ‘Leading Pilbara figures want to see history rewritten to highlight Pilbara pioneers’ roles in wiping an Aboriginal group off the map as the 150th anniversary of one of Australia’s worst massacres approaches.

    Former government resident Robert John Sholl is remembered by a street name in Roebourne and a paver on St Georges Terrace in Perth.

    In 1868, Mr Sholl enlisted special constables, led by John Withnell and Alex McRae, to Murujuga to murder Yaburara men, women and children.’

  33. Leigh Lowe

    Can anyone give me the formulae for the volume of the interior given the length of the sides of the two shapes in it?
    It’s a Truncated Icosahedron, when it’s at home.

    The formula for establishing volume is …
    670C + 1B

  34. The Barking Toad

    new fred boys & gals

  35. Peter Castieau

    Cory Bernadi weekly dose of common sense

    Dear Peter,

    It has been said a week is a long time in politics so you can only imagine what a year is like – and today marks one year since the Australian Conservatives launched as a political party.

    The twelve months has passed so quickly and yet so much has been achieved. Thanks to the support of so many Australians, we have laid the foundations for a sustainable and formidable political movement that will deliver a better way for our nation.

    Our membership numbers in the tens of thousands and our registered supporters are many multiples of that.

    We led the charge on important policy initiatives built around our founding principles. On many occasions the government (and others) have followed our lead proving once again that, in the long run, principle trumps personality or populist politics.

    Of course our political opponents won’t acknowledge that fact but the rest of us know that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

    One notable success was our disallowance of the government’s extradition agreement with China. How anyone thought sending suspects to a foreign nation – without a credible rule of law (and a 99% conviction rate) – was good policy beggars belief but, thanks to our efforts it was stopped.

    Similarly, we led the way on foreign influence in our body politic, highlighting how compromised the major political parties were over Chinese donations.

    We championed opposition to the Orwellian “Safe Schools” program and held the high moral ground on the citizenship saga whilst speaking fearlessly in support of our national values, culture and heritage.

    There is so much more but absolutely none of this would have been possible without your support and encouragement. I am just one cog in the conservative wheel, working with all of you trying to rescue our country for the sake of our children.

    It is heartening that so many have enlisted to join us on this task. To be our most effective we need many voices speaking up for common sense to unite our nation.

    On our anniversary it is also good to let you know that Lyle Shelton has joined the Australian Conservatives team as our Federal Communications Director. Lyle has lived our values in his personal and professional life and is now adding his talents to strengthen our movement.

    For many, getting involved in politics isn’t high on their agenda. It can be a gruelling battle in the face of great adversity but we simply cannot afford to vacate the field to those who want to radically change our way of life. It begs the question “If not us, then who?’

    Once again, I am so grateful for your support of our political movement and humbled by the efforts of so many. So thank you and I hope you are as proud of our first twelve months as I am.

    Until next week,

    Cory Bernardi

  36. egg_

    “While I like the initials, I’d take the so-called “EM Drive” with a grain o salt per @io9 article” @elonmusk

    “SpaceX – the company on a mission to colonize Mars – outlined plans to put 4,425 satellites into space in a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) filing from earlier this week.

    That’s three times the 1,419 satellites that are currently in space, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists, a not-for-profit group made up of scientists across the world.”

    One small step for muskkind?

  37. Some months ago, someone put a link up to a bloke who was considering rebuilding the Apollo F1 engines, using new CAD/CAM techniques and 5 axis milling machines. Apparently several hundred pounds of weight could be removed from them.
    My search engine parameters aren’t giving me much apart from this.

  38. Lysander

    Thanks for everyone’s travel advice; much appreciated. My overall take is, therefore:

    – Singapore: Get out and see heap;
    – Manila: Get out and stay safe, try not to eat;
    – Cebu: As with Manila but more to see;
    – Colombo: Good curry (and the odd Tsunami 🙂


  39. Peter Campion

    Cats, I usually only have time for the headposts and their comments at the Cat, rarely do I have time for the open thread as well. But today, well, today is different. And I wanted to get your honest views on a matter under discussion before I said anything.

    Yes, you guessed it, I’m Vikki Campion’s Dad. While I don’t comment here often I did recently have a headpost of my own –

    Anyway, there where no real surprises in what you’ve said so far. But I have some questions. You see, Vikki is well know here in FNQ as a former local journalist. Plus I’m a prolific writer to the editors of FNQs papers, so journos know me, too. They asked for my comments. I gave them in writing (copied below).

    My questions are:
    What did I miss?
    What would you have said?

    <[-: PC

    "Vikki's mother and I think that with Baaanaby as Dad the kid will probably be a perfect little lamb."

    "Politics sure does make for strange bedfellows. We just never imagined our daughter would hop into one with a former Kiwi."

    "Our future son-in-law should give himself an uppercut for failing to give one to the PM."

    "I will soon be having a deep and meaningful discussion with young Barnyard and explaining to him carefully and logically why he needs to put the 'coal' back into 'coalition'."

    "When the Deputy Prime Minister calls to ask for my daughter's hand in marriage I will be informing him at length on the many shortcomings of the Nationals and their partners in the Talkbull Coagulation Team."

    "Vikki's mother and I have high hopes for the couple and their new family unit and we do hope that Baa can find a respectable job one day."

  40. Peter Campion

    “were” not “where”

  41. Chris

    Peter C,
    Awesome, thanks for posting wit a light touch!

  42. C.L.

    Peter, all the best to you and the family.
    As I said above, I’m angered by the DT’s front-page treatment of your daughter.
    Stay strong!

  43. Top Ender

    Big Sol to stay banged up:

    Property developer Salim Mehajer has lost a bid to apply for bail a second time on fraud and conspiracy charges.

    Mr Mehajer argued in court today that reports published by The Australian and The Daily Telegraph in Sydney meant he had been subjected to “extra-curial punishment” and may be targeted by the “prison hierarchy”.

    Dressed in prison greens, the former Auburn deputy mayor appeared in Burwood Local Court via audiovideo link from Silverwater jail.

    He was arrested on January 23 and charged with perverting the course of justice and conspiring with others to cheat and defraud following a car crash in October that was allegedly staged to avoid a court appearance.

    Despite having bail refused at the time, his barrister Anthony Bellanto QC argued today that the circumstances had “materially changed” for his client, who is a “sensitive” man who has never been in prison before.

    Mr Bellanto said Mr Mehajer’s sister would provide $100,000 surety, and said an exclusive interview with cellmate Alex Arnold in a Sydney holding cell published earlier this week in The Australian would endanger his time in jail.

    “The problem for Mr Mehajer is that, through no fault of his own, he was housed in a cell with an alleged jewel thief who went public, I would infer, for money — although I wouldn’t have evidence of that,” Mr Bellanto said.

    “That, as one would know, in the jail milieu and the general way of life that prisoners are forced to lead, can have devastating impact in the prison hierarchy. As the gentleman said, the applicant is a somewhat sensitive person … All of that is totally beyond his control. It’s a form of extra-curial punishment.”

    Prosecutor Lisa Robinson disagreed, arguing a decision by magistrate Jennifer Giles last week took into account all relevant information. She told magistrate Mark Richardson that Mr Mehajer was unhappy and “looking at a second bite at the cherry”.

    “I cannot see how the publishing of those articles in relation to Mr Mehajer, who has placed himself in the public eye by his own actions, could possibly be said to be a change in circumstances,” she said.

    “In my submission, none of the material that has been put before this court today is materially different to what was put before.

    “What is smacks of is a man who is unhappy with a decision made, a man who is struggling with a significant fall from which he is accustomed to, a man who is looking for a second bite at the cherry.”

    Ms Robinson said she had a letter from a senior Corrective Services officer who said Mr Mehajer was being “protected” from some other inmates in Silverwater prison, and was in no danger.

    Mr Bellanto also argued Mr Mehajer has seven other ongoing civil and criminal court cases that would benefit from his being released.

    Mr Richardson said the material “falls short” of what would be required to lodge another application for bail. “I’m against the application,” he said.

    The 31-year-old was arrested last month along with five other people following an extensive police investigation into the crash, which police allege was staged to avoid court and commit insurance fraud.

    Mr Mehajer was driving a Mercedes along Delhi Street at Lidcombe in Sydney’s west when it was involved in a collision with a Mitsubishi Outlander about 8.45am on October 16.

    He was trapped in his vehicle and was later taken to Westmead Hospital for treatment.

    The crash prevented Mr Mehajer from attending the first day of a trial at Sydney’s Downing Centre Local Court over allegations he assaulted a taxi driver.

    Detectives from Flemington Local Area Command established Strike Force Reppan to investigate the crash.

    Detective Superintendent Philip Rogerson, Flemington’s local area commander, told media at the time that the alleged staging of a car crash showed “extensive lengths” to avoid facing court.

    “I can say that the pervert the course of justice was in relation to the court matter on that particular day, and the cheat and defraud is in relation to the insurance culminating out of the car accident,” he said.

    If found guilty, the charges carried “lengthy terms of imprisonment”, Superintendent Rogerson said.

    Mr Mehajer was elected to Auburn Council in 2012 and later became deputy mayor, before he shot to fame with his elaborate wedding in 2015.

    Oz complete

  44. cohenite


    #2630195, posted on February 7, 2018 at 12:53 pm

    Theresa May is a bitch; her lanquid vapidity merely disguises the inner shriek of leftism. The question is how did conservatives succumb to the same blight which has infected all other Western institutions: Gramsci’s march.

  45. cynical1

    Remember, this hero in the struggle against capitalism, and against the unconscionable abuses of the more powerful against the less empowered, had no cavil in ripping off his au pairs.

    That was Di Natale.

    Bandt prefers ripping the arseless chaps off.

    And then ripping onto the chaps’ arses…

  46. Vicki

    How do you teach resilience? Can sufficient resilience be taught in every case?… – Peter Campion

    Peter – your post was executed with such grace, humanity & love.

    Thank you for a salient reminder that we are all human. We forget that – so often, as we rush to judgement.

    The very best of good times as a proud grandparent.

  47. Gab

    Peter Campion, very pithy responses. I wouldn’t change a thing.

    Still have no regard for Baaarnboy and what he and Vikki did. A husband of 24 years with four children messing around with a PYT, sorry but I’m old fashioned and see no excuse for their part in destroying 5 lives. Not that any of that matters to them.

  48. Gab

    we are all human. We forget that – so often, as we rush to judgement.

    Mmyes, probably the same excuse used by that African youth who kicked a copper in the face.

  49. Gab

    As I said above, I’m angered by the DT’s front-page treatment of your daughter.

    Interesting how this entire affair was kept quite by the media and politicians during the by-election campaign Barnboy recently won.

  50. Tel

    Australia’s Trust Index at 40% is just 4 percentage points higher than the least trusting country, Russia, on 36%.

    Trust in government fell to 35% from 37%, business to 45% from 48%, media to 31% from 32%, and NGOs to 48% from 52%.

    Nods approval. Very healthy sign.

  51. Tel

    How does slinging a few million dollars to Muslims to run de-radicalisation programs that don’t fucking work prevent another attack you moron?

    Since they are determined to “try everything” then I’ll take a million bucks, no questions asked. Hey, you don’t know what’s gonna happen until you try it. People’s lives are at stake here buddy, so hustle!

  52. Peter Campion

    Thanks, Cats

    See you on the new thread.

  53. notafan

    Yes Gab

    ‘rush to judgement’

    What an odd thing to say.

    The facts speak for themselves.

    My sympathies lie with Mrs Barnaby and the four daughters.

    I suppose they have gotten used to fending for themselves.

    Mrs Joyce has been out of the workforce raising a family, no doubt she is expected to go from at least having not having to worry about paying the bills but re-entering the workforce after a more than two decade break and that’s on top of all the emotional turmoil.

    Love is love.

  54. Top Ender

    Fresh from the fight to make the Canadian national anthem gender neutral, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has offered his country a bolder vision of how they might relate to the broader populace of the Earth.

    “We like to say peoplekind,” Mr Trudeau told a woman who used the word “mankind” during a town hall meeting in Edmonton, Alberta.

    The exchange was broadcast on the Facebook page of a Canadian conservative group and prompted ridicule.

    Conservative writer JJ McCullough suggested that Mr Trudeau would say, upon landing on the moon: “That’s one small step for people, one giant leap for #peoplekind.”

    But footage of the conversation suggested that Mr Trudeau was joking. During a sometimes difficult meeting for the Prime Minister the woman asked a long question about charity law. She said that she was from the World Mission Society Church of God, which emphasises “the female aspect” of religion and preaches a “maternal love that’s going to change the future of mankind”.

    “We like to say peoplekind, not necessarily mankind,” Mr Trudeau replied, prompting laughter. “Because it’s more inclusive.”

    “There you go!” the questioner, who had been booed by the crowd, said.

    Last week the word “sons” was officially removed from the Canadian national anthem to make it gender neutral.

    The Times

  55. Ubique

    Barnaby is a Nat. The Nats are agrarian socialists. And the motto of socialists is “if it feels good, do it”.
    So, Barnaby’s behaviour, while reprehensible, comes as no real surprise.

  56. rickw

    Adelaide Surgeon on TV whining about a blackout in the middle of a surgery. Harden up! This is the third world!

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