Fake news about drowning Pacific islands

On it goes! We have paid out good money for nothing in the Pacific. Not a climate refugee in sight but plenty of hands out for cash. A bit like the Paris Accord:)

And in New York, testimony from Jay Lehr of the Heartland Institute.

The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has updated its coastal sea level tide gauge data which continue to show no evidence of accelerating sea level rise.

These measurements include tide gauge data at coastal locations along the West Coast, East Coast, Gulf Coast, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, as well as seven Pacific Island groups and six Atlantic Island groups, comprising more than 200 measurement stations.

The longest NOAA tide gauge record on coastal sea level rise measurements is right here in New York at the Battery, with its 160-year record which is shown below with a steady rate of sea level rise of 11 inches per century. A slightly slower rate of sea level rise occurs at nearby Kings
Point, New York, whose 80-year record also appears below.

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  1. wozzup

    I remember working in a government agency where one guy was renowned for having a grandmother who died about 4 times in the course of 5 years. Seems the poor old dear passed away regularly in order to afford the chap a few days off so he could save his precious recreation leave for trips to Bali or somewhere.

    Call me “Mr Suspicious” if you will, but I have a inkling that drowning Pacific island nations are somewhat like that guy’s grandma.

  2. Bruce of Newcastle

    I wonder if someone might send this news to ScoMo and to all those Pacific Island leaders with their hands out?

    While they’re at it maybe send the news that the Great Barrier Reef is actually not dying and that the real global temperature has not been rising this century.

    We might then be spared ridiculous electricity prices, mass unemployment from closed businesses and pensioners dying in winter because they can’t afford to heat their houses.

  3. egg_

    Those Chinese bases on low lying coral atolls don’t seem to be bothered by catastrophic seal level rises?
    Do they need refugee funding, too?

  4. duncanm

    Hang on – we were supposed to have 50M refugees by 2010, According to the UN.

    Its ok – they’ve now upper their estimates and timeframe – its 1B by 2050 and 2B by 2100, and the UN would like us to treat them as refugees fleeing some apocalypse

  5. duncanm

    Those Chinese bases on low lying coral atolls don’t seem to be bothered by catastrophic seal level rises?

    xacry – why the hell can’t Tuvalu and others use some of their 1st-world pity money to do something constructive (in all meanings of the word)?

  6. OldOzzie

    Sea Level rise in coastal Australia
    In Australia, the trend in sea level has been calculated from long term averaged tide gauge records as 1.2 mm/year.

    Sea Level Rises Marine Science Australia

    The two longest tide gauge records at Fort Denison in Sydney harbour and at Fremantle in Western Australia indicate a slightly higher trend of 1.4 mm/yr at Fort Denison and a lower trend of 0.9 mm/yr at Fremantle. Both of these Australian determinations may include changes in the reference datum relative to the International Frame (IRF) due to the vertical movement of land.

    Sea level rise hysteria can be cured by looking at tide gauge data – Jo Nova

    Compare the forecast two metre rise, to actual Tide Gauge Data for Fremantle since 1900 (Fremantle has the second longest record of sea level change in the Southern Hemisphere):

    Sea Level rise Fremantle, Perth, Australia.

    Sea Level rise Fremantle, Perth, Australia shows about a 20cm rise in 110 years.

    So there has been a 20cm rise or so in 100 years. But 200cm is coming. Yeah. (For details of the way Sea Levels around Perth Coastline change see Chris Gillhams work.)

    This slow rate of sea level rise is not just a west coast thing: Sydney’s sea levels are rising at just 6.5cm per century.

    The model projections future rate of change is off the scale.

    Here’s that current Fremantle trend with a projected 2 metre rise to 2100 added in:

    Mean Sea Level, Fremantle, Model Projections, 2100.

    A 20cm rise in one hundred years is 2mm per annum. If the forecasts are right that rate must rise immediately to 22mm pa, a tenfold increase.

    As it happens, the tide gauge is sinking 2 – 4mm each year (20 -40cm a century).
    PARTS of Perth are sinking because too much water is being extracted from the Perth Basin, making those areas more vulnerable to sea level rises.

    Professor Will Featherstone said the gauge was sinking at about 2-4mm a year due to groundwater being extracted at a faster rate than it can be replenished, causing the land to subside.

  7. Zatara

    Hang on – we were supposed to have 50M refugees by 2010, According to the UN.

    Funny you should mention that.

    The unseen driver behind the migrant caravan: climate change

    Well that didn’t take long. Don’t let the fact that Guatemala and Honduras are mostly humid mountainous jungles throw you off. Remember, how the war in Syria and therefore that ‘refugee crisis’ was supposed to have been caused by global warming as well? Page one of the progressive playbook, ‘never let a crisis go to waste’.

  8. gbees

    If my parents die today in this heat because they can’t afford the turn on the air-con, I’m going to sue the government.

  9. Zatara

    That’s the spirit gbees!

    Never let a crisis go to waste.

  10. duncanm

    The unseen driver behind the migrant caravan: climate change

    no point going to the US, then – that’s being ravaged by Hurricanes

  11. Alan

    Can people verify this source?
    NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) has a map that illustrates global / regional trends in sea level rise, with arrows representing the direction and magnitude of change.
    I see many locations where sea levels are trending up right next to other locations trending down?
    Hint: click the “Global” button
    eg Sydney (Fort Denison) = 0.65mm/yr (MILLI-metres per year)
    Brisbane = 0.99mm/yr (1966-2016)

  12. gbees

    #2854968, posted on November 2, 2018 at 11:17 am
    That’s the spirit gbees!
    Never let a crisis go to waste.

    Well Zatara, lefties get away with it, so might as well try my luck!

  13. Bruce of Newcastle

    Can people verify this source?

    Alan – One of the things you aren’t seeing is the variation in the rate of sea level rise.

    Here is an example: The Battery, NY (From here.)

    You can see the cycle plainly – which tracks the AMO. The AMO has a ~60 year cycle time and has just risen to its latest peak. So you are seeing higher than normal sea level rise rates which will fall again as the cycle reverses. Same goes for the solar maximum in about 2005, at which the Sun was at its most active for about 9,000 years – and that cycle is now also reversing.

  14. Bruce of Newcastle

    That The Battery graph incidentally is originally from the same NOAA site you linked. I’m not commenting on the veracity of the data but on what the climateers never mention about sea level change, that it’s substantially if not entirely due to natural processes.

    As I recall Nils-Axel Mörner worked out 1.5 mm/yr for Australia, which is roughly the global rate he calculated from a thousand or so tide gauge datasets. Vastly less than the number our masters in Canberra put out – which has cost some people on the coast a lot of money and hassle due to local council green sillinesses.

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