Heads up on Reefscare

The Rite-On! team up north have been consulting with Peter Ridd to generate a new Reefscare campaign to add their voices to the call for sanity on environmental issues and the power crisis.

What will happen, to Australia, Australian jobs, our food supply, agricultural industries and our ability to be self-sufficient, if we do as the IPCC report demands and remove our ability to export or use coal for energy production, or farm to grow our own sources of protein? The staple of the great Aussie BBQ- the succulent steak, and the foundation of the café culture – the hot steaming latte, will become a distant memory …and all for what? Saving the reef.

For information and circulation and any other support you can think of.

We have been there before with posts from the IPA collection Climate Change: The Facts.

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12 Responses to Heads up on Reefscare

  1. The thing is, the reef is not in endangered.

  2. DaveR

    The UN IPCC and its latest report must be called out for what it is – an immediate danger to the economic prosperity of our country and to our national lifestyle.

    The intrusion of globalist organisations into our sovereignty continues to grow. It started with the UK-European environmentalist movements – whose Australian offshoots still take direct orders from Europe (witness the global ‘campaign’ against plastics).

    The UN IPCC is but the latest attempt of these European elites to try and control the actions of sovereign nations beyond their borders. And no-one should be surprised that environmentalism is the cause being used.

  3. Peter Campion

    I got this into print yesterday…

    The Editor
    The Cairns Post

    Back on September 19th, the ABC ran a story headlined, “Public funds to kill crown-of-thorns starfish funnelled through companies linked to tourism operators.”

    It raised concerns about conflicts of interests at the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.

    On October 19th, the ABC ran a story headlined, “Reef company altered scientist’s report on crown-of-thorns program — even though he told them not to.”

    It raised concerns about misrepresentations by the Reef and Rainforest Research Centre.

    Then there’s the lived experience of all those who visit the reef daily. Are their eyes lying or is the reef doing just fine?

    There are too many discrepancies. Bring on a Royal Commission into the public funding of the “save-the-reef brigade”.

    While the ABC is often worthy of criticism, it’s leading the media pack on this scandal.

    (132 words)
    Peter Campion

    Which was surprising as the Cairns Post has refused to report this for over six months now.

  4. The thing is, the reef is not in endangered.

    Eggsactly. Stop playing into their lying hands, when you legitimise their lies you give them more power. The ad should be “There is no danger to the reef despite all the claims but thanks to these lies we are all in danger of losing X,Y and Z. The only thing in danger is to your wallet as it is emptied to fill the pockets of spivs peddling doom and Government maaaaaaates.”

  5. H B Bear

    The Little Reef that Could is Australia’s starving polar bear stuck on a melting ice floe.

  6. Kneel

    “I got this into print yesterday…”

    Good-o – it’s a start!

    The ONLY way sensible people will make progress on this disaster-in-the-making, is for someone to do a Harold Scruby – create a club/society/whatever with a great sounding name, and issue press releases to the media at every chance. They will ignore you at first, but eventually they will come to you as an obvious “expert”.

    Now, what name would be good?
    Scruby used “Pedestrian Council”, so we need something equally official-sounding… hmmm…
    I dunno…
    “Citizens for Sustainability”?
    “Energy Pricing Monitor”?

  7. Peter Campion

    The ONLY way sensible people will make progress on this disaster-in-the-making, is for someone to do a Harold Scruby – create a club/society/whatever with a great sounding name, and issue press releases to the media at every chance.

    I like this idea. A lot. I tried doing it as a privateer for a while – every alarmist media release I could get I went through and corrected and then submitted to local journos as a counter-point. One of the local frightbat TV News crews went so far as to block my emails! Right up until they wanted a chat about Baanyard’s progeny, of course.

    The MSM is the enemy of sane, rational dialogue.

  8. Now, what name would be good?

    Power to the People.

  9. Peter Campion

    What about The CLEANS?

    Calm Logical Environmentalists Against Normalising Socialism

  10. Rafe Champion

    Names? Affordable Power Champions!
    Cheap Power Champions.
    Champions of Coal.
    Campion’s Champions.
    Campion’s Letter Writing Champions. That is based on Peter’s arsenal of letters that can be distributed to letter writers across the country for their local media so they don’t have to spend a lot of time working out what to say, hence an immediate response to developments.

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