Bring on a Federal ICAG

No you are not misreading.  No it is not sarcasm.  No it is not a typo.

Spartacus would like to see a Federal ICAG – Independent Commission Against Government.  The benefit of such an agency is that it would not only increase the freedom of citizens but it would also reduce the corruption in government.

Warren Buffet is known to have said:

With few exceptions, when a manager with a reputation for brilliance tackles a business with a reputation for poor fundamental economics, it is the reputation of the business that remains intact.

Well.  For those out there that believe that what is required to eliminate corruption from government is to have the wisest, the worldliest and most honest in office, sorry, but you are categorically wrong.  The only one certain and proven way to reduce corruption from government is to actually reduce government.  No ifs, not buts, no coconuts.

And again for those who support the superhero theory of corruption reduction, a theory that has no basis in evidence, consider the words of Lord Acton:

power tends to corrupt absolute power corrupts absolutely.

This saying is often actually misunderstood.  It is often interpreted that those around power are corrupted by it.  In fact Acton was actually saying that is it the power, once gifted, corrupts those that possess it.

No matter how wise, worldly or honest is a politician, once in power and surround by people who will do or say anything to influence power, the temptation for corruption will always be there.  The only solution, the only solution is to remove the temptation to exercise corrupt power by reducing the size and scope of government.

A Federal Independent Commission Against Government – BRING IT ON!

Not interested in a 23.9% tax to GDP ratio.  Would like to see a 19% government expenditure to GDP ratio.

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15 Responses to Bring on a Federal ICAG

  1. Gary

    A Federal Independent Commission Against Government – BRING IT ON!

    Who pays for it?

  2. RobK

    I think this concept needs a bit more thought put into it.
    Making more government to make less government is akin to trying to lobbing for private property rights groups to get equal funding to eco groups. On one hand it makes sense but on the other there is an internal contradiction. Best to scrap funding for all lobby groups.

  3. Peter Sandery

    I agree with RobK’s comments. The introduction of an ICAC in NSW has seemed to conflate the various arms of government and given both judicial and investigative power to a pack of public servants who seem to be continually at odds with the Rule of Law. would anyone wish this on us all with a Federal ICAC?

  4. Neville

    Tax to GDP ratio: currently too high, yes. Way too high. But so’s 19%.
    Plenty of historical evidence that 15% is a practical maximum, and that 10% is probably best – certainly a govt should operate in the 10-15% range, at most. Otherwise the govt is taking too much from the economy for optimum benefit to citizens.
    At present, govt is taking too much out of the real economy, and as said so eloquently by one Kerry, “you’re not spending it so well that we should give you more”.

  5. who seem to be continually at odds with the Rule of Law

    A FICAG does not need to be within government, staffed by bureaucrats or expensive. Would be self funding.

    Start with implementation of Shepherd Commission of Audit recommendations. Continue with the establishment of a House of Repeal. Round out with a constitutional balanced budget amendment with a matching 18% federal government (or less) proportion of GDP amendment.

  6. RobK

    I love the concept, i love Neville’s numbers too but I cant see how we get from where we are to anywhere near that result. If the feds would just stick to core business we’d be most of the way there.

  7. Fred

    I look forward to an Independent Commission Against Corruption.

    We need to know why it is that complaints to the Human Rights Commission by white Australians (i.e. David Leyonhelm) are not pursued with the same vigour as complaints by non-whites?

    And how is it that complaints made against mates of the Race Discrimination Commissioner (i.e. Yassmin Abdel-Magied) are quickly dismissed?

    An ICAC hearing would be most enlightening.

  8. Gary

    Budget caps don’t work. Bureaucracies push back by cutting hospital beds and making lines longer for services to provoke a public backlash. While leaving the administration (busy workers) untouched.

  9. Leo G

    Round out with a constitutional balanced budget amendment with a matching 18% federal government (or less) proportion of GDP amendment.

    How about a non-government tax limit of 23.9% of non-government share of GDP along with that 18% limit on the government (LOG) share of GDP?

  10. Terry

    Yet another government bureaucracy to oversee the gaggle of out-of-control bureaucracies?

    Is that like we need more tax and spend to “fix” the underperforming economy?

    Or perhaps more regulation to “fix” the myriad of problems principally created by too much and poorly targeted regulation?

    The answer is not to employ a policeman (themselves open to potential corruption) to police the AHRC (and a thousand bodies like them).

    The answer is to have no AHRC in the first place. Simpler, cheaper and more effective.

    But this needs a fundamental shift in the core philosophy of what our governments are meant to do (and what they are not meant to do).

    Until that epiphany occurs within the wider electorate we will continue to descend into the nanny-state we’ve become.

  11. Dr Fred Lenin

    You can start tis up if you abolish HRC ,race discrimination gang. Feminine power thingy, all indigenius gangs ,all gerbil wormingg cliques and government salary review pushes ,that will pay for the new bureaucrats in your mob .

  12. stackja

    James Madison Quotes. If men were angels, no government would be necessary.

    Federalist No. 51 addresses means by which appropriate checks and balances can be created in government and also advocates a separation of powers within the national government.

  13. Glen Turner

    Nope. Like there is any trust in self regulation or businesses in general. I am sure Labor will introduce a proper Federal ICAC when they are elected and can’t for the two young assistants to the Banking Royal Commissioner to have a real, red hot go with that as a reward for exposing the criminality by the banks.

  14. Percy Porcelain

    Independent Commission Against Government

    Its Mission Statement:

    Shut it down.
    Fire them all.
    Mound of skulls.
    Salt the Earth.

  15. Paridell

    Acton was actually speaking in the context of the recently proclaimed doctrine of papal infallibility, which he opposed. He also used punctuation.

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