Libertyfest Brisbane

Two great days in Brisbane, no Cats in sight but a lot of very good speakers.

After chatting with two or three people who did not know about Catallaxy I asked for a show of hands in the next session – who is aware of Catallaxy? drawing about five hands in the room with 100 filled seats.

Did anyone see any media coverage? It seems the SMH gave a reasonable report on the Bettina Arndt session (how did they know about it?) and Andrew Bolt mentioned some of Senator Amanda Stokers good words today. They must have done press releases.

Courtesy of threadster George Hurwell, the SMH coverage of the event.

Re the things we talk about one of the organizers responded to my inquiry saying that there was too much Austrian economics and debating about fractional reserve banking (or words to that effect) he must have stopped looking almost ten years ago:) Great organizer but!

Was it mentioned here? Asks pbw. Mea culpa, it was not until I mentioned posting would be light for a few days. Telling people about things that are happening in our libertarian/liberal/conservative world was a function of Rafe’s Roundup that has been in recess for some time because I got the impression that it was not having enough impact to justify the time it took.

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12 Responses to Libertyfest Brisbane

  1. politichix

    I was there. It was great!

  2. Tiny Dancer

    No idea. I blame your husband.

  3. Hydra

    Now they are all aware of Catallaxy.

  4. Herodotus

    Who is this Rafe person? Just kidding.
    The MSM would have to consult their journalism school notes to see if there was a proper explanation of libertarianism, but actually writing about it or covering such a meeting would be well down the list.
    Rowan Dean and Ross Cameron has a libertarian writer on their show yesterday to explain her position, which was libertarian but with conservative personal values. Asked about her views on abortion she said that it was a very personal decision but she would prefer that women were given all the information about its implications physical and emotional and not sold it as if it were a routine extension of contraception. She would not herself have one.

  5. George Huwell

    5 out of 100 at a supposedly ‘Libertarian’ event. It’s almost like the things you say are significant and write about (e.g. Hayek) aren’t really… haha

    Felicity Caldwell from Brisbane Times has been covering it:

  6. pbw

    I didn’t even know it was on. I suppose it had been mentioned here?

  7. Ellen of Tasmania

    Asked about her views on abortion she said that it was a very personal decision but

    As I understand it (taught to me by Tom Woods) the underlying principle of Libertarianism is the non-aggression principle. How killing babies can be seen as non-aggressive is beyond me.

    Leftist it’s-all-about-me, libertine thinking will kill libertarian thought before it’s had a chance for a fair hearing. (Just IMHO.)

  8. Ellen of Tasmania

    Okay – messed up the block quotes, but I think you can see what’s what. Sorry.

  9. Nato

    Does Bolt still blog? I thought he’d quit writing and was just cross-posting YouTube.

  10. Nice to meet you at Libertyfest. The SMH journalist was very busy recording selected sessions.
    Launch of Rite-ON! the Grassroots Political Activists group didn’t rate a mention either

  11. Colonel Crispin Berka, Kings' Fusiliers Corps.

    You’ve got to be kidding. I would have loved to go to this. When was this ever mentioned on Catallaxy Files?
    You can’t be surprised that Cats didn’t turn up to it when Catallaxy has not promoted it.

    This is why liberty is dying in Australia. Libertarians can’t even figure out how to preach to the converted, let alone sell their message to fence-sitters and the wider public.

  12. Was great to have you there Rafe. I was also surprised by the small show of hands however in fairness some may not have heard your question, others a little embarrassed etc. In any case, further increasing awareness of Catallaxy would be a great thing…
    LibertyFest Conference

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