I know just what he means

This is by Roger McGough where I found it reprinted in The Oxford Book of Comic Verse


I think about dying.
About disease, starvation,
violence, terrorism, war,
the end of the world.

It helps
keep my mind off things.

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13 Responses to I know just what he means

  1. Nerblnob

    Endless concern trolling is escapism, indeed.

    Cheap holidays in other people’s misery, to misappropriate Johnny Rotten.

    Clean up your own backyard, to quote Elvis.

  2. Leo G

    Mr. Grumpledump’s Song:-

    Everything’s wrong,
    Days are too long,
    Sunshine’s too hot,
    Wind is too strong.
    Clouds are too fluffy,
    Grass is too green,
    Ground is too dusty,
    Sheets are too clean.
    Stars are too twinkly,
    Moon is too high,
    Water’s too drippy,
    Sand is too dry.
    Rocks are too heavy,
    Feathers too light,
    Kids are too noisy,
    Shoes are too tight.
    Folks are too happy,
    Singin’ their songs.
    Why can’t they see it?
    Everything’s wrong!

    – Shel Silverstein (1974)

  3. RobK

    There’s money in misery and rubbish.

  4. Up The Workers!

    Whingeing Pom!

  5. calli

    Cheer up. In some places happiness can get you arrested.

  6. Percy Porcelain

    The Oxford Book of Comic Verse

    Magnificent. Immediately reminded me of these wacky japesters.

  7. Shy Ted

    A fellow I know from Point Piper
    A lawyer, a banker, a viper
    Got the top job in life
    Abetted by wife
    In my world he’d be an R Swiper.

  8. ACTOldFart

    Misery is a boom business. How would Clive Hamilton fill his days without something to whine about? SJWs make a living of imagining grievances where there are none. The Ayatollah Khomiene said that there is no room for mirth or laughter in religion. The Human Rights Commission wants to stamp out banter about different races happening around the kitchen table. Its a wonder we all stay anywhere near happy amid such dedicated professional gloom.

  9. Dr Fred Lenin

    So they still have people with a sense of humour at Oxford ,iit has been the formative base for English comedy for years ,many of the cleverest comics went there . We have universities that make us laugh too but we don’t laugh with them, we laugh at them ,Tossers !

  10. JohnA

    I put it down to the spread of Critical Theory – the institutionalisation of whining, complaining and tearing down (“deconstruction”).

  11. stackja

    Carson Robison
    His most famous recording was 1948’s “Life Gets Tee-Jus Don’t It”, a worldwide hit for MGM Records.

    The sun comes up and the sun goes down
    The hands on the clock keep a-goin’ ’round
    I just get up and it’s time to lay down
    Life gets tee-jus, don’t it, hmm

    My shoes untied but I don’t care
    I ain’t a-figurin’ on goin’ nowhere
    For I’d have to wash and comb my hair
    And that’s just wasted effort

    The water in the well just gettin’ lower and lower
    Can’t take a bath at six months more
    But I’ve heared it said and it’s true, I’m sure
    That to much bathin’ will, will weaken you

    I opened the door an’ the fly’s swarm in
    Closed the door and I’m sweatin’ again
    And in the pros… (a huchh) crack my shin
    Just one darn thing after another

    Old brown mule he must be sick
    I jambed him in the rump with a pin on a stick
    He humped his back but he wouldn’t kick
    Now there’s something cock-eyed somewhere

    A mouse a-chewin’ on the pantry door
    He’s been at it fer a month or more
    When he gets through he’d sure be sore
    ‘Cause there ain’t a darned thing in there

    Hound dog howlin’ so forlorn
    Laziest dog that was ever born
    He’s a-howlin’ ’cause he’s a-settin’ on a thorn
    An’ just to tired to move over

    The tin roof leaks and chimney leans
    An’ there’s a hole in the seat of my old blue jeans
    And I ett the last of the pork and beans
    Just can’t depend on nothin’

    Cow’s gone dry and the hens won’t lay
    Fish quit bittin’ and it’s Saturday
    Troubles are pilin’ up day by day
    And now I’m gettin’ dandruff

    Grief and misery, pains and woes
    Debts and taxes, yea, so it goes
    I think I’m gettin’ a cold in my nose
    Life get tee-just don’t it?…

  12. Wozzup

    The Leftist version might instead read:

    I think about global warming.
    About rising sea levels, about why capitalism is successful in reducing poverty and increasing freedom,
    while communism fails everywhere, everytime.
    The white male patriarchy, income inequality, the rights of pretend refugees to flood every western
    country at will,
    And my desire to bring about the end of the world as we know it. To be replaced by……….?

    It helps
    keep my mind off my own world weariness, meaninglessness and nihilism. “

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