Interesting comments – Chinese training cadres in South Africa

Check out the comments on Jo Nova’s Weekend Unthreaded: there is technical stuff about fires and wind turbines and some political comment on the Australian scene.

This is alarming out of #5 Chinese training cadres in South Africa, think of the training in the Cultural Revolution. Recall it was Chinese AK47s that drove Magabe to power.

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17 Responses to Interesting comments – Chinese training cadres in South Africa

  1. stackja

    In past Cubans in Portuguese Africa. Now Red Chinese helping ANC.

  2. Robber Baron

    When the collapse arrives, you need disciplined police to ensure order is maintained. The elites must be protected…and lots of Chinese money in Swiss bank accounts!

  3. China has been involved and an influence in Africa overall for a very long time, so why not South Africa now that it’s going to hell in a handbasket?

  4. 2dogs

    Most African countries are effectively Chinese colonies these days. Colonialism is not dead.

  5. Bruce

    This phenomenon is not exactly new.

    China put a LOT of North Korean troops into Idi Amin’s Uganda as his political enforcers and training cadre, way back in the mid 1970’s.

    Open-ended military logistics, and people like good old Lord Carrington, saw to it that the “white imperialists” in old Rhodesia, would be replaced by a new, somewhat more subtle (up to a point) “guiding hand”; oh, and the disgusting presence of one Robert Mugabe..

    The Chinese are playing their usual long game. They are to be found, in force, across much of the entire African continent. They and the old Soviets were key drivers in the race to violently “decolonize” African nations. The Soviets, and especially their now AIDS-ridden Cuban proxies, (Angola, etc.), got their fingers burned badly in several cases. The Chinese have been more successful in blind-siding the usual willingly gullible media and academic suspects for decades and here we are.

  6. John Constantine

    The chicom colonial empire is the largest the world has ever seen.

    When people do forecasts based upon chinese birthrates, they are neglecting the vast herds of cannon fodder being bred up in continental scale puppy farms upon the chicom colonial empire in Africa.

    A billion people bought and owned, the peoples liberation army could pick and choose a few battlions out of that lot.


  7. Whalehunt fun

    All the more reason for chemical, biological and nuclear weapons to become a priority. Forget your silly leaky submarines and invest in genetically targetted weaponised contagions. Think of bird flu made air dispersable from a long range missile. It damages none of the infrastructure assetts. This is the next war. Don’t think the chinese are not onto it.

  8. John Constantine

    Genetically targeted biological warfare is a dream of the totalitarians.

    Simply spread by recruited ‘suicide bombers’ that infect themselves and ride the subways and bus routes and sit in the doctors waiting rooms and hospital emergency departments spraying the infection out with every breath until they die.

    Or if they have a partial genetic immunity to the disease, they are Typhoid Mary like able to carry on going to work spreading the virus until the host society crumbles.

    The real danger though is that an indoctrinated green sociopath will manipulate a simple flu virus to kill everybody and release it to save the planet from humanity.

  9. Dr Faustus

    China has been involved and an influence in Africa overall for a very long time, so why not South Africa now that it’s going to hell in a handbasket?

    A very long game indeed.

    I worked on the Zambian copperbelt in the mid-1970’s. The Chinese, themselves in abject national poverty and reeling from the Cultural Revolution, were well ensconced as a ‘donor nation’ building the TanZam railway and providing emergency food supplies as the Zambian agricultural sector was de-colonialised into starvation mode.

  10. Rafe Champion

    In Mao’s China the peasants were forced to donate heavy taxes in the form of food (they had no money) that was donated to communist countries and movements in the Third World or sold on the world market to fund them.
    They were better off before the revolution apart from the ones who used the opportunity to murder landlords and richer peasants to redistribute their land. Of course there were good and bad landlords but it was never as bad before the Revolution as it was after until the post-Mau reforms allowed the peasants to have some limited ownership of the means of production.

  11. testpattern

    I posted the original story some time ago, this is follow-up

    ‘South African National Defence Force (SANDF) chief General Solly Shoke reiterated on Tuesday that reports about the smuggling of arms to Cuba on a chartered South African Airways (SAA) flight were misguided and sensationalist.

    Speaking at an SANDF media briefing in Centurion, Shoke said the equipment on the aircraft was being sent to South Africans receiving training in Cuba’

  12. testpattern

    ‘Zambian copperbelt in the mid-1970’s’

    Supplied by S.Africa using Aust and NZ truck drivers, mostly working for Isaacs. They needed our passports for crossborder, boers were too scared to do the job. Same with Kabora Basa in Moz, driving for Thorntons. None killed or injured but ambushes common on the dirt stretch of the Tete road.

  13. Dr Faustus

    Supplied by S.Africa using Aust and NZ truck drivers, mostly working for Isaacs.


    There were also nightly rail movements over the Vic Falls bridge; the marshalling yards at Kitwe were filled with Rhodesian Railways rolling stock.

    I was myself a sanctions busting import as a field engineer for African Explosives and Chemical Industries, based in Johannesburg. One of my jobs was making sure the various AECI products were still safe/usable after the packaging was ‘sanitised’ at the Zambian Government magazine.

  14. testpattern

    ‘based in Johannesburg’

    Aussie and Kiwis crashed at a flat in Ponti Joburg. Two chicks hitched a ride with a driver to Moz. He didn’t want to take them but he was, well, young. The Portuguese army provided escort from Nyampanda to Tete but they pissed off when some shots were fired to see what was going on, and as soon as they were gone a unit of Frelimo ambushed the driver. He stopped, thinking he was going to die and walked out to to meet them while the girls [a Kiwi and an Aussie] stayed in the cab. To his surprise the Comandante spoke English like a mother tongue and took him to the side of the road, about ten metres in, where mortars were ready to blast him. They just wanted his passport. Aus and NZ used to issue second or subsidiary passports if you worked in a danger zone. But what did Frelimo want our passports for?

  15. Dr Faustus

    But what did Frelimo want our passports for?

    For cadres to travel to Moscow.

  16. rickw

    A billion people bought and owned, the peoples liberation army could pick and choose a few battlions out of that lot.

    50 years of Chicom help and African marksmanship is still spray and pray.

  17. mareeS

    China will probably be the best since England to happen to Africa.

    I am mathematical, not particularly humanitarian, and from visits there, I reckon Africans are the most intellectually challenged people on the planet. Sorry to say that, but our cat has her life worked out better.

    Look what’s happening in SA, what’s happened all over that place, they have driven out every productive population and gone back to animal land.

    Some places are eating their enemies, that is just animal stuff.

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