A Royal Wedding

I cannot understand the obsession / fascination and media coverage of this Royal wedding. The ABC – it’s budget apparently cut to the bone – has sent Annabel Crabb and Jeremy Fernandez to London – to join existing ABC reporters based in the UK (Steve Cannane, James Glenday and Lisa Millar). So five journalists from the ABC to cover this Royal wedding. In response to questions about such a large contingent, the ABC said (through its media contact Sally Jackson)

The royal wedding is of national and international significance, and as the national broadcaster the ABC is uniquely positioned to provide quality, distinctive coverage that localises the event for all Australians. ABC audiences expect more than simply a live feed and news reports of such a major event. Co-hosts Annabel Crabb and Jeremy Fernandez will enrich our coverage by providing in-depth and insightful commentary that informs, engages and entertains our audiences. All travel and accommodation falls within ABC guidelines.

Strange, given the ABC’s preference for a Republic.

I can imagine why the marriage of the heir apparent would be a matter of heightened interest. Thus the marriage of Elizabeth to Phillip; of Charles to Dianna and of William to Kate.

But can anyone remember such a fuss for a marriage of someone 6th in line to the throne? The marriages of Anne, Andrew and Edward (Elizabeth II’s other children) were notable for their dysfunction and short duration rather than being major events.

The enthusiasm for a Royal wedding by those who claim to be Republicans shows that there is unlikely to be a Republic in Australia anytime soon. If a Referendum was held in the USA they would probably ditch Donald Trump as head of State and install Elizabeth II.

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  1. stackja

    How are republicans explaining the wedding?

  2. Egor

    Did Oprah book the circus act “clergyman”?
    They go together like bacon and eggs.

    The wedding did prove that George’s wife is Druz, otherwise she’d be in deep doo doo if she was of her mother’s Sunni bent, in a Christian church surrounded by prayers etc….. a dangerous situation.

  3. is this any worse than any other ABC program?

    No!! just more of my tax dollars being splashed up against the wall like on all those has-been or never were so called ‘comedians’, doing the same old 5 minutes schtick over and over for decades, as long as they manage to get in at least one not-so-sly dig at some conservative pollie in each episode. Take for example the latest bizarre iteration of Pall McDermititis’ long career at auntie via Thank Tink. Surely proof, if any more was needed, that auntie has more of my money than they know what to with. This self-absorbed ‘talent’ evidently still convinced of his comic genius, ponces around like some cross between Groucho Marx & Graham Kennedy on a stage designed to enable him to be the centre of the thing. Standing there interminably, apparently taking as much time as he desires, to come up with what he evidently thinks are ad-lib gems of comic creative genius. At least that his what his sycophantic Tinkers are evidently obliged to convey, going into convulsive fits of mirth over what can only be described as the mindless babbling of someone in serious cognitive decline. He nevertheless retains his schtick to stand and portray the unctuous appearance of someone thinking they have just pulled off another classic zinger Bob Hope could only have dreamed of, without the script writers, particularly if it’s at the expense of some right wing icon (insert relevant name e.g. Thatcher/Howard/Abbot/Trump et al). Of course he is not alone in the ability to ooze smug self-satisfaction about nothing very much at all. The list of ABC ‘talent’ that have mastered this incredible art seems endless, think any of the Media Watch presenters, Wil Anderson, Jones, Cassidy, O’Brien, Pickering, micallef, Ballard, Sammy J.

  4. Rae

    This is the first black mark ( pun indended) against Ms Marple

    Yes. And then there’s Big Daddys girlfriend, Angela Lansbury. But she was probably up-ended more often than “indended”.

  5. Rae

    Just had a glance at the OOS.

    The Ululation by max, et al is not listed. Someone should give them Curry about that.

  6. egg_

    Curry’s stealing of the show likely embarrassed Harry in front of his Grandmother, the reigning Monarch, and also the bride herself on her big day.
    Harry had his head down and Markle, the actress, smiled politely.

  7. MichelLasouris

    Egg…… Heads WILL roll for this one. As someone pointed out, just down the road from the Church is the ‘hill’ where Henry Eight chop chopped Anne Boleyn. A salutary lesson to all who monkey ( pun intended) with HRH and her entourage

  8. Mon

    No money ABC and you have Crabb complaining about the view from her room. There is a thing called upgrade at your own expense.

  9. overburdened

    Because of the historical nature of some white boy marrying some American I paused my embargo on reading threads here, opting instead to post the odd bon mot then clicking out.
    All I can say is same old same old.
    You lot are bloody sad from the outside looking in.
    I’m sure you all believe you are very special and your opinion matters a fuck, so good on ya.
    I now leave permanently with the advice, get a bloody life you miserable mob of wannabe somethings.

  10. stackja

    Meghan Markle wears the pants, not Prince Harry, a body language expert reveals
    Lexie Cartwright, News Corp Australia Network
    41 minutes ago
    Subscriber only
    SHE may have worn a stunning white dress to marry her British prince but a body language has revealed Meghan Markle also wore the pants during Saturday’s lavish ceremony at St George’s Chapel in Windsor.

    And Dr Louise Mahler, an Australian body language and voice expert, doesn’t expert the Duchess of Sussex to stop calling the shots any time soon with Prince Harry happy to play the bodyguard while Ms Markle runs the show.

  11. Roger

    You lot are bloody sad from the outside looking in.

    This thread is a bit sad, to be sure.

    The odds are stacked against them, but we should be hoping “Ginger Megs” (HT OT) will pull it off.

  12. egg_

    #2715652, posted on May 20, 2018 at 6:38 pm

    Don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out, moaner; all you do is try mow down your peers here.

  13. Roger

    No money ABC and you have Crabb complaining about the view from her room.

    Really? And they say there’s no more fat to trim. I think not.

  14. egg_

    Crabb complaining about the view from her room.

    Suck it up, Princess.

  15. Roger

    I’ve written to Fifield, offering, as a loyal ABC viewer of 50+ years, to reluctantly but loyally serve on the razor gang.

    No response.

  16. egg_

    #2715192, posted on May 20, 2018 at 3:19 am
    Just catching up reading about the Royal Wedding on the Cat.

    You bastards. Funniest thing I’ve read in years. It hurts to laugh.

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