Pooh on the nose in China

For the You Could Not Make it Up file.

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  1. stackja

    Xi, just another personality cult!

  2. The Met Office have had this problem before. They were so worried about the credibility of global warming theory in the face of the coldest winter for many years in 2005/6, that they felt it necessary to draw the attention of the public to the question. This was the original forecast in September 2005: “Our latest predictions indicate a colder-than-average winter for much of Europe. If this holds true, parts of the UK especially southern regions are expected to have temperatures below normal. The last eight winters have been relatively mild and perhaps have given the impression that these are normal”. The balance of probability is for a winter colder than those experienced since 1995/6. A subsequent web page made the point: “why are we predicting a colder than average winter when we are at the same time talking about climate change”. They even produced an FAQ on the subject, including this pertinent “belief-related” question and answer: Q) So, does it mean that global warming is on hold? A) No. The forecast of a colder-than-average winter is based on the prediction of atmospheric circulation patterns that change from year to year. Increased frequencies of easterly and northerly winds are expected this year. Basically, it is the direction of the wind that brings the lower-than-average temperatures. 0 0

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