Q&A Forum: September 24, 2018

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  1. Bruce of Newcastle

    ABC Q&A‏Verified account @QandA · 34m34 minutes ago
    Just a reminder that #QandA is not on air tonight. We’ll return next week, live from Melbourne with @Birmo, @AmandaRishworth, @sarahinthesen8, @JohnButlerTrio and People’s Panellist Sali Miftari.

  2. mh

    This week’s episode will be the best ever.

  3. Konbanwa

    Bidding is open.

    Interruptoin Lotto

    Carpe 56
    Beer Whisperer42
    Mark A 32

  4. The Panel

    Simon Birmingham – tonights Sacrifice
    Amanda Rishworth – Harpy Harpy
    Sarah Hyphen – 2dads – SeaPatrol Advocate and Whale watcher on the Taxpaer Tit
    John Butler – Addle Pated Drug Swampy
    Sali Miftari – Photios clone and refo fanboi

  5. Elle

    I don’t think it’s on tonight, Carp.

  6. Thanks Elle and BoN

    My Apologies to all.

  7. JC

    The other hookers could have been shoved out in front because the D’rats know she wasn’t attending.

  8. Elle

    All good. Look forward to next week. 🙂

  9. mh

    Like I said, the best ever.

    Shut. It. Down.

    Fire. Them. All.

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