TV bleg

So I’m going to be travelling extensively over the next couple of months and need to know what tv series I should be watching. I prefer to binge watch shows.

At the moment I have finished watching:

  • Gomorrah seasons 1&2: An Italian gangster series with subtitles. Highly recommended. Will be watching season 3 in the next two weeks.
  • Billions season 1: Corrupt US Attorney v Libertarian hedge fund owner. Awesome. Will be watching season 2 asap – season 3 starts end of the month on Stan (I don’t have Stan so will have to wait for another long flight) and huge wrap around advert on the AFR this morning.
  • Ballers seasons 1,2 & 3. Easy watching on a plane while downing your 5th or 6th Jack Daniels on the rocks (don’t get me started on QANTAS not having scotch on their flights anymore).
  •  Altered Carbon season 1: Science fiction detective story. Loved it. I had read the books and the first season, while slightly different, should please the fans.
  • The Expanse season 1: Science Fiction thriller type thing. Read the first book of the series but not sufficiently intrigued to read any of the others. Watched first season that covers about 3/4 of the first book. Still not hooked on the series.
  •  The American House of Cards seasons 1&2: Political corruption story with Kevin Spacey. I have enjoyed the first two seasons but now with Spacey having been sacked I’m not keen to proceed as the story probably won’t end well.
  • Silicon Valley season 4: Cute. Easy watching on a plane …

Okay. So what am I missing? What are the must watch shows out there that I have yet to discover?

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  1. J-man

    Occupied season 1 and 2 has just been released on netflix

    If you have not seen The OA, get on it

    Travellers was pretty good

  2. Stimpson J. Cat

    Black Sails.
    Pirates are God.

  3. Stimpson J. Cat

    Black Mirror.

    Hard Sun.

    Vice Principals.

  4. Paul

    Somewhat sheepishly- Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix. Should be good on a plane. I kept watching and thinking the PC/SJE’s would be having apoplexy. Did make it more enjoyable!

  5. Diesal

    Vikings is ok, gets a bit PC as it progresses but is interesting enough. Somewhat based on historical figures.

  6. The Walking Dead is ending Season 8 and continue killing zombies who for some
    reason remind me of the American one party political system. The Democrats and
    Republicans point fingers at each other, refuse to compromise, and are begging for
    a Tom Clancy novel scenario.

    Terry W. Colvin
    ( a few miles south of Hua Hin, Thailand )

  7. teraglin

    We’ve been watching the first season of the Beverley Hillbillies.

  8. John Constantine


  9. PoliticoNT

    Berlin Station – imperfect, but enjoyable. Hector DeJean is one for the ages. [SBS On Demand]
    Strike Back – Season 1 is pretty much stand alone (with Richard Armitage in the lead), then changes over to a two hander (Sullivan Stapleton, and Philip Winchester) – gun fights, girls, spies – what’s not to like? [DVD or cable]
    Navy Seals – Surprisingly mature, character-based action-drama [Channel 10 at 10pm, Sunday]
    SIX – More Navy Seals, even better than the Channel 10 series [SBS On Demand]
    Homeland – it’s surprising how many people haven’t watched this. Seasons 1-3 need to be taken as a single arc. The last ten minutes of the last episode of season 3 is some of the best television I’ve ever seen. Season 4 is a stand alone and probably the best of all (7 seasons). Things go a bit downhill after that, but it’s Homeland, I can’t not watch it. [Cable, DVD, SBS on Demand]
    Political Animals – six episode Warner Brother miniseries starring Sigourney Weaver and Ciaran Hands. Way under the radar. Worth a look. [DVD, Cable?]

  10. a happy little debunker

    Westworld (season 2) starts April 22nd.

    The Orville develops nicely into a less preachy version of earlier Star Treks.

  11. CuperMario

    Naval Ravikant recommends Rick and Morty, Black Mirror. SJ Cat, above, also recommends Black Mirror, so there must be something to it… 🙂

  12. chrism

    Babylon Berlin is utterly fantastic – the theme is quite catchy – zu asche zu staub
    The Bureau (des Legends)
    The Bridge (Scandinavian version)

  13. IRFM

    Suits – abundant commercial law – great scripts; some of the stars are well known

  14. C.L.

    I haven’t seen or heard of any TV series mentioned in the post or thread, excepting House of Cards. I heard of that when Kevin Spacey was axed.

  15. French police dramas Braquo and Spirals.

    HBO series ‘The Night Of’

    And of course, Walker Texas Ranger.

  16. Roger W

    Agatha Christie’s Criminal Games, on SBS On Demand – French take, set in the late 1950’s, very amusing.
    6 episodes so far.

  17. md

    I agree, IRFM. Suits is good value. Season 1 was the best. In Season 7 it started to get a little soppy. Too much personal relationships stuff and not enough legal battles.

    Also, try Better Call Saul. BUT you have to watch Breaking Bad first. Also, you will find that Season 1 drags a bit and is a bit weird. But stick with it. In Season 2 it hits its stride and is very entertaining. Like so many of the US shows the actors absolutely perfect for their roles and do their job brilliantly.

    Both BB and BCS are of the “little guy the world is crapping on turns the tables and makes good” genre.

  18. Mark

    Dark Matter
    Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency
    Phillip K Dick’s Electric Dreams

  19. Clam Chowdah

    It’s a few years old but if you haven’t seen it, “Justified”.

  20. Ooh Honey Honey

    Rick and Morty
    The Big Les Show
    The Mike Nolan Show
    Xavier Renegade Angel

  21. Grumbles

    I must recommend “The Good Place” as a great new comedy, there’s 2 seasons to watch. It’s a funny take on the afterlife with Ted Danson.

    Others already mentioned that I agree with; Black Mirror & Westworld

  22. Driftforge

    Currently watching Hogan’s Heroes, Season 2 (of 6?)

    Simple joys.

  23. GoTiges

    +1 for Homeland, +1 for Westworld.
    Also Fargo 1+2 were excellent. Season 3 okay but not as good as the first 2.

  24. Leigh Lowe

    “Yes Minister” and “Yes Prime Minister”
    Nothing changes.

  25. Marcus

    The Good Wife
    The Blacklist

  26. JC

    Just finished watching 7 Seconds about a cop who kills a black kid in a car accident. The story is about he and his seedy partners then try to cover it up. Not bad.

  27. MPH

    Law and Order UK if you can find it – leaves the US version for dead (pardon the pun)

  28. The Good Place – a constant stream of unexpected ridiculous comic twists
    Redfern Now – it’s real

  29. Y

    Rick and Morty

    The Expanse continues to be tremendously iffy.

    Under no circumstances watch The OA.

  30. Viva

    Appletree Yard BBC First anytime on demand

  31. BrettW

    Collateral, 4 part BBC series, about the murder of a pizza delivery guy who just happens to be a recent arrival from Middle East. On Netflix.

    For those with a military interest Google SAS Mirbat documentary and you will find a FB link from page called British Falkland Islands Military. Good 45 min doco about 9 SAS against 300 rebels in Oman 1972. To add to the difficulty factor they had two positions 800m apart, one with a mortar and the other with a WW2 25lb gun which was useable. Unable to award any Victoria Cross as this was a war UK was trying not to mention at the time. Good recreation of the action plus comments from some of the participants.

    For those who have seen the movie The Killer Elite (Jason Statham and Clive Owen) this battle is featured. The father of one of the killed rebels hires mercenaries to hunt down the SAS. Bit of controversy over the book as author, Ffiennes the explorer, was SAS himself around that time but created such a good plot that family members of the SAS Captain complained. Captain died of hypothermia in Welsh mountains but book claimed it was revenge murder. Ffiennes banned from SAS as a result of the book.

  32. classical_hero

    You know you want to the must see TV event of the year, the new season of The Bachelor starts on Sunday.

    Now I better do my impression of Jesse Owens.

  33. Amadeus

    Netflicks has the series “Ozark”. You’d enjoy immensely…like you, I tend to binge watch and did it with this series.

  34. BB

    How are you watching Better Call Saul? I can only get it on Netflix USA but not Australia. Made me really mad so I cancelled my Netflix account, now I don’t know what I should subscribe to. Any recomendations for streaming subscriptions from Cats?

  35. A Lurker

    ‘Wayward Pines’ – Horror/thriller genre
    ‘Jonathon Strange and Mr. Norrell’ – alt-reality/mild-supernatural horror genre
    ‘Babylon 5’ – sci-fi genre
    ‘Due South’ – crime/comedy genre

  36. George

    “The End of the F***ing World” Is fantastic.

    Eight 20 minute episodes that can be strung together to give a very entertaining movie.

  37. Diogenes

    Line of Duty pommie cop show set in an anti corruption unit

    Man in High Castle alternate ww2 history

    Stan Lees Lucky Man set in UK cop gets a lucky bracelet – better than it sounds

    Marvels The Punisher – violent but good

    Maigret only 2 eps but very good. Stars a very serious Rowan Atkinson

    Tyrant set in a fictional muslim country

    Mc Mafia 1 serirs 8 eps son of retired russian gangster who runs an investment business in london draen into his fathers world

    Last kingdom bit of a sword & sandle set in tome of King Alfred
    +1 westworld blacklist

  38. Man in the high castle, on Amazon Prime I think., based on the Pk Dick novel

  39. Diogenes

    +1 berlin station

    Forgot Frontier early days of the Hudson Bay trading co – poms vs french vs locals vs indigenes

  40. Diogenes

    SsGB based on the book also very good

  41. Rohan

    Longmire. Great show about a county sherif with a serious crime issue and corrupt Indians running around on the reservation.

  42. alexnoaholdmate

    Once the Spacey character becomes President – SPOILER! but it happens quite early in the show – it gets real silly.

    They even talk about him making his wife Veep. America would NEVER accept a husband AND his wife as President and Vice-president simultaneously. Never happen. And the fact it was even suggested as a plot line shows me they’d run out of ideas.

    So I stopped watching about then.

  43. Eyrie

    The Expanse has great settings, a good attempt at plausible spaceships and could have been “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” set in the asteroid belt/moons of Jupiter/Mars. Instead they brought in the stupid protomolecule stuff.
    Fairly grim as the body count/blown up spaceships keeps rising relentlessly. Some attempt at a “Firefly” emulation with the odd flash of attempted humour after the first grim episodes with no humour at all.
    Difficult to like characters although Detective Miller, the thug and the pilot are straight up. Holden is an arsehole and Naomi turns into a SJW.
    About a quarter way into the third book, not in a hurry to continue.

  44. Suburban Boy

    True Detective (especially season 1)

    Trailer Park Boys (a slow burn, but stick with it)

    The Young Pope

    Some already mentioned: SS-GB, Westworld, Better Call Saul (only after you’ve seen all of Breaking Bad)

    Oldies but goodies: Mad Men, Sopranos, The Wire, Deadwood, Twin Peaks

  45. lotocoti

    The Irish Gomorrah, Love/Hate is pretty good, once someone reminds the director it’s not a soapie.
    +1 for Saganorénlandspolismalmö.

  46. areff

    Hunt for the Unabomber — binge-watched the last of it last night. First-rate stuff.

    Sadly, no Bo0sch episodes available on either Stan or Netflix.

  47. Entropy

    Seriously though if you haven’t binged on The Last Kingdom (Trailer above) it’s pretty good. I reckon it’s better than Vikings, and involves some of the same historical characters (although outcomes are different, historical licence etc etc) Both series on Netflix and available for download.

  48. Entropy

    Also, I would watch Firefly over and over in the same way as you can with ST TOS.

  49. Geoff

    Completely off topic but my first chance to post a question in a few days.

    What’s to stop companies paying unfranked dividends instead of franked dividends and thereby passing the tax assessment problem on to the ultimate beneficiary. Would this bugger Little Billy’s plan?

    Seeking advice from any corporate finance types out there.

  50. Leigh Lowe

    2000 AFL Grand Final

  51. Diogenes


    If you are into that sort of thing Spartacus – even more flesh than Rome, even get to see a lot of delectable Lucy Lawless

  52. Diogenes

    If not clear meant Spartacus the series – not the Cat blogger

  53. feelthebern

    The Walking Dead.

  54. Jenny

    To lighten the mood and have a laugh – The Marvelous Mrs Maisel on Prime and Brooklyn Nine Nine on Netflix

  55. iain russell

    Major League Baseball starts next week. Get an line subscription for about USD120-. Great stuff.

  56. Gengis

    Pick up a good book and start reading!

  57. woolfe

    Babylon Berlin
    The Same Sky
    Altered Carbon
    TheGood Place
    Mind Hunter

  58. Northshore Redneck

    HBO’s The Leftovers.

    Slow starting but the most enthralling TV show I’ve ever seen.

  59. tgs

    Peaky Blinders
    Band of Brothers
    Generation Kill
    The Pacific
    Rick and Morty
    The Good Place
    Bojack Horseman

  60. WolfmanOz

    Line Of Duty

    All British crime drama with different slants.

  61. EvilElvis

    Married at First Sight or MaFS to those in the know – brilliant doco regarding the difficulties of finding love in modern Australia. Especially if you’ve got issues, major issues. Plastic boobs. Also provides a useful service to distinguish between relationship ‘experts’ styles before picking a counsellor. Pro-tip, always pick one who has a milk crate and is wearing pj’s, you know they’re ready to dispense one on one bedroom ‘advice’.

    West Coast Customs – drama based on the ongoing struggles of a dinky little, seppo, mobile tattoo, faggot who is continually exploited by his sanctuary city staff to strip down brand new cars and give them all the exact same ‘customisation’ as they’ve done to the last 2643 vehicles they’ve touched yet still continue to wow their clients. It’s a slow burn but I feel the big moment’s coming where someone will discover they’re just a front for trafficking drugs and formaldehyde to keep Hillary ticking over.

  62. Marcus

    Maigret only 2 eps but very good. Stars a very serious Rowan Atkinson

    Four, actually, and they’re all excellent.

  63. hzhousewife

    I am enjoying the series “Elementary” on Foxtel, Lucy Lu is a female Dr (Joan) Watson.

  64. Daisy

    Doll house
    Orphan black

  65. thefrolickingmole

    Housos or Fat Pizza

  66. Pickles

    Big Les
    Seven Periods with Mr Gormsby

  67. Pat Heuvel

    +1 for Punisher
    Star Trek Discovery – surprisingly good. Has a few twists.
    +1 Dirk Gently. Quite odd – but it is based on Douglas Adams’ work!

  68. Diogenes

    Four, actually, and they’re all excellent.

    Ah I missed the last 2 , I will rectify that as soon as I get home 🙂

    If you liked Inspector Morse, Endeavour, is also quite good – its Morse as a young’un

  69. Roger.

    The Sullivans & Matlock Police.

  70. Robbo

    How come “Married At First Sight” isn’t on your list?

  71. The Barking Toad

    2000 AFL Grand Final

    LL @ 8:36AM

    hahahaha – nice one centurion

  72. Homer

    Maybe I missed them but I don’t see anyone suggesting Stranger Things, which I think is the best tv I’ve ever seen (and I’m 60 so I’ve been around a while) or an older one, The Wire

  73. Sinclair Davidson

    Pick up a good book and start reading!

    I follow authors these days. Right now I am in a dry spot where I have read the latest book from each of the authors I follow.

  74. Pickles

    I follow authors these days

    Re read Blainey then. All of them.

  75. Sinclair Davidson

    Re read Blainey then.

    I have been meaning to get a copy of his history on mining in Australia but never seem to get around to it.

    I do read heaps of stuff for professional reasons, but I’m thinking at the moment of leisurely pursuits.

  76. Fibro

    Replays of question time so you can catch up on sleep

  77. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    I have been meaning to get a copy of his history on mining in Australia but never seem to get around to it.

    “The Rush That Never Ended” – recommended, as is Blainey’s biography of Essingden Lewis “The Steel Master.”

  78. StrayanDrongo

    I’m thinking Suits, Designated Survivor (starring Jack Bauer from 24) and Wisdom of the Crowd (starting Ari Gold from entourage)

  79. Y

    +1 Line of Duty. First 3 seasons are dynamite.

  80. Cassie of Sydney

    Outlander…..I know! But I am a woman (a real one, not a surgically constructed one) and I am in lust with the character Jamie Fraser.

  81. Another vote for Rick and Morty.

  82. Tracey

    I’ll add another vote for Designated Survivor (on Netflix).

    BB, Better Call Saul streams on Stan.

  83. Pickles

    Black Kettle Full Moon is one of his most recent and is easy and enjoyable reading.
    Tom Coles’ Hell West and Crooked and following are also good yarns. I think he might have been assisted by his son in law Laurie Oakes (?)

  84. The Americans – USSR spies in the USA
    Zen – Italian detective series made in Scotland

  85. Speedbox

    Grace and Frankie – funny stuff about the consequences of two husbands who “come out” and decide to live together, leaving their wives. Mayhem with the (ex)wives, adult children etc. Easy to watch and very funny in parts.

    Seven Seconds – about a US cop who accidently kills a child and the subsequent cover-up. A bit slow in some parts but is otherwise enjoyable.

    The Good Place – funny and worth watching.

    Vikings – gritty and addictive. Some of the fight scenes are realistic so may not be 100% suitable for those who are a bit squeamish. To compensate, numerous lithe naked bodies.

    Outlander – Enjoyable. Based in Scotland in the mid 1700’s (with flashes to the mid 1900’s). What? Yeah, odd but surprisingly addictive. Some of the fight scenes are quite realistic in terms of injury/blood. Again, reasonable amount of nakedness to compensate.

    (Cassie – I am a man and enjoy Outlander. Perhaps unsurprisingly, not as much as my wife……..)

    All of the above are on Netflix.

  86. AC

    The Blacklist – the cabal in that series which controls world affairs is akin to the Deep State aparatus which is undermining Trump and promoting leftist one world government at every opportunity.

  87. Marcus

    The Blacklist – the cabal in that series which controls world affairs is akin to the Deep State aparatus which is undermining Trump and promoting leftist one world government at every opportunity.

    Along those lines, I’m kicking myself for not including Person of Interest on my list earlier.

    Since Sinc mentioned being at a dead end with regards to pleasure reading, I can’t recommend Dean Koontz’s latest series highly enough. The first two (The Silent Corner and The Whispering Room) have been released, and it’s a series of techno-thrillers about a brilliant FBI agent who’s forced to go on the run when she stumbles across a conspiracy among a shadowy, progressive elite to use nanotechnology to control the masses. And there’s a nice tie-in to this thread because apparently it’s being developed for TV, too!

    So watch out for that one in the next couple of years, fellow Cats, and in the meantime give the books a go. You won’t be sorry.

  88. Speedbox

    Along those lines, I’m kicking myself for not including Person of Interest on my list earlier.

    By the way, I presume you know that the premise of that series is absolutely accurate. In fact, reality goes further in that voice recording is now possible (and some say it is happening) along with facial recognition as you walk down streets in the major cities of the USA and in London.

    A few days ago I was reading that some authorities in the US are speculating about whether it would be “defendable” to somehow electronically capture those Google Home (and similar) devices and record conversations within a household.

    Ultimately, there will be no end to the intrusion into our lives. As I have said before – 75 years ago Hitler managed to round up 6 million Jews utilizing nothing more that paper records and the word of informers. Just imagine the damage he could have caused with todays high speed computers, facial recognition and stored data banks.

  89. Nato

    When I turn to the screen I like the escapist entertainment.

  90. hzhousewife

    Pick up a good book and start reading!

    I follow authors these days. Right now I am in a dry spot where I have read the latest book from each of the authors I follow.



    Read them all?

  91. Lady Nilk, Iron Bogan

    I agree with The Good Place. It is surprisingly fun and not really too SJWish. Longmire’s also worth a look.

    I started Designated Survivor until it got a bit preachy and puffed up after a few episodes.

    If you want something a bit different, Missy and I loved Gargantia. I like anime, and love my mechas, but this was quite a lot of fun. It also includes some unexpected commentary on totalitarian society. Well that was my reading of it.

    We saw the subtitled Netflix version. I don’t know if I’m game to try watching it dubbed.

  92. I wouldn’t have thought Designated Survivor would be popular among you lot. The premise is supposed to be that the president is an independent but he is mostly indistinguishable from a Democrat in practice. Plus he hasn’t even cheated with any hookers, which is de rigueur for Republican presidents now.

  93. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    Plus he hasn’t even cheated with any hookers, which is de rigueur for Republican presidents now.

    Just refresh my memory, please Monty? Which Democratic President was it who said “If I don’t get a different piece of ass each day, I just feel like crap for the rest of the day?” I would be obliged if you could furnish the exact quote, and I’m happy to be proved wrong.

  94. Infidel Tiger

    Neighbours Season 34: Toady, Mrs Mangle & Bouncer are in a committed relationship. Terrific writing.

  95. Amadeus

    Must be something wrong with me….it appears I’m the only one who liked “Ozark”.

  96. Wozzup

    If you have not watched it already, get the boxed set of the TV series, Madmen (OK it ended a couple of years ago) and rip them to digital storage such as a thumb drive for ease of carriage then watch till your eyes bleed. Non politically correct. Men who are men (they wear HATS) and women who are women. Addictive! What’s not to love?
    Oh and by the way, someone mentioned the Kevin Spacey version of House of Cards. I have an aversion to most US offerings which copy British originals putting their own slant on it. They are usually so tainted with American culture that it’s a bit like comparing a Mac and Cheese with British Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pud. Get the original British version – its a classic. Though the third season pales compared to the first two which require a bit less “willing suspension of disbelief”. Even so it is still well worth it.

  97. Cassie of Sydney

    Amadeus, you are not the only one who liked Ozark. I liked it too. Good drama, reminded me a little of Breaking Bad which was excellent.

  98. Arky

    I just watch The Sweeney over and over again.
    You’re nicked.

  99. Stimpson J. Cat

    Jordan Peterson’s How To Clean Your Room – Season 1

  100. mrwashout

    The League – bloody funny show set around a group of friends who do whatever it takes to win their own NFL fantasy football league each year

    Impractical Jokers

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