Friedman 2018

It is just one month away until the 6th ALS Friedman conference, and what will be the biggest and best pro-liberty event in Australia’s history and the highlight of the political year for those of us who believe in free markets, small government, individual freedom, and personal responsibility.

With the best line up of speakers even seen in one place in Australia, over 350 activists, and a program of unparalleled intellectual stimulation, debates and training opportunities, this is one conference anyone interested in politics and who cares about the future of Australia simply can not afford to miss!


Just some of the amazing speakers from overseas include:

*Dr Tom Palmer from the Atlas Network in Washington DC (USA)

*Jeffrey Tucker from the American Institute for Economic Research (USA)

*Ilya Shapiro and Jon Blanks from the Cato Institute (USA)

*John O’Connell, Chief Of Staff for the Brexit “Vote Leave” campaign (UK)

*Melica Kostic, European Students For Liberty (Serbia)

While some of the Australian Speakers include:

 *Professors Ian Plimer, Tony Makin, Sinclair Davidson, Gregory Melleuish Jason Potts

*Senators James Paterson, Amanda Stoker & David Leyonhjelm 

*Former Finance Minister The Hon Nick Minchin

*Climate Skeptic Blogger Jo Nova 

*Simon Brehney, Executive Director of Policy at the Institute of Public Affairs

*Tom Switzer, Director of the Centre for Independent Studies

*Warren Mundine AO

*Councillor Jacinta Price

But that’s not all. The conference will also include:

*A cocktail reception and launch of “Against Public Broadcasting: Why and how we should privatise the ABC” by Professor Sinclair Davidson & Dr Chris Berg co-hosted with our friends at the IPA

*A lavish 3 course Gala Dinner and 4 hour drinks package with live musical entertainment and the presentation of the Australian Liberty Awards followed by, as usual, an afterparty with generous bar tab

*A stimulating and fast paste “Geoffrey Robertson Style Hypothetical” exploring hosted by Anthony Morris QC (who may of you would know as the barrister for the persecuted #QUT3

*Training with some of Australia’s leading activists on how you can be the best possible advocate for change

*Debate, debates debates – you might not agree with everyone, but our speakers are guaranteed to be thought provoking and challenge all our preconceptions!

As well as the stimulating company that only true believers in liberty can provide!

This is a chance to catch up with old friends, meet new ones, and have a weekend of that is both fun and educational.

In the last two years close to fifty people missed out on the conference as we were sold out – so don’t make the same mistake this year, book now at before it is too late!

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12 Responses to Friedman 2018

  1. pbw

    A stimulating and fast paste…

    What’s in the paste? And what speech-to-text program are you using?

  2. Boris

    I will attend fast paste when it is held in Perth.

  3. If you have space left for someone to pontificate on the joys of climbing a red rock in the heart of the nation, I’m happy to do so!

  4. MichelLasouris

    Crickey! How I wish I could get there, but sadly it’s beyond my modest means. However, will there be a recording of proceedings ( or at least a synopsis) ? For a modest emolument, of course!

  5. MichelLasouris

    With complimentary hamper. perhaps?

  6. It is great to have this “brain power” concentrated and intensive in one place from time to time. Unfortunately, in Australia and on Australians it will a complete waste of time.

  7. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    So. It is in Sydney. Not Melbourne. I had to dig rather deep into the website to find that out.
    Now, how about the location itself? And the actual dates and times? I run a diary for self & Hairy Ape.

    Is this coyness deliberate, in order to avoid the fascist commo thugs who wish to beat people up at similar events?

  8. Elizabeth: The Conference is being held at the UTS Aerial Function Centre from the morning of the 25th of May through to the evening of the 27th.

  9. Entropy

    So. It is in Sydney. Not Melbourne. I had to dig rather deep into the website to find that out.

    If you are an academic, the location is not important consideration.

  10. win

    All the best for a great week end and congratualations for puting it to gether. Go Cats!

    with Clint 7234 for cutting all funding to the ABC and auction off the assetts.

  11. MichelLasouris

    We should not let ABC wither for lack of funds. The misguided, even evil, employees of the ABC well may go on to create something worse. No, a firm guiding hand is needed to p[rovide a better, more useful and acceptable Australian Ether Media.

  12. Rusty of QLD

    Tell the ABC they are to go self funding. Let the advertisers and their viewer decide if they want to support their ABC out of their own pockets, not the taxpayers.

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