Madness is the new normal


Does seem to show how relatively incompetent Trump’s recent predecessors were. But there is still this and more.

China military islands now control South China Sea…
Beijing final touches on battle plan to take back Taiwan?
Xi says internet control key to stability…

Not to mention this.

Moscow sends warship through English Channel…
ISIS Threatens CNN, Universal Studios…
LONDONISTAN: Leading Surgeon Predicts Summer of Carnage…
Al-Qaeda Using GOOGLE Maps to Plan Attacks…
Iran vows ‘expected and unexpected’ moves if U.S. exits nuclear deal
Yet what are the dominant issues for the loyal opposition and the media?

Problem solving as an aim now seems to be addressed towards solving the psychological problems of around half the population and not dealing with political issues. As found here, for example:

TO ALL HER OTHER CHARMS, SHE ADDS PARANOIA:  ‘They Were Never Going to Let Me Be President,’ Said the Woman Who Thought It Was Her Due.


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20 Responses to Madness is the new normal

  1. NB

    Jordan Peterson has pointed out that when dominant lobsters get belted up and thrown aside their brains melt down and then recompose. Hillary is in lobster mode.

  2. Dave of Reedy Creek, Qld

    What a mess! The British government are totally to blame, not just the mayor of Londonistan, what about Manchester and Birmingham. When will the idiots realise they have been colonised by the “religion of pieces”? Knives always being their first weapons of choice. To welcome ISIS into the country and ban a nun
    from visiting her seriously ill sister just about the degree of madness overtaking the west.
    On Hilary Clinton, many of us think she is mentally unhinged, but here in Australia, we seem to forget that our former PM Gillard was one of her handmaidens and that our foreign minister is another one, giving the totally corrupt Clinton Foundation huge donations of our taxpayers money. The west is rushing towards destruction at break neck speed.

  3. Up The Workers!

    Hillary needs to sit back, kick the shoes off, and relax with a big, fat, flavoured Polish cigar.

    It always did the trick for her hubby when he was feeling stressed!

  4. Bruce of Newcastle

    I was amused by this headline I saw just now:

    ‘He’d Be Earning the Nobel Peace Prize’: Rep. Zeldin Praises Trump for NoKo Progress

    No that isn’t the sound of WW3 starting. It’s only a million lefty heads exploding simultaneously.

  5. Iampeter

    Does seem to show how relatively incompetent Trump’s recent predecessors were. But there is still this and more.

    No it doesn’t.
    It just shows that North Korea knows a sucker when they see one.

  6. C.L.

    The disconnect you demonstrate between the real world and the leftist fantasy world of media melodrama, hate-mongering, lunacy, vendettas and tantrums is the best evidence that “the West” is now finished in history.

  7. Dr Fred Lenin

    That’s what we get for letting middle aged teenagers run things ,you know what teenagers are like self centred ,gullible, prone to believe bullshit, willfull, selfish, prone to do things without thinking of the consequences . Ring any bells in the current situation ?

  8. Empire 5:5

    Yet what are the dominant issues for the loyal opposition and the media?

    The MSM melodrama is best ignored from this point. Their days are numbered. We’re watching them play out their tragic end, exposing their own complicity in subverting democracy.

    Censorous social media is about to be whacked with class actions for breaching privacy and the threat of regulation for trashing the digital commons.

    Relax Steve. Trump ended the Korean War and is more popular than Obama.

  9. Robber Baron

    Madness or insane leadership drunk with power?

    In Australia. our “devout republican” PM has just voted to accept Prince Charles as the next head of the Commonwealth. Lol. Power v principles. That’s our Turnbull right there. Get rid of him now.

  10. H B Bear

    Waffleworth is clearly required to make a distinction between his personal views of the monarchy and his responsibilities as PM. Republicans who take up the office of GG or Governor such as Hayden and Bomber Beazley cannot use this defence. They are pure hypocrites.

  11. Tom

    With all their other popguns – Wussia, Stormy and Comey – exploding in the barrel, leftards are now cheering on Little Rocket Man to (try to) play Trump and give him a black eye. Hahaha. Trump and Pompeo are way ahead in that game.

    If only leftards had a skerrick of self-awareness they’d be able to observe how ridiculous their position is. In the business of winning elections, they don’t have a single thing to offer the American middle class. In fact, the only policy position they have enunciated this year, through the DACA fiasco in March, is that they want the middle class replaced — by welfare-dependent, DNC-voting illegals. It’s the only way they can guarantee a future DNC majority. And silly old millionaire Pelosi is still calling middle class tax cuts crumbs.

    Meanwhile, Trump’s presidency, at home and abroad, against a wall of wailing, sabotage and distraction by the establishment, led by its self-immolating lapdog media, has achieved more in 15 months than any other presidency has in eight years – mostly because Trump didn’t have any alternative. The economy was stuck in recession territory and America’s sovereignty was collapsing after Obama effectively abandoned border controls by encouraging sanctuary cities and states.

    Nevertheless, I think 2018, not 2016, will see the greatest change. But – like November 8, 2016 – you’ll probably know nothing about it until the night of November 6 this year as the MSM and all its sample-stacked polling will again be barracking for the DNC.

  12. mh

    No that isn’t the sound of WW3 starting. It’s only a million lefty heads exploding simultaneously.

    Iampeter’s head exploding is particularly enjoyable!

    More popcorn, please!

  13. Gary

    Iampeter’s previous “idea” was to violate the armistice and take out NK installations with surgical strikes provoking China to respond is more rational then Trumps. /sarc

  14. RobK

    Could China have sabotaged NKs nuclear programme to force his hand and pull his head in?(it would seem more likely than the US having done it directly).

  15. André M.

    Are the above headlines suggesting that Trump has done a backroom deal with Xi Jinping to let China recapture Taiwan as long as North Korea’s regime is defanged and changed?

  16. Paul

    They were never going to let me be president

    This is from someone who didn’t know the difference between classified and non classified emails.

  17. Anita

    I read the article printed in the last link provided by Mr Kates: ‘They Were Never Going to Let Me Be President,’ Said the Woman Who Thought It Was Her Due.

    I particularly agree with this statement made by the writer: “Her (Hillary’s) only qualifications for public office were her genitals”.

    How true.

  18. Iampeter

    Totally you guys are right.

    It’s peace in our times.

  19. Mark M

    Trump in Earth Day message notes need for ‘market-driven economy’ to protect environment and renewing his vow to undo “unnecessary and harmful regulations”

    Last June, Trump also announced that he would pull the U.S. out of the Paris climate accord, which sought to reduce carbon emissions and slow climate change.

    That agreement, Trump argued, put the U.S. at an economic disadvantage while allowing countries like China and India to continue their use of fossil fuels.

    In fact, the Paris accord allows each individual country to set its own goals for reducing carbon emissions and does not contain a formal mechanism for enforcing those commitments.

    Turnbull, shorten & co. sabotage Australia’s energy system willingly?

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