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6 Responses to Getcha Friedman tickets

  1. max

    Milton Friedman always wanted to make the welfare state slightly less perverse.

    He wanted to make education slightly less statist.

    Friedman spent his whole career devising schemes to make the fascist state slightly more efficient.
    He was the great promoter of the earned income tax credit. It was just another form of welfare.
    We should never try to make the welfare state slightly more efficient. Our goal should be to let the monstrosity die in full public view, and stink up the environment.
    We don’t need to make Medicare more efficient. We need to let it go bankrupt in full public view. We should tell people why it is going bankrupt. We should show people why it cannot be reformed. We should tell them not to become dependent on it. Above all, we should not try to fix it. Anything that could be done to fix it is simply a way to extend the life of the fascist state.
    We have had too much of Friedman’s approach. The only time that politicians ever adopted what he recommended was to make the system worse.
    Floating exchange rates made the system worse. The abolition of the gold standard made the system worse.
    Every time that Friedman recommended a way to make the fascist state less of an oppressive burden, he betrayed liberty. He spent his whole life doing this. He wanted to make the income tax less burdensome, so he provided justification for income tax withholding. As a result, the public wound up paying four times as much to the government as it did before withholding began.
    The way to fight the fascist state is to show that it is inherently morally corrupt, and that any attempt to make it slightly less corrupt is simply putting the monstrosity on life support. Let it go belly-up as soon as possible.

  2. max

    Milton Friedman was known as a libertarian. But in three major areas, he refused to defend free market principles: central banking, tax-funded education, and the legalization of drugs. His compromises on monetary policy and education (vouchers) are well known in Austrian economics circles. His stand on drugs is not. He waffled. He deceived. He compromised.

  3. max

    For all of Friedman’s genius, it was not sufficient to protect him against the ideas of Irving Fisher. They both lacked faith in the free market as a means of providing a reliable monetary system. To defend their positions, both of them relied on formulas, statistical constructs, and government-supplied statistics. This faith bankrupted Fisher. In the case of Friedman, it led to the hijacking of his helicopter metaphor, which was used to justify the unprecedented expansion of the monetary base by the Federal Reserve in 2008 and thereafter.

  4. Percy Porcelain

    I’m going to the opening night shindig, Perfesser Davidson – where I’ll be hoping to have a full and frank exchange of views with you about this utterly absurd notion of “privatizing” the ALPBC.

  5. Percy Porcelain

    Above all, we should not try to fix it.

    Medicare can’t be fixed, just like the ALPBC can’t be fixed – both should be obliterated.

  6. Helen

    the promo code is


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