Government regulation in less than a thousand words

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  1. billie

    Just a little tweak to keep everything in check, can’t have self regulating thingos you see, what if something goes wrong?

  2. Egor

    Proper Socialism can never function because it has no price discovery mechanism that isn’t false.
    Only a market can discover a valid price.
    Easy peecy, socialism destroyed.

  3. Garry

    Oh well! At least he’ll get a state funded disability pension! Oh wait. Weren’t we relying on his contribution to the tax system to fund his pension? Guess we can just borrow some money from someone else to pay him until we work out what to do next? Just thinking – there must be people out there with money and assets they don’t really deserve that we can use? Remember what Lennon (might have been Ringo?) said. Was it ” from each according to their ability and to each according to the it need” or was it ” from each according to their ability and to each according to their contribution”? Geez it’s hard being a proper lefty these days. I apologise to anyone who may take offence at my cultural appropriation by mentioning Lennon (and Ringo) and then there’s the bit about the disability pension that could upset all sorts of people who don’t share in the equality they so desperately crave and deserve. And of course some of any of these groups who might be transsexual or homosexual or peadophilic or beastilies or dwarfs or ………………. I give up, might be easier just being a conservative.

  4. the not very bright Marcus

    Was just chatting to an old mate tonight …. as an old stoner(both of us) I commented that a lack of govt control has led to the price of grass to remain the same for the last 30 years….. 250 an OZ … has been same for past 30 years …. imagine when govt gets hold of it …

  5. John Constantine

    319 buck fine for no helmet?.

    Plus, obsolete and deplorable depictions on shared media of criminals mocking the State by not wearing bike helmets are as bad as the crime itself.

    Once social media credits are linked to the cashless society ‘tap and go’ ration card, you will be free to spend your ration credits buying food, or using them to mock the State on the internet.


  6. Peter Campion

    Can anyone give us an educated guess on how high a stack of paper it would be if all our regulations were printed out?

    When I worked at the DSS in the 1980s the Act and regs made a stack about 120cm high, so federal, state and local regs for all Australia in 2018 would be, what, 14,000 metres? Anyone?

  7. Peter, these things are normally calculated in terms of footy fields, teams, London buses, distance to the moon, or round the equator.

  8. I prefer to use the world’s current longest oil well, for Exxon in Sakhalin, about 14km. Wait till I tell them that’s almost as long as a stack of Australian regulations.

    They’ll be astounded

  9. the not very bright Marcus

    Nerblenob…. how many Sydney harbours is that ?

  10. Dr Fred Lenin

    We should pity the SJWv crew ,it’s not easy being PC , continually , there is so much you can and can’t do so many people you cannot offend so many people , to sympathise So many people to obey ,so many people to hate , it’s a mass of complications . Best job is a semi indigenius red haired blue eyed welfare recipient , drunken, drug taking ex jailbbird ,with fifty previous convictions, who converted to Islam while serving ten years for the manslaughter of your common law partner ,they don’t give a stuff about nothin .

  11. Rebel with cause

    It seems like an era of real economic growth won’t occur again in my lifetime. Civilisation has reverted to the mean.

  12. OneWorldGovernment

    Rebel with cause
    #2715777, posted on May 20, 2018 at 9:56 pm

    It seems like an era of real economic growth won’t occur again in my lifetime. Civilisation has reverted to the mean.

    More like the lowest common denominator.

  13. None

    No civilisation has reverted to the mean because of Fire

    Anybody get here in a car today, an automobile? Nod your heads if you did; I know there were some carriages. For those of us who came in cars, fire made that possible. I know that the Bible says—and I believe that Jesus walked on water. But I have to tell you I didn’t walk across the Atlantic Ocean to get here. Controlled fire in that plane got me here. Fire makes it possible for us to text and tweet and e-mail and Instagram and Facebook, and otherwise socially be dysfunctional with each other.

    From the carzy black guy whom Markle picked because he was black. He may have been the first black Bishop in the episcopal church he certainly wasn’t the first black Bishop in America of any denomination and The Church of England second most senior archbishop was -Setenyahu iof York etc. I still can’t get over just how utterly awful and boorish that was – both to pick that guy for that reason and then to have that guy trash a wedding like that. But then the episcopal church the presiding Bishops like him did Sue their own congregations to confiscate their property so why would we expect any manners from that lot of pigs.

  14. None

    When I worked at the DSS in the 1980s the Act and regs made a stack about 120cm high, so federal, state and local regs for all Australia in 2018 would be, what, 14,000 metres? Anyone?

    14000m is just the 1980 Act and regs with subsequent amendments I’d say.

  15. None

    If we sacked 50% of the public service- federal state and local – no one would notice a difference. I’m absolutely convinced of that but I can easily be disproved if you sacked 50%. I dare you.

  16. Jonesy

    If I could have the ability in state government here in the glorious workers republic of Danvicistan, I would sack every local government and appoint administrators with the sole remit of decimating the quasi-bureaucracies within. Return the councils to their core business, roads, rates and rubbish!

    This PC BS must stop! Auditing school libraries for offending books refering to boys and girls…Really?

  17. EvilElvis

    Shouldn’t there be another slide after that where old mate gets ‘fixed’ by public servants and plebs running out of the bushes and kicking him in the guts?

  18. John Bayley

    319 buck fine for no helmet?

    Let us remember here that the massive increase in fines for no bike helmet was introduced by the Stupid F*cking Liberal™ party of NSW.

  19. John Bayley

    Speaking of just how over regulated we’ve become, I may have mentioned here previously that last year I was fined $127 for not having a bell on my bicycle.
    According to the policeman who pulled me over and booked me, a bell is an essential piece of equipment that can ‘save my life’.
    Presumably, when I ride at my usual fast walking speed on side roads of our regional town, ringing the bell will mean a passing interstate truck driver will hear me coming and therefore will give me lots of space he would not otherwise.
    Being a 50-something, self-employed white male, I guess I deserved it.
    Comrades, eh.

  20. Garry

    Ride around in a Burga Without either a bell or a helmet John. No cop will be game to stop you

  21. Entropy

    I was watching that RBat cop show the other night. It as incredible the type that regularly driv about without licences or rego. The other amazing thing is how these people are usually known to the cops”yeah, pulled him over last week” said with great nonchalance.

    Also, the entitlement of immigrants of a certain religion that the cops dare question why the whole car doesn’t have a seatbelt on, the car isn’t registered, the driver doesn’t have a licence, the father can’t dictate which hospital the daughter goes to after an accident (not all the same incident in that list).

  22. Bob in Castlemaine

    See, I told you a privatised electricity market would fail to deliver!

  23. Iampeter

    But Steve, you were arguing against this in your previous post where you seemed to be suggesting that the government has business regulating tech companies.

    You can’t keep having it both ways.

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