A good day for Wind and other

Checking the AEMO Data Dashboard recently, it looks like a good day for renewables unreliables, the sun is shining in Sydney and the wind is blowing most places, not so much in Qld.

Wind and Other were producing a very healthy 2.5 MW, impressive compared with some times last week when the number was below 1MW and often below 0.5.

The demand across the East, including South Australia was an even more healthy 23.3MW.

Wind and other were delivering 10.6% of demand.

So we need ten times as much Wind and other. Can someone cost that compared with the cost of power from old or even from new hydrocarbon facilities?

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  1. EvilElvis

    10.6% of demand when everything’s going right. Fuck the costings, rain, hail, shine or still the fossil fuel powered generators keep turning. And when extreme weather events happen it is your only source of power as renewables are found wanting.

  2. Shouldn’t that be GigaWatts?

    But worry not, as soon as the last coal fired power station shuts down, there’ll be a rush to build those 10x more ruinable energy sources. Cost? Irrelevant!

  3. Up The Workers!

    Do you think the turbines might generate a bigger share of our total energy requirement, if we built them inside our various State and Federal Parliament House Bloviating Chambers, rather than outside them?

  4. Rafe Champion

    Thanks bemused, probably correct:)

  5. egg_

    A good day for Wind and other

    Akin to a slow News day?

  6. Rollyone

    Australia that once rode on the sheep’s back and then transformed into a nation supplying resources in particular Coal to the worlds energy hungry industries is again to be transformed again into what? Wind and solar farms. We don’t sell wind turbines we don’t sell solar panels but the Chinese and others do and require our coal to do it, but wait coal is evil so it must go, so now once that happens we become a Nation that imports just about everything that is manufactured. If the States, in particular VIC and SA, wish to sap energy from QLD Generators when the wind doesn’t blow or the sun don’t shine then let them prove to Australia they can do it! Give them 18-24 months in which to build all the renewable they want, then switch off the extension cord. If this turns out over 18-24 months to be a success I’ll admit I was wrong, if it doesn’t, well that is up to the voters to decide. Australia like any business needs cash flow and our manufacturing, resources as with Coal provide that flow. Its about time we started building for the future and start with Nuclear generation.

  7. chrisl

    Visiting the Galápagos Islands right now . Wanting to be 100% green energy they built wind turbines . Unfortunately had to remove them all as they were killing too many birds

  8. Ben

    There are several resources available to monitor the power system.

    The wind turbine lovers regularly speak up when the wind is favourable, but when the output of wind turbines is low, they disappear quickly, or revert to, “oh but batteries…”

    Last week the SA wind turbines were mostly motionless…


  9. Dr Fred Lenin

    The carpetbaggers renewables are performing well,the profits are flowing ,the subsidies are rolling in ,the coal fired stations are covering our ass when we are not working ,which is most of the time ,this must be one of the best money-making scams ever ,we love it ! Thank Gaia for the left wing numbnuts who enable this wonderfull money-making scheme,we will reward them generously .

  10. RobK

    10% on a good day but no allowance for “firming” or buffering (short-time fluctuations in minutes), or load shifting (long-time fluctuation in hours), or bulk storage (in days and weeks) needed for higher rates of penetration when there is not sufficient fossil fuel backup any longer.
    Costing would be difficult because it has to rely on a lot of assumptions not in common use.
    Generally speaking its low penetration where the cost is low. It ramps up as provision is made for distribution, firming, buffering then if technology permits, load shifting and bulk storage (of which hydro and pumped hydro are presently the only contenders if you have favourable sites to spare).
    Of course coal and nukes have their fuel already conveniently stored ready to go.

  11. No worries. Big Battery will save us!

  12. JohnA

    Meanwhile in another news.com.au feed:

    Malcolm Turnbull has taken a veiled swipe at Tony Abbott on energy, declaring it is time to ‘get out of the realm of politics and ideology’

    Excuse me, Mr Prime Minister, I recommend that you
    a) look into a mirror and
    b) listen to what you say
    before mouthing off at someone who is trying to save your miserable hide. If I were John Wayne, you would be knocked out already.

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