Actually only 68%

Although perhaps not the mayor of London. As noted about the pic:

Pretty much every American news outlet is gleeful about the “giant Trump baby balloon,” as it is conventionally described, that supposedly is dominating the London landscape while Trump is in England. London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan, gave activists permission to fly the blimp (as it is also referred to), which apparently was needed because it is so “giant.”

Via SDA for the poll and Powerline for the picture and the accompanying text.

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  1. It’s only the Left and the MSM that insist everyone hates Trump. That bubble they live in is utterly opaque.

  2. It would appear that Sweden has fallen to the enemy.
    The United Kingdom is not far behind, unless that 68% as well as the majority that voted for Brexit get off their whatsits and dispense with the elitists and the globalists of the British Deep State.

  3. kc

    How delightfully ironic, expecting that his world view is shared by “everyone”. Also take away the reporters and fake news hounds from the “crowd” demonstrating and it is a pretty piss poor turnout. Just love this winning and winning and winning =)

  4. Dr Fred Lenin

    Bet there has never been a politician who has polled 68 per cent of the people of another country. The communist dictators of course usually poll 106.564 of the popular vote in their “elections”.
    A question ,who the hell “elected” that islamofascist prat khan as successor to the great Dick Whittington,whose charity is still dispensing mone in London hundreds of years after his death?

  5. Some History

    They were predicting a few thousand odd people for the protest. There are a few thousand and, yep, they are odd.

  6. candy

    D. Trump has a great sense of humour and is very entertaining, and he has a beautiful elegant wife.
    What’s not to like?

  7. The London mayor is all about free speech on the one hand (from the Left), but condemns free speech on the other (from conservatives). It all depends on whose free speech he is defending.

  8. RobK

    If Trump wanted to fly a blimp in London, especially one made in his own image he wouldn’t have been able to. (admittedly it would, no doubt, have been more spectacular). Tens of thousands of pounds of promotion; all that space in those peoples heads totally rent free. Script writters would struggle to be so consistently entertaining.

  9. Tim Neilson

    The blimp doesn’t actually look that large. And it’s a balloon FFS.
    They needed permission to fly it?
    There’s a large part of the problem right there.

  10. The blimp doesn’t actually look that large. And it’s a balloon FFS.

    They would have been better of hiring a bouncing castle, at least it would have been a lot bigger and the ‘children’ protesting would have been right at home.

  11. Frank

    Wonder what happened to the Sadiq Khan blimp? Hopefully it still goes ahead. Trump probably threw in a lazy few thousand into the funding himself just for the shit stir.

  12. Zatara

    They needed permission to fly it?

    I suspect not actually, but saying so or even going through the motions helped get it publicized.

  13. MPH

    Did anyone watch the video of Sadiq Khan and Piers Morgan, where Sadiq said you could pretty much do anything in London so long as it was peaceful and it was safe? Notice the sleight of hand in shifting responsibility for safety and peacefulness from government/police to public speakers? Shameful… Once upon a time government would protect your rights, not expect you to conform.

  14. jupes

    The blimp doesn’t actually look that large. And it’s a balloon FFS.

    Which I think is Steve’s point.

    The haters paid 30k Pounds for that balloon. Whoever made it was “having a lend” as they say in Pommyland.

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Trump was involved in its manufacture.

  15. mh

    Maybe the protestors are angry that Trump has prevented North Korea starting a nuclear war.

    Or that Trump doesn’t want America to be the world’s policeman.

    We can only guess.

  16. mh

    Sarah Sanders
    [email protected] sits in Winston Churchill’s chair as a guest of Prime Minister May at Chequers.

  17. jupes

    [email protected] sits in Winston Churchill’s chair as a guest of Prime Minister May at Chequers.

    That is gold. My two favourite politicians of all time.

    Trump looks proud as punch.

  18. mh

    Piers Morgan
    BREAKING NEWS: I just finished a 30-minute interview with President Donald Trump aboard Air Force One.
    It’s his only UK TV interview & will air on ⁦ITV exclusively on ITV.

  19. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    The balloon is a big failure. It says nothing except Trump Derangement Syndrome. Seems that’s all they’ve got. The usual suspects, the rent-a-crowd, and not all of them can bother to turn up They are looking and sounding more and more pathetic.

  20. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    That is gold. My two favourite politicians of all time.

    I may have the genealogy wrong, but it was Winston Churchill, who dined with the Queen, for the last time, before his death, and proposed the toast “May I propose a toast to You Majesty – the same toast that I drank to your great great grandmother, as a cavalry officer, in India, many years ago.”

  21. mh

    Donald J. Trump

    I have arrived in Scotland and will be at Trump Turnberry for two days of meetings, calls and hopefully, some golf – my primary form of exercise! The weather is beautiful, and this place is incredible! Tomorrow I go to Helsinki for a Monday meeting with Vladimir Putin.
    7:43 PM – Jul 14, 2018

  22. mh

    ‘Beheaded Trump’ effigy flown at London march

    What appears to be an effigy of Donald Trump beheaded was seemingly allowed to be flown around in London yesterday in the latest sign of how extreme, and potentially dangerous, some of the nutcases who oppose the US President clearly are.

    In scenes that would never have been allowed had it been directed at previous President Barack Obama, a man was captured by Vervima News yesterday seemingly flying around what looks like is meant to be the head of Trump, with blood dangling from his neck.

  23. rickw

    “giant Trump baby balloon,”

    Extreme Lame.

  24. NuThink

    I am surprised that permission was granted to fly the blimp because if it was helium filled as reported and got away, it could end up in the flight path of Heathrow. So how could the Mayor have given permission? Surely it would have to be the civil aviation authorities, and I doubt they would give permission. Perhaps Khan believes himself to be an old king whose word was law.

  25. Oh come on

    Thousands more people gathered for a much larger protest in Edinburgh, where a 20ft Trump baby blimp that appeared the previous day in London was flown again.

    Oops they did it again? How embarrassing.

  26. BorisG

    And where is the actual link to these 68%?

  27. BorisG

    Looks pretty suspicious for a country that nearly got commie Corbyn elected.

  28. Mark A

    #2763511, posted on July 15, 2018 at 2:39 am

    And where is the actual link to these 68%?

    I suppose it’s at those links provided, but I’m not on twitter so I can’t see it, not permitted, they want me to join twitter or somet.

  29. Mark A

    #2763512, posted on July 15, 2018 at 2:41 am

    Looks pretty suspicious for a country that nearly got commie Corbyn elected.

    Not everyone thinks like you Boris. There are a lot of things that make a man likeable, although you’d never vote for him.

    You on the other hand let your politics come before everything.

  30. Mark A

    PS. I liked Hawke but never voted for him, detested Whitlam but gave him a chance.
    He let me down like Abbott, but in a different way.

  31. BorisG

    Mark, there is a link to a bbc internet page in the image provided but the link is dead. SDA has link to the twitter page but it is not accessible. I searched for this using some key words from the so called Pöll but found nothing. Many other sites cite this twitter page, so we come full circle.

    Most likely fake news. Not really surprising for Kates.

  32. BorisG

    Not everyone thinks like you Boris. There are a lot of things that make a man likeable, although you’d never vote for him.

    It is possible but unlikely.

  33. BorisG

    You on the other hand let your politics come before everything.

    Don’t think so. I actually agree with quite a bit of trump’s politics but do not like the man.

    And I opposed nearly all of Obama’s policies but thought he was a smart fellow.

    The best is when the two things coincide such as with Raegan.

  34. BorisG

    The best thing is to see the link and see for ourselves who did the poll, who was polled, etc. absent that, I am skeptical.

  35. Mark A

    #2763519, posted on July 15, 2018 at 3:04 am

    Not everyone thinks like you Boris. There are a lot of things that make a man likeable, although you’d never vote for him.

    It is possible but unlikely.

    You are saying that you don’t have a single friend with an opposing political view?
    You are missing out on a few good drinking, hunting, fishing or sporting buddies.

  36. Mark A

    Life doesn’t revolve around politics alone, as a matter of fact, unless you are obsessed, it should be a very small part of it.

  37. Zatara

    The poll originator, “Steve #StopBrexit #PeoplesVote etc.”, killed the poll when he didn’t like the way the results were going and then made his Twitter account private when the comments were trending %100 in support of Trump.

    The comments were hilarious before that though. He tried to piss on his own poll claiming that the yanks had come in and poisoned it or that the russian bots had.

  38. md

    #2763524, posted on July 15, 2018 at 3:22 am
    The poll originator, “Steve #StopBrexit #PeoplesVote etc.”, killed the poll when he didn’t like the way the results were going and then made his Twitter account private when the comments were trending %100 in support of Trump.

    It is extraordinary how closed-minded the Left are. They have pre-conceived ideas about all issues, they take no interest in the political discourse, and, more often than not, they wallow in the mire of their self-perceived victimhood.
    I have a couple of leftist acquaintances whom I try to have political discussions with, but it is a waste of time. They are not widely read and simply refuse to read anything I suggest to them. They know only the narrative that is fed to them. When I tried to raise the John Podesta emails with them they didn’t even know who John Podesta was!!!! Ignorant, closed-minded and uninformed – astounding! I asked them to name some actual things (other than hopey, changey) that Obama had achieved. They couldn’t name ONE, and yet one of the dopes had a wall poster of Obama with a giant-sized ‘HOPE’ label beneath it. What extraordinarily pathetic people they are. They don’t realise it but all they are looking for is the comfort of someone telling them that they will ‘make things better’. What pathetic, empty, ignorant, uninformed, self-pitying malcontents they are.

  39. iain russell

    Where is the Sadiq with Goat balloon?

  40. Bad Samaritan

    BorisG….to get some inkiling of what a marginal, unrepresentative bunch of swill those idiot marchers are/were, consider the following….

    Maybe 30,000 turned up to denounce Trump as a nationalist bigot with white supremacist racist views. Meanwhile 30 MILLION pommies tuned in to scream their support for THEIR national team in the WC Semi-Final. Tonight 50 million froggies will be all agog if France can pull it off, or else 5 million Croatians if the dream comes true.

    A puny 30,000 are out denouncing love of country, while endorsing hatred of their nation vs 30 million who actually prefer their home country to all the shyteholes the 30,000 idolize? Even if you do not agree with him, this at least demonstrates that most civilized people prefer, and identify with,
    their corners of the earth to the unbordered stateless, globalist hell-holes of the left; just like Trump.

    Care to disagree?

  41. Mater

    Given that the balloon is neither here nor there to him, Trump should have publicly contributed (dollar for dollar) to the ‘Trump Baby’ gofundme page.
    That would have been trolling genius.

  42. Cynic of Ayr

    FFS these people are – as noted so often – idiots.
    “Ten Thousand people rally!” scream the organisers.
    Errr… not really.
    Demographics vary, but greater London has a population of eight million or thereabouts.
    So, “Millions don’t come to our rally! Bastards!” should have been the scream.
    Is it just me, or are all interviewers so dumb that they never ask the question, of these rabid protestor leaders, “How many people did not come?”
    Second question. What happened top the rest of the 60,000 pounds raised for the balloon, after expenses of 100 pounds?

  43. Cynic of Ayr

    Mark A
    “I suppose it’s at those links provided, but I’m not on twitter so I can’t see it, not permitted, they want me to join twitter or somet.”
    I’m with you, friend.
    “Please join twitter, so we can watch you.”

  44. Dr Fred Lenin

    Old Ozzie what a brilliant poster in support of Trump ,what sensible taxpaying American is going to vote for a party that stoops to this lowest of the low level counter productive to anyone with a brain. As for the UK communist. Islamofascist protesters ,so few in a city the size of London is indicative of the public support they have ,hopefully three corbynite communists will employ the US poster people to run thehreds co]ampaign in the UK . The UK wankers are actually helping Trump ,showing the type of fascist filth he is fighting against,also some Americans will say “to hell with the limey communists we will vote for a Real American” . It’s refeshing to see a Real President after the muslim half black creature of the aparat before him who was dumb without a TelePrompter and a born English speaker to write his bullshit .

  45. Up The Workers!

    Regarding the inability of lefties to believe that anybody could possibly support Trump, there are still pathologically fact-phobic Lefties who scratch their heads and wonder aloud how on earth Malcolm Fraser won the 1975 election with the then biggest majority of all time, against Goof Witless.

    They are still so convinced that everybody in Australia supported their Goof, that (with a straight face) they claim it must have been the C.I.A. who rigged the ballot.

    To Bad Samaritan at 10.02 am, the current pommy population figure is around 65 million, of whom it looks like almost 300 turned up at the “mass protest” (counting ‘fings’ was never the strong point of lefties – that’s why the A.L.P. always got “The Goose” to expertly do the rocket-science intellectual stuff for them).

    Regarding the humongous, sky-blotting blimp they promised, I am in two minds as to whether it really is a balloon, or maybe its that frumpy old East German hausfrau, Mutti Merkel in her Birthday Suit again.

  46. mh

    A handwriting expert analysed the US President’s signature

    Tracy Trussell, of the British Institute of Graphologists, has looked at Trump’s signatures and said that the way he writes indicates a lot of characteristics about the US President.

    Ms Trussell said: “His signature transmits wild ambition, dynamism, bravery and fearlessness.

    “He’s hungry for power and has both determination and stubbornness in spades.”

    She added that her assessment of his writing style suggested he wasn’t much of a listener but “undoubtedly a tough negotiator – he excels at being hard lined, bold and direct

    She added the length of his letters indicates “he’s not quite as inflexible potentially as people think”.

    And she claimed his style shows he also protective, especially of his family.

    Some people have even mocked the president’s signature saying it looked like the results of a lie detector test.

    Trump’s use of large letters indicates the writer is very outgoing and loves a lot of attention.

    If a writer leaves narrow spaces in between each letter it suggests they can’t stand to be alone.

    Handwriting which shows heavy pressure writing is a mark of someone who is good with commitment and taking things seriously.

  47. Anne

    The Queen is toast and she knows it.

    She and the rest of the Lu-ciferian Elites have been defeated.

    That’s why they all impotently cow-tow to Trump. Deals to survive.

    Trump and Military Intelligence have taken back our Earth.

    It’s all softly, softly theatre for the public from here on.


  48. a reader

    FMD that’s hilarious

  49. Egor

    “Trump and Military Intelligence have taken back our Earth.”

    No, no….you goose, it’s the lizard people that deserve a shout out.
    Check out Strozk’s (sp?) eyes on the stills….. pure blue tongue.

  50. OldOzzie

    Commanding Trump rose above the idiocy – EXPRESS COMMENT

    SAY what you like about Donald Trump but the US President can certainly command an audience. Be it on placard-waving protesters or on dumbfounded reporters at Friday’s Chequers press conference, the US leader surely left his mark.

    But how idiotic and childish of Jeremy Corbyn to have taken part in the demonstrations.

    As leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition, he should show the office of the President of the United States the respect it deserves – regardless of his personal feelings towards the man in the Oval Office.

    In siding with the virtue-signalling few, Mr Corbyn once again ignored the many.

    For it is an uncomfortable truth that the silent majority will secretly agree with some – but by no means all – of Trump’s statements.

    He is right when he says Brexit was partly prompted by concerns over immigration.

    He is right when he says the EU should be paying its fair share to Nato. Indeed as we reveal today, nine of Britain’s most distinguished military chiefs agree with him.

    While there is no denying he is a narcissist who takes self-congratulation to a whole new level, no one could accuse him of a lack of patriotism.

    He vowed to put American interests first on his leadership agenda and is willing to dispense with international diplomacy to achieve that aim.

    Having spent two days with Mr Trump, one can only hope that some of his more uncompromising attributes have rubbed off on the Prime Minister, too.

    He said he gave her advice on Brexit that she ignored but if ever there was a time to take tips from the man who wrote about the art of the deal, it is now.

    With her premiership hanging in the balance and her party teetering on the brink of civil war over Brexit, it would be political suicide for Mrs May to make any further concessions to the EU without first bending over backwards to bring the Conservatives and the country on side.

    Although Brexiteers would rather she tore up the White Paper and adopted a Canada-plus approach to the negotiations, one thing is certain…

    When she hands Britain’s Brexit deal to Brussels, it has to be a best and final offer.

  51. Egor

    The appalling fact of Corbyn is that he is obviously unelectable….so Statist dipshits like appeaser May can do whatever calculated capitulation they like and still get up.

    Nigel better get back into the mainstream.

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