Another book from Tony Thomas

Judging from his last collection this should be a treasure. Tony is probably the second person after Liam Hudson who I would like for a travelling companion on a long train ride.

The West – An insider’s tales: A romping reporter in Perth’s innocent ‘60s

Tony’s pieces are an absolute tonic. That’s because Tony himself is full of such palpable energy, empathy, a relentless ear for hilarity and irony, and most importantly boundless curiosity. The people he meets tumble out joyously – like wrestler Gorilla Monsoon, Mod-girl concert screamers, Perth’s last Chinese market gardener, Manjimup axe-men and poignantly and bravely, the daughter aged three he abandoned …
Rowan Callick, for five years China correspondent of The Australian.

The origins of a treasure — and Tony is very much that — are often as interesting as the glittering hoard itself. In this collection of his youthful Perth reporting are all those rare qualities that make him exceptional: curiosity, wit, a flair for language and above all and always, a passion for truth
… Roger Franklin, Editor, Quadrant OnLine

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  1. Elle

    Book added to my list of must reads.
    Tony Thomas is an incredible wordsmith!

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