Q&A Forum: July 30, 2018

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  1. stackja

    Panellists:Mitch Fifield, Minister for Communications; Jim Chalmers, Shadow Minister for Finance; Lenore Taylor, Editor of The Guardian Australia; Parnell Palme McGuinness, Communications Consultant; and Tony Winwood, People’s Panellist.

    45 please

  2. stackja

    Tony Winwood is a 61-year-old father of two and grandfather of one. He is very recently married and is enjoying a late-stage, mid-life renaissance. Tony is a dual citizen and lives in Main Beach, Queensland.

    Tony was employed for much of his working life in the financial services industry, most recently in executive roles for investment and superannuation providers. Over the past few years, he has taken time out to more fully appreciate and enjoy life, friends and family – and to more closely consider current affairs and the evolution of our political and social environment. Tony volunteers as host of a weekly community current affairs discussion group.

  3. stackja

    Parnell Palme McGuinness is Managing Director of strategic communications and advocacy consultancy Thought Broker. She specialises in business and policy communications and has worked with peak bodies and businesses of all sizes. Her experience spans multiple communications disciplines, including public relations, advertising, campaigning, and policy.

    She is a fluent German speaker and spent far too many of her school holidays as a child behind the Iron Curtain, staying with her East German grandparents. The political and economic lessons of those visits materially shaped her world view.

    In 2017, in anticipation of what proved to be an upset election, Parnell made a study of the German election campaign, interviewing candidates, political campaigners and ordinary Germans on the forces reshaping Germany and the European continent.

    Parnell is a regular contributor to The Daily Telegraph. She has also been published in the Fairfax syndicated press and The Australian and appeared on the ABC and Sky.

  4. stackja

    Lenore Taylor is an award-winning political journalist who has covered federal politics for more than twenty years. She is now Editor of The Guardian and a regular commentator on radio and television, including the ABC’s Insiders program.

    Lenore grew up in Brisbane and graduated in arts with a politics major from the University of Queensland. She began work as a journalist with The Canberra Times in 1987 and worked in the Old Parliament House press gallery for a year before the Parliament moved to its new premises. She has worked in the press gallery ever since, other than a stint in London as a foreign correspondent and two periods of maternity leave when her children were born.

    In 2010 she published Shitstorm, co-authored with fellow journalist David Uren. Sub-titled Inside Labor’s Darkest Days, it tells the inside story of the Rudd government’s attempts to combat the global financial crisis.

  5. Konbanwa

    Bidding is open

    Interruption Lotto

    Carpe 56
    Stackja 30
    Elle 10
    Mark A 32

  6. The peoples speaker is Tony Winwood

    Tony Winwood, who has held senior management roles at JP Morgan Chase, Vanguard Investments and the Victorian Superannuation Board during his 30 year career in investment, funds managemen

    Just an average Joe

  7. Natural Instinct

    Who is Parnell Palme McGuinness? And what does she think/write?
    British PM Theresa May shows that Trump can be managed
    February 12, 2017

    Since US President Trump’s inauguration in January, political signalling has escalated rapidly, with politicians around the world responding to Donald Trump’s strong man image with inflammatory words.

    British PM Theresa May, on the other hand, has shown the world how effective engagement could defuse the threat Trump poses and change the course of history.

    Unlike many other world leaders, British Prime Minister Theresa May and our own Prime Minister Turnbull have both approached Trump with the respect his office commands.

    But Theresa May, with the subtle art of persuasion, may well have changed the course of history where Turnbull’s exchange with Trump will be mostly remembered for a tweet.
    Here’s how she did it – and where the lesson for Turnbull, and any other leader trying to tame the Trump, lies.
    When Mrs May went to visit Trump just days after his inauguration, he surprised the world with an uncharacteristically statesman-like speech. In their joint press conference, the President praised the bond and joint responsibilities of the UK and the US, saying that “together we are a beacon for prosperity and the rule of law”.
    But it was when the British Prime Minister began to speak that the atmosphere of the press conference became electric. In measured, dignified words, she elevated reality TV candidate Trump to a world leader, thanking him for meeting with her so soon and positioning herself as the recipient of a great honour. She flattered his notorious ego by congratulating the President on his “stunning election victory” and announcing that the Queen has invited President Trump to pay a state visit to the United Kingdom. Imperceptibly May tethered Trump in the silky skeins of graciousness and respect. The President was visibly enthralled by the glittering mantel May had publicly cloaked him in.
    Then she moved from describing their shared resolve to tackle ISIS and Islamist terrorism to announce, as though it were a matter of course, that they used their meeting to reaffirm the commitment of both countries to NATO – an institution that Trump has in the past repeatedly denigrated. Rattling off a laundry-list of what they discussed, she told the media pack that she and the President acknowledged NATO as “the bulwark of our collective defence”.
    Turning to him, she drove it home: “Mr President, I think you said – confirmed – that you’re a hundred per cent behind NATO”.
    Did you see that? The British Prime Minister got what she came for. She snipped the wire and the bomb that threatened the Western alliance has been defused.
    This is what persuasion can do; what skilful communication and diplomacy are for

    A balanced viewpoint?
    • he surprised the world with an uncharacteristically statesman-like speech
    • reality TV candidate Trump
    • his notorious ego
    • tethered Trump in the silky skeins of graciousness and respect
    • The President was visibly enthralled
    • She snipped the wire and the bomb … has been defused

  8. Vic in Prossy

    May I have 23 please, Carpe?

  9. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    24, please Carpe.

  10. British PM Theresa May shows that Trump can be managed
    February 12, 2017

    May – Manage Trupm


    good one

  11. Cpt Seahawks

    4 please Carpe.

  12. Interruption Lotto

    Carpe 56
    Stackja 30
    Elle 10
    Mark A 32
    Vic in Prossy 23
    ZK2A 24
    Cpt Seahawks 4

  13. Peter Castieau

    Evening everyone.
    May I have 53 please Carpe.

  14. stackja

    Carpe Jugulum
    #2776629, posted on July 30, 2018 at 9:20 pm
    Interruption Lotto

    45 please. You owe me 15!

  15. Grumpy Racist Homophobe

    Five Hundred and Eighty-One please.

  16. Interruption Lotto

    Carpe 56
    Stackja 45
    Elle 10
    Mark A 32
    Vic in Prossy 23
    ZK2A 24
    Cpt Seahawks 4
    RobK 18
    Custard 53

  17. stackja

    Padraic Pearse “Paddy” McGuinness AO (27 October 1938 – 26 January 2008) was an … He was survived by his daughter Parnell Palme McGuinness, named after Charles Stewart Parnell, and two siblings: his older brother Michael and his …

  18. Interruption Lotto

    Carpe 56
    Stackja 45
    Elle 10
    Mark A 32
    Vic in Prossy 23
    ZK2A 24
    Cpt Seahawks 4
    RobK 18
    Custard 53
    Grumpy 581

  19. Westie Woman

    Hi Carpe
    Lucky 13 for me please!

  20. stackja

    Carpe Jugulum
    #2776636, posted on July 30, 2018 at 9:26 pm
    My apologies stacks – my mistake

    No worries. Got me 15 back!

  21. The Panel

    Mitty Fifield – tonights sacrifice
    Jimbo – ALPBC Shill
    Le snore – mouth breathing cretin
    Parnell 2 dads – meh
    Tony 1 dad – meh

  22. Interruption Lotto

    Carpe 56
    Stackja 45
    Elle 10
    Mark A 32
    Vic in Prossy 23
    ZK2A 24
    Cpt Seahawks 4
    RobK 18
    Custard 53
    Grumpy 581
    Westie Woman – 13

  23. Ok troops it’s time

    Weightlifters versus skinny guys.

    You got pecs i got tex and;

    llleeetttssss get rrreeaaadddyyy to rruuuummmbbbllleeee

  24. 1st question about malturd turnweasel

  25. le snore fellates the alp, doesn’t like tax cuts and bags the evil CEO’s

    rather predictable

  26. RobK

    Snowcone is feeling his way with a couple of the panelists.

  27. RobK

    Mitch’s nose just grew.

  28. Robber Baron

    Mitch is polishing da turd.

  29. Mitty is trying on the spin, the libtards are dead, they just havn’t taken a pulse from the corpse

    alpbc shill, shills for the alp, colour me surprised.

  30. alp shill still shilling

    A very punchable face

  31. alp plant asks about schools and hospitals and the evil banks.

    Rather obvious

  32. Cpt Seahawks

    The main political parties are looking quite ignorant about the opinions of them in the populous.

  33. Mitty throws AbbottSatan666 under the bus, he lurves tax cuts just not for anyone, his hyperbole on corporate tax cuts is shyte.

  34. Robber Baron

    Mitch Fifield struggling. You can’t polish a turd Mitch.

  35. Tony 1 dad is shredding the libtards and alpbc

  36. RobK

    Tony Winwood is cutting through better than Mitch.

  37. le snore doesn’t like tax cuts.

    Rather bold from a tax hoover.

    she thinks you can get more capex from health or education.

    Yep spending money you don’t have is a brilliant idea


  38. Robber Baron

    Parnell looks like a cat l once owned.

  39. Parnell advocates for small business

    FMD not a stacked panel

  40. Jimbo goes back to “tricle down economics”.

    Why doesn’t someone ask does he know what that means.

  41. stackja

    Paddy’s daughter. Maybe hope?

  42. RobK

    Oh nose. Not trickle down. Labor. Bollocks. Unfortunately it gets traction with some.

  43. stackja

    Jim does have ‘BA, BComm (Griffith), PhD (ANU).”

  44. Spider

    They keep repeating the Trickle Down conomics doesn’t work meme.

    Where’s the evidence for that? Does Snowcone bother to ask? Nope.

  45. RobK

    Parnell does seem to have something worthwhile to say.

  46. Jim does have ‘BA, BComm (Griffith), PhD (ANU).”

    Ok, so we know he is retarded.

  47. littledozer

    Pretty impressive effort talking about company tax cuts and completely ignoring the MAGAnomics

  48. Robber Baron

    Unbalanced panel. 4 girly men. 1 woman. 1 cow. Where are the fags and trannys? Where is the outrage?

  49. alp shill, shills for tits McManboobs

  50. stackja

    Trickle Down worked for Jim.

  51. le snore comments – the crowd takes this opportunity to have a nap, with a pilow and blanky.

  52. RobK

    Parnell lobs a slowball on jimbo.

  53. Unbalanced panel. 4 girly men. 1 woman. 1 cow. Where are the fags and trannys? Where is the outrage?

    Where is the black muslim lesbian transgender with a limp with blonde hair.

    I am outraged.

  54. Spider

    I think the tax cuts policy is stuffed. Australian voters don’t want any pain and don’t get the big picture at all.

  55. Cpt Seahawks

    Unbalanced panel. 4 girly men. 1 woman. 1 cow. Where are the fags and trannys? Where is the outrage?

    And yet so many interruptions. Snowytime.

  56. Jimbo stonewalls.

    Jimbo waffles shit.

  57. Robber Baron

    Mitch…keep polishing that turd! It is a turd. It looks like a turd, it smells like a turd…it’s a turd.

  58. Onto retirement age

    , Manual labourer cant retire until 67

  59. Robber Baron

    Cow wearing her cow hide jacket does not know her facts. But she is a journalist so that’s “ok.”

  60. Why do politicians think it is ok to work until you are 70, when they can retire in their 50’s with a defined pension.

  61. RobK

    Parnell has said things about retirement that pollies cant bring themselves to do.

  62. Cpt Seahawks

    Man pension age is an issue?

  63. Robber Baron

    Manual labourer will go on disability pension at age 45…then aged pension at 67.

  64. Cpt Seahawks

    Exactly Robber Baron.

  65. RobK

    Parnell and Winwood carry some common sense to the panel.

  66. Mitty licks the alpbc’s balls in regard to funding.

  67. RobK

    Mitch juggles ABC hot potatoe.

  68. RobK

    Jimbo pulling a long one for the ABC.

  69. Peter Castieau

    The Labor Party believe in a continuation of the taxpayer funded broadcaster being a media arm of the Labor party.

  70. question about the takeover of fauxfacts

    le snore waffles shite about j’ism at faufacts, they have the best quality jism.

    easy stomach, don’t turn over yet.

  71. stackja

    Lenore doesn’t want ABC?

  72. RobK

    Lenore grasping in the dark to sustain fairfax.

  73. Robber Baron


    Paging Mr Marr….Mr Marr!

  74. Schoolboys?

    NSW ALP rockspiders is the answer.

    Do i get a prize?

  75. stackja

    Lenore wants government funding of newspapers?

  76. Viva

    I buy the Herald solely for the crossword.

  77. Spider

    The market has decided the value of Fairfax.

  78. RobK

    We dont make any cars or anything but we have a lot of papers.

  79. Robber Baron

    Do i get a prize?

    A pizza voucher.

  80. stackja

    Rupert’s papers make money?

  81. Oh No snowcone is afraid channel nein will cut the Aged and shake my head, loose.

    Fvk em, they aren’t even good toilet paper any more.

  82. Spider

    Imagine if Trump was asked would you be sad if CNN went down the gurgler?

  83. A pizza voucher.

    Pepperoni with double cheese thanks, thin crust.

  84. Robber Baron

    Mitch…Minister for polishing turds.

  85. Spider

    Jim Chalmers makes Mitch Fifield look flat footed. Mitch is just so overly reasonable and measured.

  86. Viva

    Wish Parnell had been given more opportunities to speak

  87. Jim Chalmers makes Mitch Fifield look flat footed. Mitch is just so overly reasonable and measured.

    Without notes, Mitty couldn’t tell shit from clay

  88. RobK

    Sammy is trying for a part in the next series of Frontline balladiering.

  89. Ok Troops
    Interruptions came in at 14 Westie Woman was closest (again)

    Jackpot to next week

  90. The only thing better than seeing The Age and SMH wind up would be for Nine to sell the mastheads to Gina and to see them transform into a populist nationalist paper and a Christian conservative paper.

  91. Westie Woman

    Thanks Carpe
    See you next week..

  92. Elle

    Long day yesterday. I ended up going to bed before it started! Next week maybe.

  93. alan B'stard M P

    Tony Winwood in finance industry. Given he works in an industry often hostile to average people’s needs and economic requirements, how does he qualify as a people’s representative

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