Getting their priorities right

Which is the main story and which is the also ran?


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  1. RobK

    Playing 5D chess whilst juggling 8 skittles. To date his routine and method look sound. In amongst all the subversion, at least they’re likely hardened to it.

  2. Fleeced

    Never sure where Drudge stands on Trump… he used to be pro-Trump, and he’s still very anti-Left, but not quite the Trumper he used to be.

  3. pbw

    Meanwhile, the judge in the Manafort case wants to know what authority Mueller had for the investigation that led to charging Manafort.

    Hurry, hurry with the innuendo. Things are getting uncomfortable for Mueller.

    There’s a race on. Which will be destroyed first; the Republic or Mueller?

    How cool a character is Trump?

  4. Steve Kates: Hillary Clinton should be locked up over Uranium One despite zero evidence she was ever directly involved or a crime being committed at her level, why isn’t she in jail already?

    Also Steve Kates: the media should shut up about the president’s personal fixer operating a $4M slush fund to (amongst other things) pay off a porn star with whom he cheated on his third wife, using six-figure deposits from a Russian mobster plus big corps who want to curry favour with him in antitrust actions.

  5. Jo Smyth

    As you are dealing with the media, the most important story is the Cohen revelation because it will turn out to be fake. The fact it is in the Drudge Report is neither here nor there.

  6. Snoopy

    As you are dealing with the media, the most important story is the Cohen revelation because it will turn out to be fake. The fact it is in the Drudge Report is neither here nor there.

    The wheels are falling off already.

    a lawyer for Columbus Nova said in a statement the payments to the Trump lawyer were for business consulting work “regarding potential sources of capital and potential investments in real estate and other ventures.”

    “Reports today that Viktor Vekselberg used Columbus Nova as a conduit for payments to Michael Cohen are false. The claim that Viktor Vekselberg was involved or provided any funding for Columbus Nova’s engagement of Michael Coehn is patently untrue,” said Columbus Nova’s attorney, Richard Owens of the firm Latham & Watkins.

    “Neither Viktor Vekselberg nor anyone else other than Columbus Nova’s owners, were involved in the decision to hire Cohen or provided funding for his engagement.”

  7. Dr Fred Lenin

    Mueller is a typical leftist crook ,he has the raving support of the other decromat criminals and the media licks his boots ,(perhaps they are scared he compiled dossiers on them like Hoover the crossdresser used to do ) this gives him confidence in the ability he thinks he has and he goes over the top ,as arrogant socialists do repeatedly . One day he was bound to come unstuck as he was compelled to go through the courts , some judges like full disclosure so the accused has a chance to get a fair trial .The “Russians” stuffed him by hiring lawyers who want full disclosure to defend their clients ,he needs adjournments so his co conspirators an he can try to concoct something like evidence ,hoping the judges and lawyers won’t see through it ,got news for you mueller , these guys are much smarter than you and your fellow liars is A failed aparatchik doesn’t stand a chance with these guys ,if you co operate they might let you share a cell with Comey instead of a 7 foot black mass murderer ,do the right thing, you might save your ass

  8. The wheels are falling off already.

    Mmyes Snoopy, we should always take the word of a mob lawyer at face value.

  9. Bad Samaritan

    Fred (2.45pm). You are on fire! That seven foot black mass-murderer thingy had me searching for a protective butt-plug…..just in case, I tell’s ya……

    BTW; Has the ABC offerred you a spot on Planet America yet? If not; why not?

  10. C.L.

    As I’ve already posted, the same “oligarch” gave hundreds of thousands to the Clinton Foundation.
    Another nothing burger with the lot.
    The connection between Mueller and Schneiderman is far more damning.

  11. a happy little debunker

    The fact that this allegation is made by Stormy’s lawyer suggests more trouble for the Mueller camp.

    Who at the DOJ or the FBI has been talking out of turn, again?

  12. Zatara

    we should always take the word of a mob lawyer at face value.

    Unlike the word of a hooker’s attorney.

    Good as gold that is.

  13. Dr Fred Lenin

    This is becoming convoluted I mean if you can’t trust the word of a lawtradesperson, who can you trust ?

  14. Boambee John

    #2706854, posted on May 9, 2018 at 2:53 pm
    The wheels are falling off already.

    Mmyes Snoopy, we should always take the word of a mob lawyer at face value.

    Bit like taking the word of a pron star/prostitute’s lawyer at face value?

    Again m0nty, running dog lackey of the left fascist establishment steps up to the wicket.

  15. Fleeced

    It’s funny that Trump promised to trash this crappy deal in 2016, but now that he has delivered, critics are going berserk. Things I’ve heard:

    1. It’s the Joos! He’s doing what the Joos tell him!
    2. It’s the Russians! He’s Putin’s puppet.
    3. This is to distract from Stormy.
    4. This is to distract from Mueller.
    5. He just wants to undo Obama’s legacy.
    6. What an idiot! This is going to mess up NK…
    7. This is allowing Iran to make nukes.
    8. He just wants another war. Because he’s a warmonger.

    They’re the ones off the top of my head. None of them very convincing arguments. Indeed, none of them are actually arguments at all, which is how you can tell they’re full of shit. I mean, if they had an argument in there somewhere and just had this other stuff to embellish it a little, that’d be fine. Embellishment is normal… but they got nothing.

  16. Zatara

    Speaking of Russian mobsters named Veksleberg…..

    Emails show Clinton ties to Russian oligarch under investigation (Sept 12, 2016)

    Vekselberg’s Renova Group has donated between $50,000 and $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation, donor records show. Another firm associated with Vekselberg, OC Oerlikon, donated $25,000 to the Clinton Foundation.

    The Clinton’s relationship to Vekselberg continued throughout Hillary Clinton’s time at the State Department.

    But many of her past statements about the foundation and her ties to its donors have been thrown back into the spotlight amid new evidence from the FBI that Hillary Clinton’s staff destroyed evidence sought by investigators and subsequently misrepresented their efforts to turn over documents.

    Destroying evidence and lying to the FBI? Hillary? Say it ain’t so.

    I’m guessing the Dems aren’t too pleased that name has popped up again.

  17. calli

    9. This will ruin the world’s economy!

  18. Dr Fred Lenin

    Wonder if Trump could take over Brexit for a few months ? Bet the Eurocommos woh]uld hate losing the compliant polliemuppets who are supposed to be implementing it for the British majority.

  19. calli

    10. This has trashed US credibility!

    CNN is a gift that just keeps on giving.

  20. Fleeced

    It’s funny that those on the left who think Trump had nothing to do with Korea (despite SK giving him a fair bit of credit), are convinced he’s going to nuke the deal (so to speak) by getting tough on Iran.

    I admit, I have no idea what’s happening with Iran, nor what the best action to take is. I’m pretty sure the deal sucked, but wasn’t sure whether it was better to stick with what was there – the Supreme Leader will be dead soon enough, after all.

    I have some confidence, however, that Trump knows what he’s doing based efforts so far (assuming Kerry doesn’t fuck it up for him by “helping”). But the crying over Trump’s actions from the Left is crazy. As I said – take a gander at every argument they deliver – it’s all emotional BS.

  21. Fleeced

    9. This will ruin the world’s economy!
    10. This has trashed US credibility!

    Haha… yes, I’ve heard 10 a fair bit. Haven’t heard 9 so much, but I just checked CNN website, and there it is. LOL.

  22. Malcolm Thomas

    If Obama had done something similar, it’s all Kates and his ilk would talk about. Hypocrits.

  23. Dave of Reedy Creek, Qld

    Pretty sure the story is a load of rubbish, the ongoing story is that the lawyer is not paid by the prostitute (?) so who is paying him?
    Maybe he is just another Demo-rat that CNN uses as a talking head. Coming from the bottom of the barrel CNN should make everyone check before believing.

  24. Ros

    Wheels falling off, well Avenatti is certainly should be a worry for all those feting him as some sort of White Knight. Apart from the 2 previously completely unknown Michael Cohen’s who Avenatti included in his list of Cohen misdeeds, much to their chagrin, and cost, there is the matter of his own crooked dealings which seem like they might make Cohen, if he is a crook, look like an amateur. The following lawyer, Nold, is determined to have him disbarred and it doesn’t seem as if he is an orphan amongst lawyers in feeling that way about Avenatti. When Avenatti put his law firm into bankruptcy (some odd manoeuvres by some very obscure players made it so) he transferred $100,000 from the firm Global Baristas to retain a Florida law firm to handle the bankruptcy, which court records show. Lawyer Nold had a word with the Florida attorneys and they accepted his argument that the transfer was fraudulent and returned the check.

    Then Nold went after him tracking down Global Barista’s bank accounts to garnish for debts owed to Bellevue Square.
    “Several lawyers for clients with judgments against Global Baristas said they don’t expect to collect a dime. But Nold has been relentless, collecting more than $1 million against Avenatti.
    “We would garnish Key Bank, then he would move the money to a different bank, then to another,” Nold said. “But it didn’t matter, we were finding it. He finally got tired, and just paid us.””

    He claims he no longer owns Global Baristas, the paperwork and his practices say otherwise. Washington Post took his word for it that he had sold out.

    And he too has some interesting tax bills it seems.
    “As of last week, more than $1 million of court-filed warrants for unpaid state taxes remained unresolved. The IRS also filed liens in July and August against Global Baristas and Avenatti for more than $5 million in unpaid taxes dating back to 2015. No releases have since been filed showing that debt was paid.”

    Then there is Nold’s complaint to the California Bar including amongst his many reasons for the disbarring of Avenatti a practice of pump and dump, which made him millions depriving state and federal gifts of millions in taxes, and along the way keeping the tax taken from employees. As an aside the Washington Post saw his pump and dump as just making a profit on selling, and it was just that he exited at the right time. Another great investigative moment for the Post.

  25. Ros

    And for those who have forgotten, our Leader too has had dealings with Novartis, sort of.

    Novartis is in partnership with prima biomed which Lucy Turnbull chairs. Plus Novartis has given reasonably large sums by Australian standards to both our left and right 2 major political parties. About equal.

    In fact it gets worse, last year’s budget,
    “Novartis has welcomed the recent announcement of the Turnbull Government on medicines in Australia.
    The Government said it will have a budget commitment to use the $1.8bn savings provided by the innovative medicines industry to fund new medicines on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) over the coming years……
    Novartis is a significant contributor to the Australian economy, employing nearly 800 highly skilled associates and investing significantly in clinical trials. As a member of the Australian community we recognise the need to find solutions for the fiscal challenges facing the country. Minister Hunt has a good understanding of our industry and acknowledges the value we bring to the economy and, most importantly, Australian patients. The Minister demonstrated this throughout the discussions in order to reach this landmark agreement,” said Brian Gladsden, country president of Novartis Australia and New Zealand.”

    That must mean something conspiratorial.

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