Good morning sunshine 25 July

Checking the electricity supply to most of the nation we find Wind and Other contributing a tad under 5% of demand. And apart from Tasmania it is all very expensive. Yes I know it changes by the minute and it is too early for the sun, but if you like to start the day with a hot breakfast and then take a train to a workplace with lights and heating, not to mention power-driven equipment you had better thank the coal fired stations that still survive.

Our colleague Judith Sloan had another hard-hitting piece in The Australian yesterday but she ended on a rather feeble note, suggesting that we are stuck with the NEG. God help us!

People might like to contribute updates during the day with commentary from those who have insights to share like how to get more information from the Data Dashboard.

Near 9am Sydney, the sun is shining, demand has ticked up from 24+ to 25+ while Wind and Other has hardly moved from 1.1 to 1.2 and less than 5% of demand.
9 in Adelaide. 92% power from gas (h/t Mack).

2pm It was around 5% most of the morning and with demand down to 22 is surging to 6.7%. Only 3% in Queensland (the sunshine state).

4pm Evening demand picking up and the sun getting low in the sky. Wind and other down to 4.7% of demand. Price 100 in SA, in the 60s in Qld, NSW and Vic, 10 in Tasmania.

6pm. Demand up to 27.6, wind and other down to 0.750. Zero in Queensland. Price 150 in SA down from 200 recently, the others a bit over 100 and Tasmania under 50.

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13 Responses to Good morning sunshine 25 July

  1. Entropy

    I am hopeful a labor state will kill prospects of the NEG.

    It is weird how the pollies think the solution to government distortion and corruption of a market is an extra layer and even more distortion and corruption of a market.

    Hammer, nails etc.

  2. Bruce of Newcastle

    California of the Southern Hemisphere!

    California power grid urges consumers to conserve energy in heat wave (24 July)

    California´s power grid operator on Monday issued an alert to homes and businesses to conserve electricity on Tuesday and Wednesday when a heat wave is expected to blanket the state.

    As one of the commentators notes they’re called brown-outs because the Governor is Jerry Brown.
    Can we call ours Malouts?

  3. Rafe Champion

    Lomborg and others have remind us that far more people die during cold weather than hot (so welcome warming), but without air conditioning there will indeed be an increase in hot weather deaths if people cant afford power. That is a cause for alarm but not on account of global warming, there have always been heat waves and it is only recently that we had the means (air conditioning) to make them safe. Until someone decided that reliable and affordable power is not politically correct.

    Thanks Bruce, now I find Jo Nova was onto that yesterday, they work late in the west and it was after my bedtime so I missed it.

  4. MACK

    9 am in Adelaide and 92% of SA electricity is being generated by gas.

  5. wal1957

    Everyone can rely on the unreliability of unreliables!

    The NEG is a dogs breakfast. Fixes nothing. Guarantees nothing….except more of the same!

    We are being led by idiots!

  6. dopey

    The indifference of the general public shows the brainwashing works.

  7. NB

    ‘we are stuck with the NEG’
    I have not read Sloan’s article so don’t know why she thinks we are stuck with the NEG. But I am always wary of voodoo politics (and voodoo analysis) which does not give primacy to the fact that parliamentarians are our employees and they will do as we say.

  8. Rafe Champion

    dopey I think if the so-called shock jocks get their followers to become data dashboard watchers and talk to their local members about it, then things could change.

  9. P

    From the JoNova article:
    Welcome to the future, where you need to plan ahead to run your washing machine or oven.
    Back in the dark ages when we had coal plants, we just switched these things on hither, thither…

    I’m using the home page that came with Win 10 Edge and when I opened my computer this morning a very large advertisement came on (in place of the usual Microsoft Tips). At 6am in the morning it looked like a beautiful sunrise pic so I scrolled down and read all the links.
    Most unusual occurrence for such an ad on this homepage. This is the advertisement.

  10. Rafe Champion

    Thanks P, what a great page!!!

  11. yackman

    A local aged care facility has recently installed a very large diesel generator. I wonder why????

  12. Biota

    Was listening to ABC Newcastle (am an occasional dilettante just to see how the other side is going) a couple of days ago and a text came in which praised how all these wonderful renewables are being use to control surges in network. Not a critical thinker I would suggest. Unless they meant reducing supply to flatlining, no surges there.

  13. P

    ABC Upper Hunter
    Posted 28 Jun 2018,

    Demand for Australian coal escalates, building on last year’s turnaround

    “The 2017 year was actually a record year for coal exports, some $57 billion,” he said. (Greg Evans)
    The increase in demand has been attributed to infrastructure building programs throughout Asia, along with increased industrialisation and urbanisation.

    Renewed demand for Australian coal has had flow-on benefits for rural towns in the mining supply chain, including Muswellbrook on the Hunter coalfields.

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