The poisoned chalice

Beware of getting what you wish for!

All parties are desperate to win government but given the unreliable energy plans of all the main players and their inevitable impact on the cost and reliability of power the next Federal government is going to be extremely unpopular.

And if it is the Greens/CFMEU party it is also going to extremely damaging.

Then what?

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36 Responses to The poisoned chalice

  1. NB

    That’s where the second passport comes in.

  2. teddy bear

    We start making nooses, lots of nooses.

  3. John Constantine

    Yes Prime Minister on the voting public and the media.

    We can now safely file their abc under the category of:

    “believe the country should be run by another country”.

  4. egg_

    “believe the country should be run by another country”.


  5. John Constantine

    Over the Top, Australia.

    Looks like we won’t even get a field of poppies, just be ground up for foundations for chicom dogbox developments.

  6. John Constantine

    Their alex turnbull, speaking on behalf of their looting cartel, the ones heavily invested in de-electrifying australia in unswerving compliance with the fashionable dekulakisation theory decreed by their general assembly of totalitarian Tyrants.

    The australian proles are denied a glimpse of exactly how obscenely profitable the selling out of the west really is. We see our politicians getting brown paper bags of fivers and think that is all treachery is worth, but behind all that is the new looting class, Davos Man.

    We will never see the graph of the increase of alex turnbulls wealth, from the day the two towers went down, to the day the australian electricity grid goes down.


  7. RobK

    Then what?
    Electricity prices go up, subsidies go up, energy poverty increases. The economy tanks, slowly at first. The longer it takes to wake-up, the more hardship is endured by the masses. We are on that path for a couple of decades now. So many missed opportunities.

  8. jupes

    Then what?

    1. The Liberal Party is destroyed.

    2. Australian Conservatives enunciate sensible policies on immigration, energy and spending causing their popularity to rise as living standards go down under Labor.

    3. Australia votes for common sense.

  9. J.H.

    Sometimes it’s the only way in a democracy…. You just have to let reality correct the fantasies of the ruling class…. So we’ll have to wait 3 to 6 years for them to come to their senses…. You can’t get blood out of stone and you can’t get taxes out of a bankrupt economy with exorbitant electricity prices and irregular service.

    Just gonna be sad watching it….. and paying for it.

    I just hope China doesn’t gank us in the mean time.

  10. Tintarella di Luna

    Bob Katter Speaker of the House perhaps?

  11. It will be damaging, but then the populace will finally understand what all this climate crap is about. There will not be sufficient social welfare promises to cope with the outcry.

  12. Barry Bones

    I turned my jug on this morning – still works.

    No need to get all “chicken little” !!

    Renewables with firming work fine

  13. Shy Ted

    Supercheapauto for a diesel generator. It’ll be a veritable chick magnet. Snowflakes dropping dead in the streets, pop ’em on the Barbie or spit, perfick.

  14. RobK

    I turned my jug on this morning – still works.
    But you are paying twice as much for it compared to what you used to, or compared to those economies not experimenting with low energy-density, wobbly sources of electricity. Your economic advantage is slipping away and will continue to do so whilst this folly persists. These numbers are plain to see from cost charts.
    On the other hand; i look out the window and the climate is still there as always. No need to be all chicken little about it, or project 80 year forcasts. Who’s the gullible one?

  15. Linden

    The ones who actually contribute to the tax base are rapidly becoming an endangered species no protection for them, and as for small business the Shorten nightmare is about to come. The only way to survive a Shorten greens government is to make sure you don’t employ anyone!

  16. Mark M

    CO2 emissions to hit new high in 2018.

    Great for people and plants.

    Bad for the Paris Climate Hoax …

    Global carbon emissions will rise to a new record level in 2018, making the chances of reaching a target to keep temperature increases to 1.5 or 2C “weaker and weaker every year, every month”

    ‘Despair’ as global carbon emissions to hit new record in 2018

    International Energy Agency chief says chance of meeting targets of the Paris Agreement are getting ‘weaker and weaker’

    “Despair. ”

    I lol’d.

    97% stupid on steroids.

  17. egg_

    Renewables with firming work fine

    Do ruinables work without “other people’s money”, or is it a Socialist impost?

  18. OldOzzie

    Piers Akerman: ‘Our universities are filled with idiots who can vote’

    VOTERS in Wentworth are more than twice as likely to hold a bachelor degree or higher, which shows they’re good students but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re very smart.

    Arguably, the more time you spend in an Australian university these days, the greater the likelihood that you’re actually not very bright at all, at least in terms of common sense.

    Our universities are jammed to the rafters with idiots who think that a man who dresses as a woman has magically changed his sex, for example.

    After years of so-called study, some graduates emerge with the firm conviction that socialism or totalitarianism offer greater opportunities than social democracies and that intermittent, unreliable and expensive wind and solar generators can provide the baseload power essential to industry and our way of life.

    That many voters in yesterday’s Wentworth by-election supported the favoured independent candidate Kerryn Phelps, who backs the IPCC’s unscientific doomsday scenario for the planet, provides ample evidence of the lack of any correlation between a tertiary education and conventional wisdom.

    The chutzpah (to use the Yiddish word for cheeky audacity) of those people to think that by voting for someone whose environmental policies — if ever a parliament were stupid enough to adopt them — would guarantee national blackouts could actually alter the temperature of the globe by tinkering with Australia’s minuscule levels of emissions is truly astonishing.

    If further proof that some in the highly educated electorate are not the sharpest, look to the comment made by candidate Phelps about the views she gleaned from those around her.

    “People are not particularly perturbed by a hung parliament or by having independents and crossbenchers holding the balance of power — they see it as a break from the far right and that’s certainly the message I’m getting from people,” she told The Daily Telegraph.

    Surely the only sort of people who could conceivably be relaxed about the proposition Australia’s fate was in the hands of independents (remember the totally unnerving experience of the Julia Gillard government anointed by Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor?) are those too young to recall the disaster or too foolish to understand its genesis.

    As to the peculiar insight that the far right have been running the country, Phelps’ Labor Party advisers should gently remind her that the former member for Wentworth and former prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, was as close to being a member of the ALP as he could be without holding a membership card.

    Phelps enjoyed the backing of Labor activists, the Greens (despite having a candidate) and the politically naive.

    Labor leader Bill Shorten didn’t visit Wentworth once during the campaign.

    He abandoned Labor candidate Tim Murray in the hope he would not finish ahead of Phelps so she could receive preferences and deprive the federal Coalition of its governing majority.

    Prime Minister Scott Morrison and former prime minister John Howard were unashamedly on the hustings with Dave Sharma.

    Morrison, playing to the nearly 13 per cent J*wish population in Wentworth, went as far as to say Australia should look at the lousy deal over nuclear reactors the cowardly European Union made with the mad mullahs of Iran and examine the possibility of moving the Australian embassy to J*rusalem.

    The reactions from the media were hyperbolic in the extreme.

    The Arab ambassadors who dutifully recorded their concern with the Department of Foreign Affairs over the putative move know full well that their own governments are actively seeking a back channel rapprochement with Israel to share in the benefits of its world-leading IT industry and that none of their governments is prepared to offer the so-called Palestinian refugees anything.

    Morrison has shown greater spine than either Turnbull or the former foreign minister Julie Bishop in deciding that Australia can no longer cravenly capitulate to the bullies who dominate the UN proceedings.

    Opponents of the proposals claim that Australia is merely following US President Donald Trump. That is a dog whistle of the shrillest kind.

    There will be many lessons from the Wentworth result. The pity is that they may have come too late to prevent an independent handing power to Labor and the Greens.

  19. Myrddin Seren

    You can’t get blood out of stone and you can’t get taxes out of a bankrupt economy with exorbitant electricity prices and irregular service.

    $2+ trillion in clearly marked superannuation accounts sitting there like turkeys being fattened for Thanksgiving. See previous posts by MV and Dot.

    Massive notional wealth in property to be taxed. Property isn’t cash – you can’t eat a brick or handful of dirt – but watch them go anyway. Ask John Constantine about rural councils and escalating rates on properties that get no council services. Pay up or sell up.

    Shorten & Co will be almost giddy with the possibilities of the pool of money to swim around in.

    The strip mining of Australia’s assets has a long way to go yet before we reach Veneztralia.

  20. Wow, another lovely read on the Cat, my cup runneth over.

    Piers Akerman complaining about people being too smart is just delightful.

  21. Percy Popinjay

    Bazza Bones – an idiot who votes.

  22. md

    No matter who wins, we lose. To make matters worse, the Australian Conservatives just aren’t cutting through – admittedly, the leftist media have a lot to do with that, although I fail to see why the non-leftist media haven’t pushed them a lot harder – One Nation is all over the shop and is failing to deliver a coherent conservative message, and, while Anning is on-message on some things, Katter is a bit too ‘out there’ for many people.
    The result: the Left are winning on all fronts.
    Is there any hope for our country? No, not unless the Liberals completely reform – and that will never happen.
    So, thanks to the Left, and cowardly and/or self-serving ‘conservatives’, we can look forward to our country becoming more violent, less civil, less cohesive, less free and less prosperous and the ever-increasing disenfranchisement of the working majority.

    Meanwhile, in Donald Trump’s America, the conservatives know that the Left, in their desire to give substance to their hatred of society, have completely abandoned the working people of the country and they, the conservatives, have stepped in to fill the void.

    Unlike our ‘conservatives’, they get the fact that the Left hate their country (great ad, but with annoying music):
    Reagan-Founded PAC: Leftists Want to ‘Tear Down Our Society,’ ‘Our Culture,’ ‘Our Future’

  23. Arnost

    Sometimes it’s the only way in a democracy…

    Historically democracies turn into republics… and very shortly thereafter have a president/emperor for life. And that is why the US founding fathers chose to become a republic with a super strong constitution preventing voters from changing it…

  24. Rafe Champion

    I have a bolt hole in Tasmania but it will be next to impossible to get there when the lights go out.

  25. .

    My only criticism of the Aust. Cons. thus far is why the hell are they slumming it with the Liberal Party still.

    Ricardo! Cory!

    You are no longer in the Liberal party! They’re not even allies of any kind!

    They will also never forgive you for leaving.

  26. The NPCs are out in force this morning. They must have gotten an update overnight.

  27. RobK

    …. bolt hole in Tasmania
    The saving grace is tassy hydro was built with sliderule technology and will persist beyond the price gouging war on the mainland. It is the beneficiary of fortuitous planning, topography and climate regulations.

  28. Dr Fred Lenin

    Like all evil leftists ,the present lot have as usual created a monster which will lead to their destruction ,as normal they fall in a hole of their own making and keep digging . If you really want to get the usualy tolerant casual Aussie riled empty his pockets , take his electricity and fill his suburb with foreign welfare rubbish and screaming semi indigenius bludgers ,make the streets unsafe with muslim drug dealers , African gangsters and drunken fauxberiginals , a sure way to create violent reaction . I think the reaction mobs will be very unforgiving of the maggots who created this mess.

  29. Eyrie

    Who is this Bones dickhead?

  30. Eyrie

    Power still out in parts of Toowoomba after the storm 2 hours ago.
    Time to re-activate plans for a generator.

  31. Squirrel

    Sadly, I think we’re just going to have to wait for reality to bite the seemingly large chunk of the electorate which thinks that we can have world-leading renewable energy targets as well as reliable and affordable electricity.

    Combine further increases in electricity costs with rising petrol costs and rising mortgage interest rates, and still flat(tish) wages, and the religious zeal for “real action” (blah, blah, blah) on “climate change” will become somewhat more of a niche interest.

    A Labor/Green government will, of course, throw subsidies to selected voting groups, but the majority will still be paying full tariff, as well as funding the subsidies. We know how this is going to end – couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of bull-artists.

  32. Muddy

    I’m envious of those here who seem to believe that eventually, the broader population will ‘see the light’, acknowledge their role in the terminal descent, and somehow have both the willingness and ability to pull out of the dive … just in time. Without we, the last defenders, having to do anything.

    I think it far more likely that the drugged masses will be convinced (by others, and in the absence of a contrasting narrative) the freefall into the abyss is now the new ‘up’, and they will fight for the opportunity to never prove their righteousness.

    The concise version: those without the intellectual capacity to tie a slipknot will never hang themselves, regardless of the constant gifts of rope. Someone has to tie the knot for them. Or disembowel them (metaphorically, of course) while they are staring blankly at the rope in their hands.

    Apathy emasculates, and our generations deserve to be wiped from history.

  33. Eyrie:

    Power still out in parts of Toowoomba after the storm 2 hours ago.
    Time to re-activate plans for a generator.

    Don’t bother. If the power goes out for more than 2 days, the police will requisition it, and any fuel you have, for essential services – like the station beer fridge.
    Unless you’re prepared to defend it.
    Rope your neighbours into a defence arrangement where they get a lead with power 6 – 12 hours daily if they stock up diesel, and get firearms. Shotties are best for home defence.

  34. egg_

    Who is this Bones dickhead?


  35. EvilElvis

    I turned my jug on this morning – still works.

    Yep. But the plant that makes those $10 kettles has long closed and moved to China thanks to inefficient supply and exhorbitant electricity prices, you fuckwit.

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