On a positive note

This morning, Spartacus was a guest judge at one of his children’s (primary) school presentations.  The subject was broadly on government and one of the tasksthe children were required undertake was to a contrast 2 different forms of government.  Most of the groups chose to compare democracy to communism and variants of communism (dictatorship).

Notwithstanding the national curriculum and Spartacus Jr’s (primary) school being in the inner west of Sydney, the spiritual and demographic centre of the NSW Greens, the unanimous consensus of the children was that communism was bad and democracy was best.

It warmed the cockles of Spartacus’ heart to hear the youth speak such wisdom.  Perhaps there is some hope for the future, but then again Spartacus Jr goes to a private school and the leaders of the educational industrial complex would like to shut down private schools to ensure no leakage from the government indoctrination systems.

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  1. Singleton Engineer

    Perhaps the children have met the massively unlovable Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon who represents NSW or, rather, the hard left of the rump of the Socialist Party of NSW, dressed up as a Green.

    It was refreshing to note recently that the Rhiannon side of things lost a Supreme Court challenge that reversed the undemocratic disqualification by the ruling bunch of NSW Greens of a nominee candidate who was not to their liking. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2018/apr/04/greens-candidate-hails-grassroots-democracy-after-supreme-court-win-against-nsw-party.

    I may not vote straight down the Spartacus card, but it is probable that we both number all the squares, taking great care to ensure that our vote is fully extinguished before it adds to her tally at the 99th iteration of the distribution.

  2. H B Bear

    Primary school isn’t really the problem.

  3. Dr Fred Lenin

    Ah Spartacus these little gems haven’t grown older and more stupid yet,they see things in a practical way ,and would regard “social justice and cultimulturism “as Silly Stuff. Don’t despair. A few years of secondary education will cure them of their sensible attitudes ,then off to Uni to finish off the stupidising process . The u.n.communists never give up being stupid they want us all to be like cloned zombies .

  4. Muddy

    It is only a matter of time before the very young are given a ‘harmony monitor’ role and asked to out their non-forming family members.

    You may chuckle and roll your eyes at that now, but the modern iteration of the gulag will not take its original form.

  5. Muddy

    …non-CONforming that was meant to be.

  6. Jo Smyth

    It started in the Unis, spread to High Schools, is now is Middle Schools with the Safe Schools programmes. Next stop, Primary. Indoctrination will be completed by the next generation.

  7. Tim Neilson

    You may chuckle and roll your eyes at that now, but the modern iteration of the gulag will not take its original form.

    “Sadly” [h/t Dr Gillian Triggs] we’re still allowed to say what we like around our own kitchen tables.

    For the present, comrades…

  8. Reader Pete

    Just to emphasize my previous comment on 31 Mar on Spartagus’ report of 30 Mar:
    “Now as a follow up to this PC education (thru stealth). Recently the media reported that home education/schooling was on the increase because of ‘bullying’ in the schools. Reader Pete has friends who are home schooling the budding young adults but not because of the ‘bullying’ of the violent / psychological type from fellow students. No; but because the friends have had a gut full of the PC (read ‘leftoid’) garbage being forced on the young impressionable minds thru our education system. Which prompts the question; Are some of our less than intelligent educators actually engaging in a form of bullying, surreptitiously disguised as education.”
    One of Reader’s off spring (now 48) actually attended a private educational establishment for two years back during her “impressionable” years. The change of attitude and self awareness was noticeably improved despite the religious overtones.
    ” government indoctrination systems” is the underlying dictate of our educational system not only at primary level but all the way through to the highest levels, providing of course that this dictate is emphasized by socialist indoctrination.

  9. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    I wonder if they have yet discovered that socialism is just the same as communism, only slower?
    And that it sounds nicer till you think about what socialists stand for and actually do to snitch on you.
    And that socialists take away things that don’t belong to them to do things you wouldn’t like.
    And that socialists are on the rise in all of the western democracies.

    Children are trusting souls and we would not have them otherwise.
    I’d leave the big questions of politics till secondary school.
    And ensure that they also got to discuss the concept of social and economic freedom then.

  10. Titch

    Last weekend the Triggsy was at a border conference on refugees. So was Burnside. The debate about Australian’s being raaaacist was won by the affirmative side, after the weekend’s deliberation. When you have people of that calibre being permitted to sully the minds of senior high school students, no wonder we are headed where we are. It makes me sick to watch these bright young minds being snowed by the hand wringing mob, and they seem to have no real ability to challenge the notions, too brainwashed already. No wonder people despair for the future of Australia

  11. md

    Given their probable lineage and the social conditioning, brainwashing and peer pressure they will face from now on, it will be only a few short years before this story will read:

    the unanimous consensus of the children was that communism was bad and democracy was best, provided people voted correctly.

  12. Dan Dare

    Yes Lizzie, it’s so wrong that politics even gets a mention when they are so young.
    At secondary school it would be ok of it wasn’t for the indoctrination that now prevails
    by the generals of the march through the institutions.
    I assume I’m perhaps a product of the times but from my secondary school way back then
    I still clearly remember our teachers gave no hint of their bias if they had any.
    Funny that’s the memory that sticks.

  13. Nathan

    Democracy is a soft variant of communism. The real comparison should have been government vs. no government.

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