Hard Choices – Trump vs Putin

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55 Responses to Hard Choices – Trump vs Putin

  1. zyconoclast

    At least Putin will never be accused of pussy grabbing…

  2. the not very bright Marcus

    No comment is necessary…

  3. the not very bright Marcus

    There is free market VS. Socialism in 2 pics..

  4. Entropy

    No wonder Putin wanted help from Trump.

  5. Dr Faustus

    The one hanging on Putin’s right arm is bit of a minx…

  6. areff

    Who knew Putin attends meetings of the ALP women’s caucus?

  7. MsDolittle

    Hats full of spiders, bashed in beer cans. Not a smile.

  8. duncanm

    I think the ranger in Putin’s shot is a zombie

  9. 132andBush

    LHS of Putins shot, that’s Monty.

  10. RobK

    Which one is Putin’s Mum?

  11. Elle

    I enjoy Daisy Cousens’ style – conservative journalist, and, IMO, a sensual provocateur. My kinda gal. She wrote her first piece for Penthouse recently.
    She speaks the truth.
    I was once a sceptic re Trump; however Trump has my high heel pointed in his direction.

  12. JC

    Putin looks miserable in that pic.

  13. RobK

    Now i know where the styling inspiration for the Belarus tractors came from.

  14. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    Now i know where the styling inspiration for the Belarus tractors came from.

    Now I know why Russian spies were always suckers for a “honey trap.”

  15. JC

    Now i know where the styling inspiration for the Belarus tractors came from.

    I think in the 70’s, Playboy did a what they thought a Russian Playboy would look like and the pinup was a tractor. Hence, where Fran Tractor Kelly derived from. Fran looks like the front end of a Massey Ferguson.

  16. Infidel Tiger

    The girls on top will look like the girls on the bottom one day.

    Life is hard.

  17. RobK

    A quick google finds Putin’s height:
    “Vladimir Putin, 170, 5’7, Russia.”
    Some of the Russians must be nearly about 4 x 2 x 2.

  18. RobK

    Putin looks miserable in that pic.
    I think those women have got him held tight .

  19. Dr Fred Lenin

    Areff is spot on looks like the dragons of the left seminar , can’t get a man so turn political ,still I know who would win a fight between these two gangs ,my money is on the tractors,not much good for pretty but very good for strong .

  20. Perth Trader

    I feel sorry for Putin and jealous of Trump…but that’s just me.

  21. Perth Trader

    Where is Trumps other hand?……

  22. Up The Workers!

    Its the same with Leftards worldwide – that’s why they despise both beauty contests and I.Q. tests on the Left.

    I’ve seen a better-looking collection of heads (and torsos, for that matter) hanging on hooks in butcher-shop windows – and that’s even before you get to the Left’s precious protectorate of the Q.W.E.R.T.Y.L.G.B.T.Q.I.S.S.M.A.L.P.A.C.T.U. brigade.

    Given egregiously unphotogenic sort of people they attract, if there is one thing they desperately need on the Left (apart from intelligence, competence, numeracy, logic and honesty) it is a sense of humour – but they utterly lack that, as well.

    Putin and the Leftards have been comprehensively Trumped – once again!

    Trump’s women are Lamborghinis; Putin’s are Trabants.

  23. Anonandon

    Seeing a group of beautiful young women makes me believe in the almighty. Never mind anything else. They just look incredible. God bless them.

  24. Some History

    That bottom pic…. they’re the contestants for Miss Russia [evening-wear round]?

  25. Mr Johnson

    Major difference:
    * The beautiful, privileged women with Trump probably spend their day complaining how hard their life is in America and despise the President today.
    * The babushkas with Putin are probably dirt poor, love Mother Russia, and would engage in a handbag fight in support of Putin in a blink.

  26. Sydney Boy

    Yeah, but who would win in a fist fight?

    I’ve got $20 on Putin.

  27. Tel

    Show ponies vs draft horses.

  28. Up The Workers!

    Good to see those frumpy Leftard Russkies are all in shape.

    Round is a shape!

  29. lotocoti

    There isn’t a lot I wouldn’t do for a fresh Piroshki.

  30. Chris

    I think we can all enjoy the joking contrast, but if you put the Russian Federation’s selected beautiful young women instead of the frightbats you would certainly have a worthwhile cage match.

  31. H B Bear

    All the hot Russian chicks are in Dubai hooking or floating around the Med on oligarchs’ yachts. These are the babushka’s John West rejects.

  32. Chris M

    I’m thinking the Russian ladies boots are better looking.

  33. PB

    Putin surrounded by real people. Yeah, I see it. Is there a punchline you were driving at here?

  34. Exit Stage Right

    I thought that the Ruskies had problems feeding the population. This sample seems to show that these women have been in a very good paddock. A very portly lot. Trumps troupe by comparison look as if they are well and truly underfed. To be fair, I think the comparison is a bit unfair age-wise, unless the Wussian ladies are still only in their twenties!

  35. Shy Ted

    2nd row, just to our right of Putin, red hair, head tilt, crazy eyes – if that isn’t the Russian version of Stormy Daniels I don’t know what is. That’s the look you get only when you promise to ring her the morning after but you don’t. Bet Vlad paid her 130,000 roubles 10 years ago. Currency converter says that’s US$2091.11. Bargain!

  36. Shy Ted

    In the bottom pic which one is Ivana Boinknoneofyou?
    Think I’ll move to Delaware.

  37. Confused Old Misfit

    The two photos demonstrate the virtue of a high protein diet as opposed to a high starch diet.

  38. cuckoo

    Someone I know said, after travelling in Russia in the 70s, “There are two types of Russian woman – the ballerinas and the opera singers”. Pretty much goes for Eastern European women generally.

    The top photo reminds me of a Peter Arno cartoon. Which has more than a grain of truth in it. Just like when Bob Hope was doing shows for the troops in Vietnam. He’d bring on some swimsuited buttermilk beauty queen and tell the troops “I want to show you boys what you’re fighting for”. (Nowadays it would be an obese disabled tranny in a burka.)

  39. That’s Putin with the grandmothers of all his children. The mothers (and the kids) all live in apartments in various parts of Moscow and Leningrad.

  40. Craig

    Hot bitches in Putin’s crowd..

  41. Speedbox

    Yeah, but I know which ones would win in a fight.

  42. Marcus

    So when Putin boasts about the beauty of Russia’s prostitutes … those aren’t them, right?

  43. calli

    Vlad looks as anxious as poor Reuben.

    For pretty much the same reason.

  44. KaaBee

    IMHO the photo selection says more about the sense of humour of the man selecting the shots than either Trump or Putin. I’m still laughing.

  45. Dr Fred Lenin

    I have worked it out, the young women with Trump are the Grand daughters of the women with Putin ,the youngsters went to the USA to make a quid to send home to Babushka . Problem Solved .

  46. Forest Stylist

    Moscow Writer’s Festival versus Mills and Boon audition

  47. Egor

    Here’s a tip: Downer is getting lots of mentions re deep staters planting “evidence” for the FBI to use as plausible reason to investigate and tap Trump. Alex in front of a US Federal Court better not mess it up…..

  48. Do you buy the worst house on the best street, or the best house on the worst street?

    Anyone can surround themselves with idiots in order to make them appear intelligent.

  49. GD

    Caption: Putin Meets with members of Emily’s List.

  50. Mitchell Porter

    I don’t quite know what to make of this post or the comments beneath it. Did I miss some current event or issue which requires us to make a choice between Trump and Putin? Are the remnants of the Russophile right rising again? What would it even mean for an Australian to “choose Putin”?

  51. The Fifth Bike Rider of the Apocalypse

    It looks like Mr Putin has surrounded himself with the lumpenproletariat aka the Lumpies.

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