Troll gets owned

Here is a magnificent exchange on Twitter:

He had it coming – as Aaron Stonehouse explained to The West:

“I speak in the same manner that the people who voted for me tend to speak. That’s often plain, straight to the point, and, yes, it does involve calling out nonsense,” he said.

“If someone is going to call me a racist without any evidence and resort to attacks, then I’ll call them out for what they are: a deadset …wit.”

Read through Negus’ thread – it appears that online bullies don’t like being called out.

Update: Karma edition

This is just awesome – David Leyonhjelm has been known to tell people to “fuck off” on social media; the LDP even have a form for this.

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  1. Baldrick

    That’s a good put down of a Troll, but the Cat does it better to the resident Troll:

    Rae (aka Grigory M)
    #2681059, posted on April 7, 2018 at 7:26 pm
    I can recommend Veuve Tailhan Blanc de Blancs Brut at $68 per bottle.
    Infidel Tiger
    #2681086, posted on April 7, 2018 at 7:51 pm
    Oh really? Veuve Tailhan is supermarket wine that can widely be found for $13 a bottle.

  2. John Bayley

    I honestly cannot comprehend while anyone would waste any time on Twatter.
    The ‘proud progressive’ – aptly called ‘deadset fuckwit’ by the LDP MLC, is a classic example of the morons that inhabit that particular swamp. No idea about anything at all, but oh-so-full of it.
    If you think that there is any point arguing with people like that Sinclair, then I am afraid you are much more of an optimist than the available evidence would warrant.

  3. The more often conservatives say what they mean and mean what they say, and don’t back down or apologise when the perpetually offended complain, the easier it is to deal with the Left and the weaker they become.

    Never, ever, apologise.

  4. Dr Fred Lenin

    What is wrong with being a racist? The Chinese. Japanese African blacks. uS blacks and our semi indigenius red haired blue eyed “aboriginals “ , are all total racists , are the white people not allowed? Now that IS racism

  5. Docket62 (deplorable)

    Id vote for him on that basis alone.

  6. H B Bear

    Anyone who claims to be a much publicised letter written to the unread rag that is Teh Worst should be regarded as an object of pity. And then abused anyway.

    Not you Custard. Of course.

  7. gbees

    I read some of Anthony’s posts. Aaron was correct. Anthony is a deadset f#ckwit.

  8. Atoms for Peace

    I had no idea that there was something called The West. Had to look it up..

  9. Sydney Boy

    Most social media is a left-wing echo chamber populated by deadset fcukwits.

  10. yarpos

    Vote 1 Stonehouse, I would. Gold.

  11. TheSemiMentalBloke

    It could be he has a speech impediment and The West is actually all those other leftie rags nobody reads.

  12. Tom

    The thing about trolls is that all of them – every one of them – is a knowall with serious hang-ups about how little they know about anything and whose entire existence (usually due to dreadful mommy issues) is about correcting the hurtful misconception that they don’t know everything about everything. Because of their blind neuroses, they’re too stupid to see their inevitable beclownment coming.

    Right-wing trolls do exist, but the mental affliction is tailor-made for leftards because they have trouble distinguishing between dreams and reality as they try to imagine into existence the infantile fantasy of leftism.

  13. Ubique

    My dear departed dad always referred to The West as “a parochial rag, well suited to its role as a vehicle for Charlie Carters’ advertising.”

    Note to Eastern States’ Cats – Charlie Carters was a local discount supermarket chain.

  14. Cassie of Sydney

    Stonehouse gives me hope. So a leftist dick scum bag calls you a “white supremacist” and you are supposed to turn the other cheek. NO, NO, NO. You can turn the other cheek but you make sure when you do that you take their cheek too. The left delight in throwing the labels “racist, white supremacist, nazi, far right, alt-right” at anyone who disagrees with them. The only way this will stop is when the right stand tall, stop apologising and stop being nice. Being dignified doesn’t win wars.

  15. cynical1

    Always the self proclaimed “Progressives”.

  16. Up The Workers!

    Interesting that followers of the A.L.P. – the Party which brought in the “White Australia Policy” and former A.L.P. Federal Leader, Arthur Calwell’s famous “Two Wongs don’t make a White”, are always the first to use the word “racist” against their opponent when they are losing an argument.

    Their U.S.A. socialist colleagues in the Democratic Party, are the same crowd who fought against Abraham Lincoln – the first Republican President – to retain slavery and via Democrat, Nathan Bedford Forrest, were the founders of the Ku Klux Klan (well known for their similarly ‘progressive’ socialist attitude to other races). Abraham Lincoln was shot dead by John Wilkes Booth, a pro-slavery Democrat. Martin Luther King, a Republican, was shot dead by James Earl Ray, a Democrat.

    Their fraternal socialist colleagues in Germany were a peaceful little bunch led by a bloke with a funny toothbrush moustache and were known as the Nationalist Socialist German Workers Party (Nazi’s), who had similar forthright ‘progressive’ socialist views on race.

    Wherever you look around the world, there is much which binds “progressive” socialists together – and all of it is bad.

  17. BorisG

    I honestly cannot comprehend while anyone would waste any time on Twatter.

    I am told one guy got the most powerful job in the world using Twitter. and continues to run his country mainly using Twitter.

  18. Diesal

    If the form is true it needs to be everywhere. I love the final advice

  19. Reader Pete

    Well hell. Our self confessed christian f…wit has proved he is just that ; a f…wit. Fancy insulting someone publicly and then taking offence to an insulting reply and then to add to the inane nature of his “disgust” he wants an apology. Funny he does not offer an apology himself.
    Forget this fool and let him wallow in his own festering swamp.

    Don’t argue with idiots because they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience. —Greg King
    Never argue with a fool; onlookers may not be able to tell the difference. —Mark Twain ?
    (English) Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him. —Proverbs 26:4 (King James version)
    (Latin) Ne respondeas stulto iuxta stultitiam suam ne efficiaris ei similis

  20. duncanm

    I love David’s LDP form — the little footnote on Submission is icing on the cake.

  21. duncanm

    Pete – you’re an idiot. I suggest you read Rathdranalon’s summary on that twitter thread. It pretty neatly sums it up.

    ‏ @Daicheal
    15h15 hours ago

    I actually have a fair idea of what has transpired, he deleted your comments on his facebook page, you got pissed because you have a sense of self aggrandisement, you took it to twitter, you called him a white supremacist and he called you a fuckwit, did I miss anything out?

  22. duncanm

    my apologies Pete – I misunderstood your target was Mr Negus, not Mr Stonehouse

  23. Mother Lode

    I love how Negus declares that , as a Christian, he would accept an apology.

    I don’t remember anything in the Bible about that – although there is something about turning the other cheek.

    Besides, having already communicated his whinge to DL, he thinks is demanding Stonehouse humiliate himself at Negus’ feet. Even less Christian.

    And, seriously, running to someone’s boss to get them in trouble? Running up the distress flag. What a fucking loser.

  24. JohnA

    Reader Pete #2684616, posted on April 12, 2018, at 7:18 am

    Well hell. Our self confessed christian f…wit has proved he is just that ; a f…wit.

    Real Christians should be readily identifiable without them having to say so.

    Oh, and Pete, there are more modern English translations you could use apart from the King James Version
    although I appreciated your inclusiveness, even though I never learned Latin 🙂

  25. Cassie of Sydney

    Negus can dish it out but can’t take it. Sums up the modern “progressive” left.

  26. Pedro the Ignorant

    Surname of Negus?

    Obviously fuckwittery runs in the family bloodlines.

    I offer the ancient and venerable George as evidence.

  27. Up The Workers!

    To Pedro the Ignorant,

    Sorry to be pedantic, Pedro, but you spelt “venereal” wrongly in your last line.

    I totally agree with your point though, and wish a pox on both their houses!

  28. mizaris

    Anthony Shane Negus.

    UWA 1975-78/9

    Says it all really. Whitlam’s free tertiary lefty brainwashing.

    As I recall he was also one of a few who demonstrated on the median strip between UWA and St Thomas More College (where he was resident at the time) that WSC was all a”Packer Bull”.

    Loves fairness. So appropriate half of his Beverley property and give it to the middle eastern cultists who he welcomes. The hear about “FAIRNESS”.

    Total fvckwit when he was a teen and hasn’t matured much since then.

  29. Terry

    @ Dr Fred Lenin
    What is wrong with being a racist?

    It means you must join the Left and which self-respecting person with a 3 digit IQ wants that?

  30. Reader Pete

    DuncanM. Apology accepted but not really warranted. Like all good basically christian believers, I accept you views and your right to express them (even if you are wrong) which fortunately you corrected immediately. Having read my initial post I realize I should have been more precise about “this fool”.

  31. iain russell

    JohnA, in English the RSV/KJV, in German Luther’s translation. When only the best will do.

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