Monday Forum: October 1, 2018

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  1. Geriatric Mayfly

    Trump mercilessly destroys Christine Ford and Michael Avenatti:

    A bit late in response, but that tirade leaves ‘soaring oratory’ in the shade. I love it when The Donald goes
    off the script reservation.

  2. Regarding:- Castieau, zyconoclast and Topender, on water temps, it is MY understanding that when a submarine hears that it is being “pinged” by a hunting surface vessel, the procedure is to dive down UNDER a layer of different temperature water so as to confuse the hunter’s sonar.

    Yet another reason why Pyne is talking *&^%$#@!

  3. Old School Conservative

    I wish Chrissy Payne had been around to give his in-depth knowledge of submarine design, construction, and suitability for differing oceans in WWI. He could have prevented the loss of AE1 off PNG, after it had sailed from England to Sydney.
    (sarcasm off)

  4. Top Ender

    Hi Zatara and others.

    I reckon one Chrissie’s advisors thought the quick line about different operational environments for subs would be a good one to throw people off the chase.

    Silly move.

    Interestingly there a was situation some years back where the Indon Navy rushed in and bought a whole heap of German ships ex-Cold War. Got them out to their place and they were very unsuitable due to lack of air-con. I wonder if that’s where the advisor got the idea.

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