Graphic power tracker

Beats the AEMO dashboard for quick reference. h/t Jim Simpson of the Five Dock Climate Realists.

Some displays have too much detail, for a quick picture the best grouping is probably Fuel Source – Primary showing Fossil, Hydro, Wind and Solar plus some too small to see. Of course Solar is non-existent most of the day.

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5 Responses to Graphic power tracker

  1. Ben

    Hi all, you may also enjoy these. OpenNEM is a good one, with developments ongoing.

  2. Bushkid

    Goodness me, all that coal being fully utilised, just when everyone is waking up, brewing coffee, cooking breakfast, taking electric trains to work, turning on lights and air-cons and computers at work,supermarkets opening up, schools opening up, operators ramping up machinery in industry making things for consumers and (maybe) export, etc.

    Only 2 major hydro plants working to the same capacity – Snowy and Tassie – the only 2 we have apart from a couple of dinky little ones here in Queensland (Stockyard Creek and Barron Gorge).

    Gee, you’d almost think coal-fired electricity generation was vital or something.

    This is the sort of graphic that the “renewables” dreamers – whether it be 20%, 26%, 50% or the insane expectation of 100% – need to have forcibly shoved in their faces each and every hour of the day and night.

  3. Old Irrelevant me

    Hmmm just like society the minorities get all the parliaments focus

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