A picture paints a thousand words

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  1. Bruce of Newcastle

    Maybe we should build coal fired power stations to use some of our own coal before China burns it all.

  2. Neville

    A thousand words it is … mainly questions.
    Is this internal prices for Australia, or export? If internal, who’s buying it? .. surely not all those well-subsidised ‘unreliable’ suppliers .. no, of course not. And there’s not too many actual baseload, continuous, reliable, consistent, inexpensive power generators left, is there?
    Must be those pesky international customers, then; y’know, the ones that have not (yet?) been seduced/forced to comply with an imbecilic ideologically-driven fantasy of running a 21st-century civilisation on fairies’ sunbeams and unicorns’ farts.

  3. egg_

    Isn’t Adani pushing ahead on the back of the good News?
    /Pony Girl

  4. That’s a graph showing Australia helping third-world countries achieve the same standard of living that Australia enjoys. Oh wait! That’s a graph showing Australia helping third-world countries achieve the same standard of living that Australia used to enjoy.

  5. Rafe Champion

    George Soros might have been onto something when he was buying into coal before the Presidential election.

  6. H B Bear

    Not bad for a dying commodity.

    The fact that coal exports now outrank iron ore as Australia’s most valuable export makes a complete mockery of the entire CAGW scam. And yet Lord Waffleworth, Fraudenberg and the rest of them continue on as if nothing has changed.

  7. Roger

    That’s a graph showing Australia helping third-world countries achieve the same standard of living that Australia used to enjoy.

    The average villager in the Punjab will soon enjoy a more reliable and vastly cheaper electricity supply than the average Australian suburbanite, thanks to the coal our politicians have prematurely deemed redundant.

    We are governed by idiots.

  8. Slim Cognito

    Another reason why those people who encouraged others to “divest” out of coal investment are idiots. Same goes for those who listened to them.

  9. Another reason this pointless coalition government and it’s turncoat leader should be shoved out at the next election. Unless we get rid of this rabble Turnbull and the rest of his lefty mates in the liberal party will destroy this country completely. Yes I know Labor are worst but a single term, or at worst two terms of Shorten should see the electorate fed up with a labor government sufficiently to allow a reinvigorated and newly right wing coalition to be re-elected! Either way – the Libs as they currently are and will continue to be if re- elected and labor are pretty much two sides of the same coin and this decline will continue untill the liberal party is forced back to its conservative roots!

  10. H B Bear

    Garry – you have remarkable faith in the non-parliamentary Lieboral party. You could count on one hand the number of current MPs who might form part of “a reinvigorated and newly right wing coalition” and with Photios and mates filling the Lieborals with dripping wet homos, doctors’ wives and the like at every opportunity nothing will change any time soon.

    Potentially Waffleworth’s greatest achievement will be to split the Lieborals once and for all and allow a genuine Conservative party to emerge from the wreckage.

  11. struth

    We are governed by idiots.

    Idiots or Traitors?

  12. Genghis

    I keep repeating, look up the Ontario Canada Provincial election results for early June 2018 and see what happens when the general public wake up to the scam of pricing carbon dioxide. Justin Trudeau should be quaking in his slippers.

  13. Fat Tony

    #2755388, posted on July 5, 2018 at 11:09 am
    We are governed by idiots.

    Idiots or Traitors?


  14. Genghis

    In reply can you not think of what the Labor Party did to Australia last time!

  15. Linden

    An often recurring comment from many these days, don’t we know it.

  16. Dr Fred Lenin

    What is needed is a new movement of the people ,not associated in any way with the elites or any politician of any party ,a movement that will abolish career politics and all donations (bribes ) to political parties or politicians ,limited tenure one term in a lifetime ,no pensions for politicians and rule by referendum of all taxpayers and retired taxpayers ,the only one to clean up the mess the lawtrade has made of politics . Also yearly performance based contracts for all judges and public servants none of this ninety year old prats still bleeding the taxpayer.

  17. duncanm

    You might want to mention to the next greenie decrying coal that their prius is most likely made from steel produced with Hunter coking coal.

  18. RobK

    Both Judith’s and Duncan’s graphs are hardly indicative of the claim “coal is dead”. CAGW proponents are good on misinformation.

  19. JohnL

    We are governed by idiots.

    Becausewe are idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. RobK

    And we could be burning more of our lower spec coal, more or less on site, for next to nothing. Let’s turn our back on our comparitive advantage! All together, now!

  21. Hugh

    I’m lazy.
    Can someone report where our coal is going to and the price of electricity it’s delivering there.

    Then on a dirty great big board: Australia’s current (avge) price per kw hour, vs the price of that country per kw hour with AUSTRALIAN coal?

  22. Percy Popinjay

    Idiots or Traitors?

    Both and few other choice appellations to boot. “Recently executed by an enraged populace” hopefully soon being one.

  23. Cactus

    That is the export price for high grade coal ex Newcastle Port. A lot of it is driven by supply factors in China where production is being limited in order to put their coal industry on a sustainable financial footing. Demand is solid and growing elsewhere in Asia, but dont forget the supply side. Its a good thing for Australia, coal miners, employees and the government through royalties.

    One other key thing to note is that most of the east coast has coal under it and if it cant make it to a port without infrastructure – it isn’t nearly as valuable. So be careful anyone saying that the spot price of this Newcastly coal price would render coal fired power uneconomic in Australia. Its possible to start a new coal mine that feeds a mine mouth power station with a much lower cost and price than what this chart might imply. One possible reason for AGL wanting to close Liddell is to sell the coal to foreigners at a higher price….

  24. Rayvic

    Josh Frydenberg is conspicuous by his silence on the question of why the thermal coal price has recovered remarkably.

    Or is he a masochist who delights in promoting the phasing out of all coal-fired power, thus making Australia a laughing stock of the realist world?

  25. We are governed by idiots.

    We are governed by millionaire businessmen and lawyers and by those who couldn’t get a job elsewhere.

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