Arky speaks to Dr. Richard Peppard

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  1. Mak Siccar

    I’m looking forward to viewing these interviews when I have better internet availability. Thus I’m not sure what the thrust of the interviews are. However, I have just read an enlightening book called ‘Grain Brain’ by neurologist and nutritionist Dr David Perlmutter written several years ago. Highly recommended as, using medical literature and his own clinical experience, he provides a convincing argument for the abolition of sugar, grains and gluten from one’s diet with a concomitant increase in healthy fats and protein.

  2. Helen

    Thank you, I thought I had lost it when the pages kept fluipping and I couldnt keep up.

    Bookemarked now.

  3. jupes

    A class act, great stuff Arky. Let’s hope we hear a lot more from the good Doc.

    You’re not entertaining a career change to Neurologist or Brain Surgeon are you?

  4. Death Giraffe

    Let’s hope we hear a lot more from the good Doc.

    I hope so too.

  5. Stimpson J. Cat

    Post Part Three.
    The people need to know about the joys of lobotomies.

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