How much is free speech and free expression worth

How much is free speech and free expression worth?  USD$17,000 apparently.

It seems that charging university associations for the cost of security is an increasingly common phenomenon.  It’s not just a University of Sydney thing or an Australian thing.

Yes the University of Sydney charged the “Conservative Club” a security fee to protect them from the individuals trying to stop the gathering.

Yes the University of Washington charged the “College Republicans” $17,000 for a similar security fee.

Yes the Victorian Policy charged the promoters of the Milo Yianopoulos performance for security.

It’s not exactly clear where or when this practice started, but there is a clear asymmetry in its application.

Were the Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance charged for public security during their “performance”.  See the police in the picture?  Who paid for that?

It cannot be that expression is only free, free from security charges, if you are of the “left”.

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5 Responses to How much is free speech and free expression worth

  1. Richard

    I believe free-speech, is worth my blood your blood and their blood.

  2. Kneel

    “It cannot be that expression is only free, free from security charges, if you are of the “left”.”

    And yet it seems to be – perhaps a discrimination class action is required?

  3. DM OF WA

    This is an emerging trend in the USA, Canada, UK and in Europe and now Australia. The left, now fully in control of every aspect of the universities, is proceeding to shut down its encircled enemies. Rather than outright bans which would look bad and possibly stimulate public debate, they resort to their habitual indirect methods. We see health and safety regulations, restrictive human rights and hate speech policies, no platforming; and of course, how can any conservative object to the principle of user pays?

  4. Zatara

    Update to the University of Washington case.

    SEATTLE (AP) — A federal judge has blocked the University of Washington from billing the College Republicans a $17,000 security fee for a campus rally on grounds that it violates free speech rights.

    Not so fast kiddies.

  5. JohnA

    Zatara, that is good news. Someone has re-discovered common sense.

    If we include the one who resolved that a baker being forced to bake a special-order item for a SSA “wedding” represented a violation of their free speech protections, that’s TWO judges.

    Crikey, it’s a trend…

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