Trump says to Obama’s car fuel rules…

You’re Fired!”

WASHINGTON—The Trump administration took direct aim Thursday at California’s role as de facto auto regulator for the nation, proposing to end the state’s ability to set its own fuel-efficiency standards and to dial back Obama-era limits on tailpipe emissions.

The proposal would eliminate the sharp increase in fuel-economy mandates adopted under the Obama administration in collaboration with California. The rules require car makers to boost fuel efficiency to 50 miles a gallon on average by 2025, thereby cutting emissions.

BONUS. Pastors praise Trump for pro-black impact of policies.

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  1. mh

    From the 2nd link:

    The pastors said mostly supportive things about the president during the portion of the meeting open to the press pool.

    The Rev. John Gray, senior pastor at Relentless Church in Greenville, South Carolina, led the meeting with a prayer.

    The Rev. Phillip Goudeaux, of Calvary Christian Center in Sacramento, asked Trump not to “give up on California,” prompting laughter.

    The Rev. Darrell Scott, a Cleveland pastor and co-founder of the president’s National Diversity Coalition, said Trump is “the most pro-black president that we’ve had in our lifetime.”

  2. Wil

    About time.
    Any workshop manual will have extra pages of conditions and requirements for vehicles to meet Californian emission standards. Means all cars are detuned and fitted with extras that result in lower performance, higher purchase cost just so they can be sold there.

  3. H B Bear

    Great stuff. California has been setting defacto emission standards way beyond its borders for too long. Trump should give the whole state back to Mexico. Win-win.

  4. GazMan

    So there’s your slogan for the upcoming election: Liberal/Labout – The same menu just different colours.

  5. Ian

    Don’t forget this is US gallons. In Aussie gallons the mandate is 61 mpg. This means everyone would be driving Holden Barinas or equivalent. This represents 4.62 litres per 100 km in the modern jargon.

  6. Kneel

    ” This means everyone would be driving Holden Barinas or equivalent.”

    Nah – they should be driving VWdiesels, that’ll be better for the environment!
    Wait – what?

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