Socialism kills

Socialism is even more devastating to your life than smoking – fantastically bad for your health and welfare, will ruin your income-earning potential, and cost you your freedom. It might even kill you just as it has done for so many others.

You might think socialism is cool and you might think it’s chic, but if you do, you are historically illiterate and ignorant to a fanastic extent. The evidence of its massive dangers is everywhere; there is no counter story. Socialism brings ruin.

And yet, even with all the evidence everywhere available, people do smoke, in the same way that people line up to become socialists and support political leaders who would lead them into slavery, economic ruin and for many into death if those whom they follow ever end up with their hands on the levers of power. With all the warnings in the world, and all the evidence at every turn, all too many, because they think they are too smart to need such warning, will trundle down these doom-ridden paths.

As with cigarettes, socialism is a habit often commenced in youth, an intellectual disease which poisons the mind, which try as one might, can becomes an addictive belief system impossible to shed until dragged down by the inevitable harm that it creates if by fate one happens to find their own community, the one in which they live, has become yet one more socialist entity. Living in a socialist state is the surest cure for this addiction, but by then it is too late.

With socialism, just as with cigarettes, there is no reason for anyone to be unaware of the harm it brings. We have known its folly since even before the first disastrous socialist experiments were tried, which began just over a century ago. We have seen the ruin of one economy after another, from Russia in 1917 to Venezuela today. Yet there are always some who think they can beat the odds, that they know best, that next time will be different.

Do not be a fool. Do not support anyone or any party who offers you socialism as the answer to any actual existing problem. We know already what will happen. A tiny handful will scramble to the top who will then oppress everyone else – including you. Socialism creates poverty, misery and death. Socialism has never succeeded at any time in any place ever. The next time will be the same as all the other times.

If you call yourself a socialist, you are a fool. There are no exceptions.

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  1. Nob

    Poor analogy.

    Smoking increases your chances of early death and disease but doesn’t make it inevitable.
    It’s a bit of a lottery.

    There are plenty of lifelong smokers who lived successfully into their eighties and nineties

    There are no socialist or communist countries who survived that long.

  2. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    I’m just remembering seeing the “Killing Fields” , and all the pathetic Leftie wankers who gravely assured us that “The Communist regime in Cambodia, can’t be any worse then the Lon Nol dictatorship.”

    I hope they all died screaming.

  3. billie

    “yes, but everyone else did it wrong, it’s going to be different this time”

    there are a lot of people who truely believe that socialism is working today in some northern european countries, they are never sure of the details though

  4. tgs

    You say this and then you support the Liberal party.

    Pick one.

  5. John Constantine

    Socialism works.

    Their socialist malcom turnbull government was unwavering in its committment to the signed convention requiring all australian electricity users to buy an alex turnbull signed renewable certificate to prove they were compliant with fashionable decolonialisation theory.

    If the hilary clinton government required all Americans to buy a chelsea clinton certificate, there would be a bit of a push back.

    Australians didn’t just compliantly queue up to buy alex turnbull signed certificates as required, they also bought his bullshit and elected a green independent to the family seat in parliment.

    Rotten Borough.


  6. Ivan Denisovich

    Ten years ago a tribe of Australia’s snowfield socialists wrote a grovelling invitation to the chief thug who has turned Venezuela into the hell you now see on your TV screens

    Reality bites, viciously.

    AS NIGHT approached, Sandra Cadiz wrapped her shivering daughter in a blanket and prayed for a ride up the frigid Colombian mountaintop known as “the icebox.”

    Ten-year-old Angelis already had on nearly all of the clothes she’d brought for the 2700-mile (4345 km) trek through four countries — two pairs of leggings, several T-shirts and a light jacket. They did little to shield the girl’s thin frame from a biting wind.

    The mother and daughter had fled Venezuela on foot, joining more than 650 migrants who walk away from the collapsing nation each day because they cannot afford a plane or bus ticket.

    Cadiz knew not everyone survived the trek across dangerous borders and an unforgiving terrain, but she feared staying in Venezuela would mean her already malnourished daughter going hungry. Cadiz had less than $US6 ($AU8) tucked into her bra, all that was left of her life savings.

    An hour passed, and no one picked them up. Two hours passed, then three, as the temperature steadily edged toward freezing. Only one woman stopped in a beat-up silver Toyota, but she wanted $US12 ($AU17) for the two of them, which Cadiz couldn’t pay.

    Cadiz and her daughter forced to hitchhike, with a sign that reads;Blessed driver, please help us with a ride

    After five hours, Cadiz and her daughter closed their eyes and braced for a long night on the ground outside a gas station. Cadiz, 51, had left behind a grown daughter who was pregnant, and the only world she knew. Now, faced with the bone-chilling tundra ahead where migrants are said to perish, she was terrified. Quietly, she began to weep.

    In one of the biggest migrations in the world today, more than 1.9 million people have fled poverty, hunger, crime and hyperinflation in Venezuela since 2015 — rivalling the flow of Middle Eastern and African refugees to Europe. President Nicolas Maduro denies any mass migration, calling it a media campaign against the government, even while his countrymen fill public parks and shelters throughout South America.

    The toll of the Venezuelan migration has been largely invisible, with few keeping track of the dead and missing. United Nations figures show just two dozen migrant deaths or disappearances along routes Venezuelans frequent.

    But data collected by AP from various agencies in three countries found that deaths and disappearances could reach a few thousand, depending on how they are counted.

    At least 235 Venezuelans were reported missing in Colombia, Peru and Ecuador over the last two years. Some 334 in Colombia were killed in homicides and accidents, and an unknown number are believed to have drowned aboard shoddy boats in the Caribbean.

    Another 2841 died in Colombia from illnesses on the rise in Venezuela, like malaria and malnutrition.

    Since 2015 more than 1.9 million have fled hunger, crime, malnutrition and poverty in Venezuela.

    Although it’s difficult to know exactly what role migration played, Carlos Valdes, the head of Colombia’s forensic services office, said many arrive weakened by the exodus.

    “They can’t withstand a trip that hard, because the journey is very long,” he said. “They don’t eat and they die.”

    Cadiz had survived a lifetime of hardship and was determined not to become another casualty now. The daughter of a housewife and a cemetery worker, Cadiz got pregnant at 15 and dropped out of school to earn a living and raise her child.

    One of her husbands was killed in a robbery, another in a motorcycle accident. The eldest of her four children died at 25 in a hail of 20 bullets by an unknown assassin.

    When Venezuela’s oil-rich economy was booming, her small stand selling candy, cigarettes and mobile phone minutes paid for meat on the dinner table. And when a charismatic socialist named Hugo Chavez became president in 1999, she enthusiastically added Venezuelan flags and hats to her sales racks.

    In those early years, she bought chicken, sugar, milk, even Kraft mayonnaise. After she won a seat on a new local council, the government rewarded her with a free two-bedroom apartment, where she marvelled at the clear water that came out of the faucets.

    Her revolutionary fervour struck a nerve with an older sister, who was among the first wave of migrants to leave Venezuela as socialism took root. “You poor thing,” Cadiz remembers her saying before departing. “Keep believing in your chavismo.”

    It’s hard for Cadiz to pinpoint exactly when she lost faith in the revolution, maybe because there are too many moments to count.

    Cadiz here takes a moment as fatigue sets in. She is unsure when exactly the fervour and faith in the revolution left her.

    As Venezuela’s economy soured, food became harder to find. Cadiz and her daughter frequently slept outside supermarkets to grab whatever was available when doors opened in the morning.

    When Cadiz’s pregnant daughter-in-law came down with a urinary infection, they couldn’t find an antibiotic. Then the newborn got diaper rash because they couldn’t afford diapers or detergent good enough to clean makeshift cloth ones.

    Cadiz worried the young family could be one illness away from disaster. “Go or your child will die,” Cadiz told her son.

    They fled by foot to Peru this summer, a trek nearly equivalent to trekking from Los Angeles to New York City.

    In the meantime, customers no longer had cash to spend at Cadiz’s store, and she struggled to feed Angelis, who a doctor said was at least 10 pounds (4.5kg) underweight.

    She wrote repeatedly to government ministers begging for help as a single mother, starting her letters with, “A revolutionary hello!” She got no response.

    When Maduro went on television in August to announce a special bonus to help Venezuelans transition to a new currency with five fewer zeros, Cadiz saw her chance. The money would be just enough for two bus tickets to the border with Colombia.


  7. Up The Workers!

    Look at all those ‘lucky ‘ people whom Adolf Hitler’s “Nationalist Socialists” saved from Uncle Joe Stalin’s Communist Socialists 80 years or so, ago.

    Didn’t that work out well.

  8. rickw

    Socialism is a mental illness.

  9. Shy Ted

    Could always shut down the ABC and 95% of the stupidity would go away.

  10. Bad Samaritan

    rickw (6.52am) Hmmm. Lots of people buy Lotto tickets in the hope of winning the Big One. Next week, they’ll try again. Is this a mental illness?

    Or….everyone knows that 1000+ Aussies get killed in motor-crashes each year, and that tens of thousands get injured, but millions are still driving. Only some of them believe it “could never happen to them”; the rest know there are dangers. Is this a mental illness? And so on….

    What needs doing is to explain in very simple terms why leftist cannot work; why dictated economic outcomes are inefficient and why they always lead to shortages / suffering and then theft and then violence. Explain what the ‘price signal” does, and why it can never exist under socialism. Meanwhile….

    Don’t forget that even in OZ, despite the massive victory in 1972 and the following years of equally massively-gifted free stuff, Saint Gough suffered a huge thrashing three short years later, at the hands of that “hard-hearted bastard” Malcolm Fraser. This despite the oft-claimed wisdom that with ever more young people getting the vote, and with ever-more old fogies dying out, the balance was PERMANENTLY tilted in the “Let’s rob Peter to pay Paul” crowd’s favour.

    The average citizen is nowhere near so stupid as the elitists at The Cat care to believe. Why not treat them with respect; more flies caught with sugar than vinegar etc. cheers.

  11. Roger

    Socialism is a mental illness.

    Calling it so deprives its adherents of moral responsibility for their words and actions.

    It may be a sign of truncated intellectual development due to a closed mind, of gullibility or an expression of an outright will to have power over others, but its adherents always remain culpable, not excusable.

  12. John Bayley

    The average citizen is nowhere near so stupid as the elitists at The Cat care to believe.

    No. The ‘average citizens’ are even more stupid.
    Can’t wait for the ‘free market-oriented’ Bull Shitten/CFMMEU government.

  13. Kae

    Acquaintance tried to tell me that communism is good.
    China is capitalist.
    Capitalism is responsible for more deaths than communism.

    Distant acquaintance.

    Getting more distant as time passes.

    I’m too old to argue.

  14. Dave of Reedy Creek, Qld

    Ashamed to be an Australian, cannot believe how naive and thick the average Australian has become. We are virtually a communist country, following the communist manifesto to a t. What happened to the “lucky” country”? Since 2007 we have been on a greasy slide with socialism, Marxism and communism, yet we are sliding down without a care seemingly. When anyone tries to warn us it is mocked, ridiculed and ignored. Even the Feds were in on it, covering up a terrorist attack on a conservative office, the complicit media lies and covers up so much, their AlpBC beats the drum over and over until everyone believes their diatribe. Seemingly all political parties now sing from the same songbook and by and large everyone ignores facts like on things such as socialism, climate change, cheaper electricity prices etc, etc.

  15. .

    Acquaintance tried to tell me that communism is good.
    China is capitalist.
    Capitalism is responsible for more deaths than communism.

    Mei banfa.

    Some people can’t be swayed with any evidence.

  16. Iampeter

    Yea but as someone who supports Trump because of his policies, someone who supports tariffs, regulating tech companies and regulating immigration, you are hardly on the side of capitalism, Steve.

    Socialism couldn’t ask for a better ally than you.

  17. .

    Keep chipping away Peter.

    I know you piss people off, but you’re absolutely right about this.

    The same people would be apoplectic if the “wrong side” suggested such policies.

  18. Cynic of Ayr

    I think that the proponents of Capitalism rather than Socialism (I am one) are jumping up and down to the point of abuse, against these people who are for Socialism.
    “They’re mad, “you say.
    “They’re stupid, “you say.
    “You’ll all be killed, “you say.
    All this is true enough.
    But, no one asks the question, “Why do these people want to risk so much for Socialism?”
    Because Capitalism failed them, that’s why. I doubt there’s anyone who comments here on the Cats, is less than at least comfortable, if not very comfortable.
    Sure, you’ve worked hard all these years, but so have the ones who have little to show for it. And, to cut you off at the pass, no, they didn’t all drink it.
    A simple consideration to ask yourself is, why should a Bank Teller – a reasonably intelligent and educated person – be paid, say, Fifty Thousand a year, even Sixty after tax, when the CEO gets Ten Million gross? That’s right! Ten Million was the figure the WestPac Bank paid Gail Kelly. One Hundred Thousand Dollars per week, every week, after tax. And that figure doesn’t include the hidden extras.
    The Bank Teller or equivalent, gets into an accident, and the Lawyer charges them Four or Five hundred Dollars per hour – plus phone calls etc – paid out of any benefit they might receive from insurance.
    There’s millions of stories like this, and that’s why Socialism is so tempting to so many people. It can’t be worse than this, can it?

  19. min

    Steve you know the answer is that it was not done right and we will do it correctly.
    And Cynic where would you be after an accident under socialism, have you been to Russia and Sen behind the tourist presentation ?

  20. .

    Cynic – being a Sarariman is what is referred to economics as a tournament.

    You are better off going alone and taking on more risk – earning an absolute pittance, or making far more than most salaried workers, but less likely to earn Alan Moss levels of salary even if you make it, but you can earn much, much more than Mr Moss and Ms Kelly’s salary. At least you’ll be less inclined to punch your boss in the face (only slow suppliers and non-paying clients).

    I blame the education system – people are conditioned to think if they are good drones, they will be successful. They are conditioned out of self-reliance. The alternative is to work for yourself and perhaps downshift but the solution never occurs to them. They’ve been taught about social justice and being a worker in school.

    Some of the most entrepreneurial people are dropouts .

  21. Rohan

    Because Capitalism failed them, that’s why.

    No it hasnt. They have a roof over thier heads, food in thier table, a smart phone in thier pocket and clothes on thier backs. If they loose thier job, the government provides welfare long enough for them to get back on thier feet. It also provides them with education, health and law and order.

    They are free to seek out other more lucrative opportunities and use further education to increase their skill to achieve that.

    Socialism provides nothing of the sort. It does provide misery, empoverishment, starvation and death at the hand of sociapathic, psycopathic robber barons.

    This talk is simply pandering to the socialist propaganda machine.

  22. Dr Fred Lenin

    My posters would read ,
    Socialism is a preventable terminal affliction !
    Avoid it by not voting gangrene/alp/ liberal .
    Independents are the cure .

  23. Howard Hill

    Too many co-dependants in Australia. I’ve seen many parents that own successful businesses bring up their children in bubbles, wrapped in cotton. They’re given everything they want without question and not once taught where it came from. Now these children expect everything for nothing, some of them are even in positions of telling us how to run our lives.
    No amount of screaming socialism is an illness will change any of this.
    It’s my belief we need a good hard time under a completely rotten to the core government to wake people up, the Gangster-Shortfilth will bring this I hope?
    I can’t see any other way out?

  24. Dr Fred Lenin

    Socialism is a mental illness ,if it is it is self inflicted ,like many other mental issues smoking dope shooting up ,drunkenness .heavy smoking ,all used by excess ,no one makes them do it ,so socialism gets there by fools voting for them ,same as the addicts .

  25. Dr Fred Lenin

    Socialism is a mental illness ,if it is it is self inflicted ,like many other mental issues smoking dope shooting up ,drunkenness .heavy smoking ,all used by excess ,no one makes them do it ,so socialism gets there by fools voting for them ,same as the addicts .the cure is abstinence .

  26. I am bespoke

    #2845640, posted on October 21, 2018 at 11:40 am

    You and JC are more effective is reminding us of Trumps blind spots by supporting your claims then petulant rantings that only serve to alienate the ones most likely to agree. What happen hear over the last week is a prim example. The resident dominatrix got silence by some passive acceptance by others but achieved nothing.

  27. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    It’s my belief we need a good hard time under a completely rotten to the core government to wake people up, the Gangster-Shortfilth will bring this I hope?

    Another “recession we had to have” would serve admirably, indeed.

  28. I am bespoke

    nothing of real substance.

  29. jupes

    The same people would be apoplectic if the “wrong side” suggested such policies.

    Trump uses tariffs as a weapon, not an end in itself. The great man’s policy is actually zero tariffs but no other nation is willing to join him. You or course are too ideologically blinkered and stupid to understand this.

    I know you piss people off, but you’re absolutely right about this.

    FMD. Dotty and iampeter. Idiocy squared.

  30. Muddy

    I wonder if Cynic was writing more about perception? Socialism certainly makes great use of psychology and taps into the ‘human condition.’

    If the ‘socialism is baaad, mmmmkay?’ line doesn’t seem to be working now, maybe it needs to be rebranded? Are our arguments too abstract for most people, distracted by the banalities of everyday life and bombarded by tsunamis of information? Sure, millions died, blah blah blah … but how will it affect ME?

  31. .

    #2845981, posted on October 21, 2018 at 6:32 pm

    You loathsome, intolerable imbecile. I’ve praised Trump’s NEW trade policies here many times.

    Back in 2015, he was spouting utter idiocy on trade.

  32. Death Giraffe

    Keep chipping away Peter.

    Chipping away at his own brain with an ice pick.

  33. Death Giraffe

    regulating tech companies

    Only the Marxist ones.

  34. Muddy

    How about (using the same stack of skulls): “Socialism. So funny, it’ll kill you.”
    Or (again using the same image): “Equality: The same for everyone.”
    “Socialism: Stripping back the layers that differentiate us.” [OK, too many big words there].

  35. I am bespoke

    “Socialism equally miserable”

  36. Muddy

    Mound of skulls image still: “Labor, Liberal, Greens. Same, same.”
    “Socialism: Retards Executed First. Vote Labor.”
    “Embrace recycling – Bring Back Year Zero.”

  37. Muddy

    “You voted for the Liberals? Choose a bullet. Any bullet.”
    “A Labor voter, a Liberal voter, and a Green’s feral walked into a polling booth …”
    “Save the planet. You’ll be dead soon anyway.”

  38. Colonel Crispin Berka, King's Fusiliers Corps.

    One always has to be careful when arguing by analogy that one does not gloss over the crucial details of the topic in question, lest the analogy become a substitute for the facts. The impossibility of economic calculation under Socialism is worth mentioning even if it is difficult to summarise.

    The smoking analogy is pretty good. Not only does socialism usually kill if continued long enough, but it hurts everyone else around you long before that.

    Cynic’s point is also relevant, and I think Steve partly answered it already. Why does anyone start down that path? We have to acknowledge the lures to socialism exist and they sound good – they must do or Venezuelans wouldn’t have voted for it. It’s exactly these bread and circuses and entitlements and one-size-fits-all public goodies that have to be identified as warning signs for budding young voters to learn to avoid, just as they already learn caution about “stranger danger” or generous offers from Nigerian princes and Russian brides. People have had to learn about cybercrime to avoid it, but where do they learn to avoid political bait-and-switch on a grand scale?

    And it wouldn’t be a comment from Berka if I didn’t mention the hazard of making trite or fallacious counter-arguments in this area. When the poor are nominated as “failures of capitalism”, one of the worst things you can do is reply “Why don’t they just stop being poor?” That doesn’t help because it is not constructive. It’s important to point out that capitalism creates a system in which everyone can succeed by their own effort, something socialism cannot do. Saying capitalism makes no guarantee you will succeed is also true but that doesn’t win converts.

    The pile of skulls is a bit grisly, but we need both the carrot and the stick.

  39. Boambee John

    Socialism is the lust for power over others built on a foundation of hate and envy.

  40. Iampeter

    Only the Marxist ones.

    If you think private enterprise should be regulated because they have Marxist beliefs, then you too are a Marxist.

    Socialism only exists today because its supposed opponents don’t actually have any alternative ideas and so end up advocating socialism without realizing they are doing it.

    Basically, you are socialists who are too politically illiterate to realize you’re socialists.

  41. bollux

    The most successful socialist society in the world to date has been Australia, but time’s running out fast. Soon we will be an unsuccessful socialist state.

  42. Craig Sargent

    Your 118 million total is far too low….

    148 Million from communism.

    and then more if you include National Socialism

  43. .

    When the poor are nominated as “failures of capitalism”, one of the worst things you can do is reply “Why don’t they just stop being poor?” That doesn’t help because it is not constructive. It’s important to point out that capitalism creates a system in which everyone can succeed by their own effort, something socialism cannot do. Saying capitalism makes no guarantee you will succeed is also true but that doesn’t win converts.

    No one is arguing that.

    (Principled) conservatives and libertarians have always argued for the poor – cut regressive taxes (payroll, excise, tariffs), deregulate occupational licensing, end wage regulation and stopping inflation.

  44. Muddy

    Socialism relies on deception. Successful deception.

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