John Stuart Mill on free speech

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A MUST-READ FOR POTENTIAL SNOWFLAKES: All Minus One, a beautifully illustrated and smartly abridged version of John Stuart Mill’s arguments for free speech in “On Liberty,” is just out at Heterodox Academy, which hopes it will become required reading for students before they enter college. Here’s a conversation about Mill — and why he’s more relevant than ever — with Richard Reeves, the Mills biographer who edited this book together with Jonathan Haidt.

John Stuart Mill’s Ideas on Free Speech Illustrated

Heterodox Academy has produced a new book based on John Stuart Mill’s famous essay On Liberty to make it accessible for the 21st century. Here’s what makes our edition special:

1) It’s just the second chapter (out of 5), because that chapter gives the best arguments ever made for the importance of free speech and viewpoint diversity;

2) We have reduced that chapter by 50% to remove repetitions and historical references that would be obscure today, producing a very readable 7000 word essay;

3) Editors Richard Reeves (a biographer of Mill) and Jon Haidt (a social psychologist) have written a brief introduction to link Mill and his time to the issues of our time, and

4) Artist Dave Cicirelli has created 16 gorgeous original illustrations that amplify the power of Mill’s metaphors and arguments.

If you would like to order a copy you can find out where at the link.

And for what it’s worth, John Stuart Mill also wrote the best economics book ever published, and for which there is a modern version as well if these are the kinds of things that interest you.


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  1. Up The Workers!

    “John Stuart Mill, of his own free will,
    On half a pint of shandy was particularly ill”.

    Sorry, but I make it a strict habit never to get philosophy from a shandy-drinker.

    Mind you, if he has a decent bottle bottle of Single Malt, that’s another matter!

  2. Jonathan Haidt is doing some wonderful work for free speech and campus reform. He and a couple of others have over 100 professors (last I herd a few months ago so probably more now) signed onto an organization they’ve set up to advocate for free speech on campus.

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