Monday Forum: April 9, 2018

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  1. H B Bear

    Van Wrongselen is becoming an easy target. Even the Bolt-heads are openly mocking him.

  2. nemkat

    It wasn’t Turnbull’s fault that Abbott was a dope, a dud, and not up to the job.
    Abbott had also managed to piss off most of the backbenchers, most of the fundraisers, most of the donors, and a fair bit of the Electorate.
    Read The Road To Ruin[Updated]. You might get a shock.

  3. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Malcolm Talkbull

    Simple, but very suitable, Tinta. 🙂

    He’s definitely in the wrong Party.
    Everything he says and does is Labor.
    He certainly talks bull for the Libs.
    Totally ego-driven and climate hoaxed.

  4. Mother Lode

    Anders Olsson, a literary historian who has been one of the 18 members since 2008, said: “I want to believe that the academy can survive this crisis.

    A expect prize winner can be a complete bounder and yet still be a gifted writer – they are different spheres and any connection between them a matter for speculation.

    Handing a gong to the flappy-eared narcissist totalitarian, Obama, is a far better demonstration of how unworthy the awards, and the awarders of the awards, are.

  5. thefrollickingmole

    From Bernardis email.

    70 animal rights activists enter Queensland piggery ‘illegally’

    The group entered the facility at about 4.30am this morning and one of them, posting live to Facebook, said pigs were people of another “non-human species” and “just like us” but were being kept in “horrific conditions” that were considered legal.

    But the protestor said, even grass-fed, free-range organic reared animals “all end up in slaughterhouses”.

    “These pigs in there have done nothing wrong,” he said.

    He said the protesters were trying to “inspire” people to “boycott animal products” that had resulted from “normalised violence”.

    “In 2018 we don’t need to consumer animal products anymore,” he said while saying alternative forms of food provided essential nutrients with equal health benefits.

    The protester also said they wanted media to enter the facility to show the animal welfare practices inside.

    “What do the farmers have to hide?” he said.

    “Animals are constantly screaming – this happens all over world – 8 billion sentient beings are murdered by human beings, every single day.”

    If it was my property Id open a few of the boar pens up and throw out a sow in heat in with them so they could really appreciate nature red in tooth and claw.

  6. Leigh Lowe

    Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)

    #2684048, posted on April 11, 2018 at 1:06 pm

    King’s sadness as sex scandal leaves Nobel academy ‘in ruins

    Anders Olsson, a literary historian who has been one of the 18 members since 2008, said: “I want to believe that the academy can survive this crisis. I never thought that we were actually in such a severe crisis but I have come to realise it is worse than one can imagine.”

    Too late mate.
    The academy was fucked back in 2008 when they awarded the Magic Negro a Nobel Prize for Potential Greatness.

  7. Dr BeauGan;
    There is much to support your position.

  8. Arky

    We have used one for a few years.
    When the scalding scandal broke they sent out a little safety sticker, which was precisely what the original instructions had said … don’t overfill it, don’t use a non standard vent cap in the lid etc.
    This led me to believe that the “victims” may have breached the usage instructions.
    The fine is a PR Damage Control Levy … no more, no less.

    By definition people cooking dinner are hungry.
    Hungry people don’t think well.
    Also, most are female.
    Therefore if you are designing a complex dinner cooking device the onus is on you to make it immune to irrational, hungry females.

  9. Up The Workers!

    Any idea who will be the victuallers of the A.L.P.’s Mogadishu-by-the-Yarra drug-house?

    Will it be Oily Al Grassby’s former Griffith suppliers? Could it be Richo’s old coke suppliers for his old Sydney Harbour floating brothel? Could it be from Mr. Pillberserk-Coutts-Trotter’s old employer, or could it be Wran in-house by the A.L.P. itself? Whoever it is, the A.L.P. always looks after its “little maaates”.

    Will the parents or family of any innocent person killed or injured by a druggie high on ice, heroin, crystal meth or whatever else supplied by the authorised A.L.P. drug-dealers, be able to sue the A.L.P. direct for full compensation in consequence of that damage? How about the toddlers who get needle-stick injuries from all the free A.L.P.-supplied druggies’ needles buried in sandpits and playgrounds?

    Just make sure that you don’t light up a cigarette anywhere near the A.L.P. druggie’s den though, or you could be severely prosecuted.

    Smoking nicotine is totally against Party dogma and is bad for the ‘wellness’.

  10. Rae

    Clarice Bernardi in The Silence of the Pigs.

  11. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Some possible variables: Thermomix users who …
    – own Audi Q5s
    – own a small fluffy white dog
    – play tennis with the girls on Wed morning
    – go to the snow in the winter school holidays
    – drink too much white wine while preparing dinner

    Count me out then. Only one out of five.
    Don’t even make first base; no Thermomix. I avoid all cookery and gadgets thereof.

    – I own an Audi Q5 – workhorse car around here.
    – Small black dog fought Attapuss and Attapuss won; exit dog.
    – I can’t play tennis (it wasn’t much of a thing in Mt. Druitt).
    – We holiday outside Australia.
    – I mostly drink red wine mostly and buy pre-prepared food.

    I have friends though who would get 100%.
    Although more have Range Rovers than Audis. 🙂

  12. egg_

    The move from the Peta Credlin Government to the Lucy Turnbull Government has been a downhill slide.

  13. egg_

    Tim Soutphommasane launches fresh assault on whites:

    Saw his pouty face on ABCTV Breakfast.

  14. candy

    Read The Road To Ruin[Updated]. You might get a shock.

    Since Ms Savva claimed TA had an affair with Peta Credlin, and obviously that is not the case, I would say that most of the book is dubious, nemkat.

    Indeed, she made money out of her lie that they had an affair, a rather nasty thing to do, wouldn’t you say?

  15. candy

    Who would be a member of staff of PMO and Cabinet but the indecency acts against minors be recorded in the Northern Territory?
    A staffer of the Indig. Affairs minister, I guess.

  16. Mitch M.

    From what Ive seen of the injuries reported its generally something getting stuck and people spilling crap on themselves while freeing it up.

    Shouldn’t there be a cut off point on such issues? So if 10,000 people use the item and only a few report problems then it is far more likely it is the person who is at fault than the product. Does anyone here know if that type of metric is used in these consumer cases?

  17. stackja

    Tintarella di Luna
    #2684044, posted on April 11, 2018 at 1:00 pm

    MT wanted PM on his CV. Then having got post, didn’t have a clue what do to. MT still lost. Won’t accept any advice.

  18. Atoms for Peace

    A bunch of vegan poseurs also did their little protect thing up our way a couple of months ago at a chiccken facility.. Blindish corner, 100 km/hr zone.
    What could go wrong ? Maybe they want to be road kill just like their furry widdle fwiends.

  19. The Barking Toad

    Frydenberg is about to give the National Press Club Address shortly on the ABC.
    His topic is Powering Forward.

    Watched some of it BoN (@12.21)

    He’s sipped the Kool Aid – still spruikes ruinables as being important and how the costs of them have fallen.

  20. johanna

    “These pigs in there have done nothing wrong,” he said.

    So, if they had done something wrong, like eating human remains, that would make a difference.

    The literary possibilities are endless.

    Lord Emsworth spent his days draped like a wet sock over the fence admiring The Empress, an obese pig

    However, Wodehouse creates a spineless character, except that he has an instinctive feel for the dollar – and that’s the most important thing.

  21. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)

    Fox UK London Headquarters Raided by European Union Commission Investigators
    The exact nature of the investigation is currently unknown, as is the reason behind the raid, which took place on Tuesday evening in the Hammersmith offices of 21st Century Fox the Telegraph reports.

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