The immovable object is about to meet the irresistible force!

One of the greatest paradoxes in the history of philosophy may about to be resolved: Intensifying Hurricane Willa Headed Directly Toward 10,000 Migrant Caravan Path.

It appears that the migrant caravan, which has been reported to upward of 10,000 strong, might run into some extra trouble on their march to seek American asylum. A massive hurricane (named Willa) is set to cross the path that the migrants will eventually cross.

And then after that, there’s this:

There’s also a slightly smaller disturbance named Vincente to the south of Willa that meteorologists say will be consumed by the massively growing Willa, but will still pose a threat for dangerous conditions for the caravan, which has already seen its fair share of struggles with food, sanitation and organization.

We have already discussed The Irresistible Force. Now we shall see what happens when it meets The Immovable Object.

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47 Responses to The immovable object is about to meet the irresistible force!

  1. Black Ball

    Also the small problem north of Mexico that awaits. You campaigned on this President Trump so turn them back. Then deregister any organisation with ties to Soros.

  2. flyingduk

    No country can claim it is unable to stop such entrants across its borders until it has run out of bullets

  3. rickw

    Poor George and Alex, this little stunt will get all their assets confiscated and used to pay down US debt!

  4. RobertS

    10,000 looks like an invasion force.
    A few squadrons of A-10’s could stop it in under an hour.

  5. Entropy

    So these people fleeing oppression are proudly waving their erstwhile oppressors’ flags? This really smells.

  6. Hay Stockard

    Nice migrant caravan you have there. Shame if something happens to it.

  7. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)

    free showers!

  8. John Constantine

    Their democratic party’s regiment of foot will be able to provide media footage of babies drowned because of Trumps climate change storming them as they trek towards their chosen polling booths on the new Trail of Tears.

    The democrats would have a freezer full of dead babies somewhere, just waiting to deploy them for the maximum media effect.


  9. Up The Workers!

    That’ll have the lefties scratching their empty heads…

    Is the hurricane due to gerbil worming…or is it all Trump’s fault?

    Gee, wouldn’t it be a shocker if it pee’d down with rain and everybody just turned around and went home soaking wet?!

    It’d be like Hateful Harpy Hillary losing on election night, all over again.

    Trump absolutely delights in making stupid people angry – and than includes just about everybody on the Dimocrats side.

    If Soros is bankrolling the march, how did the money leave the country? Did it all leave the country legally? Are there taxation or Customs or Treasury implications in such a sum leaving the U.S.? Could the money be said to have been put to a use contrary to National Security and contrary to the interests of the U.S.A.?

    Are those two well-known Anti-Trump Labor Party scoundrels, Krudd and Turncoat both peeing in Soros’s pocket at the moment?

    Should they both be picked up as undesirable aliens and booted out of the country (perhaps to Saudi Arabia’s Turkish embassy)?

  10. mh

    I like to be in America!
    O.K. by me in America!
    Ev’rything free in America
    For a small fee in America!

  11. mh

    I’m singin’ in the rain
    Just singin’ in the rain
    What a glorious feeling
    I’m happy again
    I’m laughin’ at clouds
    So dark up above
    The sun’s in my heart
    And I’m ready for love
    Let the stormy clouds chase
    Everyone from the place
    Come on with the rain
    I’ve a smile on my face
    I’ll walk down the lane
    With a happy refrain
    Just singin’
    Singin’ in the rain
    Dancin’ in the rain
    Da da da da da da
    I’m happy again
    I’m singin’ and dancin’ in the rain
    I’m dancin’ and singin’ in the rain

  12. Cpt Seahawks

    But I would walk 500 miles
    And I would walk 500 more
    Just to be the man who walks a thousand miles
    To fall down at your door

  13. Cpt Seahawks

    Please disregard. Mmm this tech stuff.

  14. Sunni Bakchat

    Unfortunately the area around Puerta Vallarta is backed by very high mountains that blow out hurricanes very quickly.

    The US locals know the spots in Central America that aren’t affected badly by Hurricanes. Puerto Vallarta and the areas nearby are very popular for this reason.

    If the Caravan was in Cabo it would be a very different story. That would be the equivalent of being in Exmouth in 1999 when Vance hit.

    Close, but no cigar!

  15. A Lurker

    Going by that photo there is apparently an unusual number of males involved in that march. Just like an invasion. Just like the horde of Africans, Middle Easterners and others that continue to march into Europe.

    All Soros funded?

  16. Isn’t it amazing what Trump is able to do? See what pulling out of the Paris agreement has done, no need to send in the military, just send in nature.

  17. yarpos

    If an organised band of 10,000 people want to force their way across your border how is that a “migrant caravan” and not an invading force?

  18. Angus Black

    I see that God is on Trump’s side. Sensible fellow.

  19. Mother Lode

    They would not have been emboldened to do this were it not for Obama’s near dismantling of the border.

    Here I am talking about the steadily advancing band of Guatamexicans (thanks, Tim Blair) and whoever on the American side is orchestrating this.

    They have been burning American flags and waving about their own national ones, they intend to make their first act in America a crime – they aren’t migrating, they are metastasising.

  20. lotocoti

    From the vision I’ve seen, they don’t appear to be toting the necessaries for a long distance hike.
    Perhaps they have a logistics train.

  21. Ellen of Tasmania

    How many of those poor souls are just expendable pawns in the hands of the Powers-That-Be?

    Certainly, the children. But what nonsense lies have those people been fed, and how much money has changed hands, to make them feel they have the right to storm another country? The whole thing just seems tragic to me, and more tragedies will follow.

    It’s at times like this I really wish the whole QAnon thing was real and we were about to unveil the evil behind the curtain.

  22. EvilElvis

    has already seen its fair share of struggles with food, sanitation and organization.

    Hurricane Willa, check! That’s sanitation taken care of.

  23. Tel

    Perhaps they have a logistics train.

    You would think that logistics for 10k people standing out in the open would be easy to keep track of. Why did we pay all that tax money for spy satellites? Now we are supposed to believe they just stopped working?!?

    But if I light up a smoke, standing six feet from an open doorway they will attach the photo on the bottom of the fine notice and tell me what brand it was. Funny how the surveillance state operates.

  24. Bela Bartok

    Trump will have to lie down and take this: the optics will bring him down.
    It’s all planned.

  25. Rae

    Steve, that hurricane might rain on their parade (pun intended), but not much. By the time it reaches the Pan-American Highway in Mexico it should be reduced to a refreshing sprinkle. In terms of your obvious desire to wipe out those needy travelers, it seems that Willa won’t (another pun).

  26. candy

    needy travellers

    They look mostly young healthy males which is a good thing. Even though they are protesting and their country’s problems are not something Australians have to deal with thank Heavens, but one wonders about if there are wives and children, elderly parents, left behind and what happens to them all.

  27. Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    Well, Trump’s father’s middle name is Jesus, so that makes Trump the Grandson of God. Now that’s having real connections!
    As for Irresistable force meeting Immoveable object, Einstein pointed out that there is no absolute central point in the Universe (it’s all relative), So how are you ever going to prove that something has or has not moved? Compared to what?

  28. Roger

    So how are you ever going to prove that something has or has not moved? Compared to what?

    You mean we can’t say with absolute certainty that the earth orbits the sun? 🙂

  29. Louis Hissink

    What is intriguing is how the people in the caravan are being fed, and who might be financing this operation. And the other factor is waste production.

  30. Louis

    I’d bet money that the moment that Hurricane gets within 1000kms of the caravan, the MSM will start labelling them climate change refugees.

    I think Americas problem is the disease of leftism. How people flee Democrat run states for Republican ones because of the costs, crime etc. but then once in a Republican State continue to vote Democrat and for leftist policies like somehow they won’t turn their new State into the one they just fled.

  31. Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    Roger, so long as you claim that the stars are ‘fixed’, you can!

  32. Howard Hill

    If Mexico can let them pass through, why doesn’t Trump just pass them through to Canada? Wasn’t it sock man up their saying not long ago, all refo’s are welcome?

  33. Howard Hill

    Oops! Their should be there 🙁

  34. Dr Fred Lenin

    Shooot a couple of hundred at the border , have a few entry points between mine fields ,stop all trade aand tourism with Mexico , and of course cut off aid to all offending countries . Find out who financed them and confiscate all of their family assets and jail them for life plus ten years with no remission in one of America’s less salubrious jails , where they can celebrate multi culture togetherness in all its forms .
    The democrats haven’t got giliard s McTernan as their strategy advisor? It looks like lose lose lose all the my late old mate used to say ,”they couldn’t shit in the sea ,they’d miss it )

  35. Louis

    Actually yeah. Should offer to put them on a bus at the Mexican border and transport them straight up to Canada.

    The Canadian Boy King made that offer because he knows how hard it is for illegal immigrants to get to Canada. A very unsafe coastal waters and a land barrier buffeted by the USA.

  36. Louis Hissink

    Actually it seems to be making use of a youth-bulge proposed by Prog. Gunnar Heinsohn, topic dealt with here.

    The Youth Bulge Theory attempts to explain and to predict social conflict, migration, conquest and war, and was first introduced by the CIA in 1995 (The Demographic Backdrop to Ethnic Conflict: A Geographic Overview). Youth bulge specifically refers to a disproportionate percentage of a state population being between the ages of 15 and 24 years old. But the main point of the Youth Bulge Theory is that an excess in especially young adult male population predictably leads to social unrest, war and terrorism, as the third and fourth sons that find no prestigious positions in their existing societies rationalize their impetus to compete by religion or political ideology.

    In his study Söhne und Weltmacht (Sons and World Power: Terror in the Rise and Fall of Nations; 2003) German genocide expert Gunnar Heinsohn investigated family size in various societies in relation to the frequency of violent conflict since 1500 A.D. He concluded, that the presence of large numbers of young men in nations that have experienced population explosions — all searching for respect, work, sex and meaning — tend to turn into violent countries and become involved in wars. Heinsohn’s demographic materialism is not concerned with the absolute size of populations, but rather with the share of teenagers and young men. If the population under the age of 20 becomes 40% or more compared to the total, society is facing a youth bulge. Serious problems start when families begin to produce three, four or more sons. Faced with limited resources, the surplus sons’ competition for power and prestige does only leave six options: #1 Violent Crime, #2 Civil War, #3 Revolution, #4 Emigration, #5 Genocide, and #6 War of Conquest or Colonization.

  37. Ms Smith

    Up The Workers!
    #2847816, posted on October 23, 2018 at 11:06 pm
    “If Soros is bankrolling the march” Do you have access to Fox News? Hannity Tues 23/10/18 had an EXCELLENT take on the caravan. A investigative journalist Sara Carter reported from Guatamaela, had spoken to its president, and mentioned that Venezuela is heavily involved.
    If you can’t access, then watch him here—————-

  38. Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    A black hole is both irresistable, AND immoveable!!! So we have plenty of ways to answer the question.

  39. Linden

    I imagine from a satellite view it will look something a big pot of soupy strew being stirred.

  40. Muddy

    Aside from the mysteries already mentioned, is the security issue. I’m sure more knowledgeable cats will correct me, but northern Mexican states are not renowned for personal safety, yes? This ‘caravan’ will offer a prime opportunity to young, unblooded Mexican men, as yet ‘untapped’ by their local cartel, to practice their skills and perhaps impress enough to get paying work. Nibble at the edges of the herd, if you know what I mean.

    If that doesn’t happen at all (and we probably wouldn’t hear about it anyway), one would have to conclude that the ‘caravan’ has paid protection, either internal, or on a jurisdictional basis. I would be surprised if there has not been some tension between the mass and armed locals thus far. How was that dealt with? Were the locals too scared to selectively cull the herd?

  41. Empire 5:5


    No rent-a-thug will take on a wall of combusting gasoline to cross the border. It’s the obviously humane option and great optics.

    Trump turns up heat on invasion force: wrath of Don impassible.

  42. Muddy

    I’d be doing some intelligence-gathering, not only within the so-called ‘caravan’ to determine who is calling the shots, but also who is responsible for their communications. Knobble the latter and interrupt their ways and means of communicating with the ‘outside’ media, and other solutions to the larger problem become more achievable, at least in theory.

    Part of the challenge would include overcoming the protection that key players would have. One element could include the ‘arrest’ of some of those key players by Mexican authorities (paid for by the U.S. of course) on drugs or other serious charges. This would have to be just one of a number of options, however.

  43. Bushkid

    They have been burning American flags and waving about their own national ones, they intend to make their first act in America a crime – they aren’t migrating, they are metastasising.

    Burning the flag of the country they want to “migrate” to? Yeah, the looks good – not!

    So these people fleeing oppression are proudly waving their erstwhile oppressors’ flags? This really smells.

    Yeah, kind of gives the game away, doesn’t it.

  44. Bela Bartok

    Whoever is paying for this is using the successful Palestinian option: get expendable idiots to get hurt making a political point; film it and embarrass the opposition into folding.
    The State of Isra*l can only just resist this tactic and endures opprobrium.
    It’s a bet: will Trump stand up and defy this herd, with images of kiddies being killed/starved etc.?
    It’s Kavanaugh on a global scale – like a grand push by the Left to overturn their own government and defeat their own country.
    Will Trump actually be able to implement the things above? (Not flamethrowers, but trade sanctions etc.)
    The FBI:CIA are on the wrong side, so they won’t help destabilize the caravan as we hope; the bureaucracy is on the wrong side; and the judiciary will work against him.

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