The smartest political leader of all time

Of course, accomplished nothing positive, but you know what he means. And here is something else along the same lines from the worst American president ever. And yet it will be his wife fighting Bill Clinton’s wife for the Democrat nomination in 2020, and who’s to say she wouldn’t win. Knowing anything at all, or having no policy sense whatsoever, no longer seems to be a qualification for the left. See below.

Discussed more fully here: Off-teleprompter Obama rambles, nearly incoherently attacking American global warming skeptics

The forces of stupidity, ignorance and what can I have for free seem to overwhelm everything else.

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50 Responses to The smartest political leader of all time

  1. twostix

    Does he have brain damage?

  2. Muddy

    Bless James Woods, but it is not about ‘accomplishments’ and has not been for quite some time.

    When you claim to be a ‘fixer/messiah’ the worst thing you can do is implement policies that will work and actually achieve what you have promised, because if that happened, you would be out of a job. Once an issue – real or imagined – is fixed or resolved, the spotlight will move from you very quickly. To regain that spotlight and all that goes with it, you will have to do the hard yards convincing the lemmings that another problem or issue is worth assigning you special worship privileges again. That is not the best use of either your time or energy.

    So the key is to never resolve that original issue you claimed to be the messiah for. Make a lot of distracting hand movements like a magician, blame others, and if necessary, enlarge a small hole in the fabric here and there, so there is always a valid reason why your omnipotence has not borne fruit.

    My apologies for the slight blasphemy, but socially/culturally speaking, no-one wants an unemployed messiah. He or she is simply sad to look at, and very few will actually look at them, thus rendering their existence somewhat redundant.

    If you to be known as a fixer or messiah, DO NOT actually accomplish anything! Keep yourself in the spotlight. You know and we all know that you were made for it. Don’t let us down!

  3. Muddy

    If you WANT to be known …

  4. J.H.

    The words Arrogance and Hubris come to mind as I watch that man speak in that video.

    It was a damn pity that the first African/American to become President of the United States of America…. was Barack Obama. A crying shame actually.

  5. Muzzlehatch

    Never going to see this autopsy level analysis fisted/ foisted up the fundament/ upon the situational awareness of the sleepwalkers. Don’t bother to poll the Lugenpresse. Guys Never canvass or comment on the Lugenpresse.. You are just giving these scoundrels oxygen.

  6. The ultimate hollow man. Not that anyone seems to care.

  7. God help us if The Wookie becomes POTUS. Suddenly the whole world becomes your school kid’s lunch box.

  8. Muddy

    God help us if The Wookie becomes POTUS.

    Bear, I believe the biggest worry is what if Mr. Trump decides not to seek nomination for 2020?
    Without Trump, the Demonrats will be put anyone forward, anyone at all, and they will win with little trouble.
    It is never too early to worry about succession when there is no comparable individual to succeed the incumbent.
    The Republicans need to focus (quietly, mind you) on the Post-Trump Era.
    It will come before we blink.

  9. egg_

    the “world’s smartest man” accomplished absolutely nothing in eight of the longest years in history.

    Saved “Govt Motors” so that teh world got a few more of teh General’s Gen IV V8s.

  10. Infidel Tiger

    Imagine how arrogant this turd was when he was coked to the eyeballs?

  11. Infidel Tiger

    Imagine how arrogant this turd was when he was coked off his head?

  12. old bloke

    Wherein #Obama dismisses the value of every political figure he’s dealt with in the entire world in one minute and nineteen seconds.

    That’s quite understandably really. Just look at the Australian Prime Ministers he’s met and dealt with for example; Julia Gillard, Kevin Rudd, Tony Abbott & Malcolm Turnbull. Collectively, their value could be easily dismissed in under one minute and nineteen seconds.

  13. zyconoclast

    Does he have brain damage?

    The US voting public was/is brain damaged.

  14. NB

    Are you all insane? This man won a Nobel prize. He must be a genius, as he won it barely lifting a finger.

  15. tombell

    what an egregious turd.

  16. rickw

    Obama is as dumb as monkey shit.

  17. Harken Now

    Hark! Has not the current President calls himself a “very stable genius”?

    Did he not tell the media yesterday:

    … “nobody’s done more for the military than me,” and asked what he was thankful for this Thanksgiving, Trump cited his “great family,” as well as himself.

    “I made a tremendous difference in this country,” he said.

    Yet Kates and the assorted comment folk here spend their time complaining that Obama thinks he’s the smartest political leader of all time?? [Words that, of course, he does not use, but are inferred from his observation that it’s been a life lesson that politicians at all levels can be pretty dumb and aggravating – a thought routinely shared on this very website.]

    It’s very hard to credit what goes on here – a cloakroom requiring insight to be checked in before entry? Are the tickets in invisible ink too?

  18. Harken Now

    Oh, second Hark!

    For heavenly amusement, you really should go back and re-read your predictions of the midterm elections on the thread of 6 November here.
    The result is plain – the most accurate prediction was from your occasional visitor Mr Monty.

    Nearly all others were confident of a vast GOP victory, with pollsters and that rabble called main stream media not having a clue as to the true sentiment and understanding of the zeitgeist.

    Has failure led to any greater insight here? Why not?

    Is there a furnace out the back where they actually incinerate your insight and intellectual modesty?

  19. Jock

    What a complete dick. There that encapsulates Obnama.

  20. Jock

    Sorry I just replayed it. He thinks he is Spock! Dear God. Spock? Perhaps he also thinks he is socrates, aquinas and descartes all rolled into one? in my view though he is more like Wiley Coyote, and look what one of the deplorables did to him.

  21. Jo Smyth

    Obama was a complete failure, his globalist, PC dreams almost succeeded and as a result he had one great achievement. He gave us President Trump.

  22. Mother Lode

    I don’t think the Wookie will be candidate in 2020.

    Jug Ears will have noticed that when people hear the word Clinton, they think of the Hilderbeest, not her actual President husband. Jug Ears’ ego won’t be able to hack that.

    Besides, she will be an old stale product too well known – there will be too much baggage fresher candidates will be able to sandbag her with which she will not be able to reciprocate.

    She didn’t really have much of a profile even while Jug Ears was President. She was always around – but in the way a bad smell hangs around.

    She will be a relic of a bygone era. Like the Hilderbeest. The Democrats will be looking for new shiny objects to try to lure people away from Trump.

    And, finally, she will wage a campaign riven with the same elitist weaknesses as the dipsomaniac pavement-hugging sea-cucumber (forever vomiting up her of entrails).

    Don’t get me wrong – the Dimocrats will dredge up some appalling answer to their misunderstood question – a real clusterfuck. But, I think, not her.

  23. Critical Mass

    Is he a dope or on the dope?

  24. mh

    Even George Soros said Obama didn’t listen to what he was telling him to do.

  25. Howard Hill

    One Big Ass Mistake America!

  26. Fisky

    It really takes you back to the uni student days doesn’t it. A drafty, weatherboard share house at 2am, empty pizza-boxes all over the floor, sitting on a torn-up sofa with the gang playing PS2. Arguing some half-baked nonsense from Sociology 101.

    That’s where POTUS 44 is at right now. A college stoner trying to be an intellectual.

  27. jupes

    That’s where POTUS 44 is at right now. A college stoner trying to be an intellectual.


  28. candy

    Obama brought something special to the Presidency, that a black person can raise themselves, get educated and get ahead and aim for the top. I believe that was very important, a great thing, everything “happens for a reason”, in a pop psychology way.
    He also in his time saw bin Laden taken out.

    There’s 2 things. The rest I don’t know about it, but Trump is fixing their economy and raising America up.

  29. Muddy

    that a black person can raise themselves

    Does every ‘black’ person NEED to raise themselves, Candy?
    That’s an inherently stereotyped statement. You are assuming that the colour of a person’s skin designates their status in life. That skin colour is the one and only definition of an individual’s identity. That black=victim & white [whatever that means now] = privileged oppressor.

    That’s a very two-dimensional, cartoonish view of the world.
    Are you sure you’re on the right blog?

  30. Fisky

    Obama brought something special to the Presidency, that a black person can raise themselves, get educated and get ahead and aim for the top.

    I genuinely hope that’s the lesson people take away from it, even though he was actually raised by his white grandparents, given a preference place into college (he falsely claimed to be a Kenyan on his college application so as to get some overseas aid scholarship or something), and was basically coddled by the media all the way to the White House.

  31. Mater

    He also in his time saw bin Laden taken out.

    He had been hunted since 2001.
    JSOC had launched numerous unsuccessful raids to get him over the 10 year period.
    I fail to see why the fact that they were successful during his tenure gives him any additional credit over his predecessor. In fact…

    Even though he had voted for Obama, McChrystal and his new commander in chief failed from the outset to connect. The general first encountered Obama a week after he took office, when the president met with a dozen senior military officials in a room at the Pentagon known as the Tank. According to sources familiar with the meeting, McChrystal thought Obama looked “uncomfortable and intimidated” by the roomful of military brass. Their first one-on-one meeting took place in the Oval Office four months later, after McChrystal got the Afghanistan job, and it didn’t go much better. “It was a 10-minute photo op,” says an adviser to McChrystal. “Obama clearly didn’t know anything about him, who he was. Here’s the guy who’s going to run his fucking war, but he didn’t seem very engaged. The Boss was pretty disappointed.”

    McCrystal is the former head of JSOC.

  32. Dr Fred Lenin

    He got the job because the left aparat needed to virtue signal the racist democrats were not racist,they were looking for a front holliw man and they found this shit strirring half black Chicago activite who fitted the bill . He was elected and the left aparat kept running the country with the help of far left RINOs keeping the unelected globalist agenda on track. If the aparat hadnt chosen him he would have been murdered by one of his own race who followed a different bunch of gangsters It is Chicago , and he is a black, every chance of being shot by another black , happens every day. Ignore him he might go away.

  33. Fisky

    Remember also how there was a photo out there of Obama hanging with Louis Farrakhan in 2007, but the media dishonestly suppressed it. Did Obama ever do anything for himself?

  34. Infidel Tiger

    Did Obama ever do anything for himself?

    Let’s ask his male lovers.

  35. Jimf

    “We are fraught with…stuff”. Obama is a 21st century living monument to style over substance. The definitive example of a cool brand & “optics” leadership vs conviction or actual ability.Think Macron and Trudeau with Black cred. Oh how these two BO-lites must wish they had some form of struggle to draw on.

  36. jupes

    “We are fraught with…stuff”.

    Liberty quote.

  37. Fred Furkenburger

    I’d say that to a large extent he is probably right. Sad for him though is that he lacks the mirror that would show him for being just another one of them.

  38. Tintarella di Luna

    That’s where POTUS 44 is at right now. A college stoner trying to be an intellectual.

    Without any raw materials

  39. Petros

    So why did Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama order the invasion of Libya? Libya had the highest standard of living in Africa based on the OECD reports. If only the media did its job and asked him such important questions. I fail to see why he isn’t considered a war criminal.

  40. Bones

    Looks familiar. You might catch his doppleganger in a kayak on Sydney Harbour.

  41. KaaBee

    Ya know, I think he really likes the sound of his own voice. Ya know, especially when he is just rambling on.

  42. PB

    Who said treason doesn’t pay?

  43. He’s a blithering idiot without his teleprompter. His so called interview was full of clichés. Such a boring excuse for an ex president.

  44. Tim Neilson

    Jug Ears will have noticed that when people hear the word Clinton, they think of the Hilderbeest, not her actual President husband. Jug Ears’ ego won’t be able to hack that.

    This is true ML (as is the rest of your post) but do you think that Jug Ears gets to say what goes on in that household?

  45. Tim Neilson

    Obama brought something special to the Presidency, that a black person can raise themselves, get educated and get ahead and aim for the top. I believe that was very important, a great thing, everything “happens for a reason”, in a pop psychology way.
    He also in his time saw bin Laden taken out.

    “Get educated” is pure speculation – “get credentialled” would be accurate. Read “The Closing of the American Mind” to find out about (among other things) African American university graduates.

    As for Bin Laden…
    A friend of mine, former Australian Army medical corps officer, worked with many senior US military personnel in her subsequent career. She said that Obama consistently refused to give them permission to try to take out Bin Laden and eventually had to be threatened that if his delaying let Bin Laden escape the military would reveal that to the public.
    Also, they’d asked for a 48 hour media blackout after it happened to try to move quickly on any intel they got at the compound, but Barry raced straight to the microphone to take credit and even announced “we’ve got a lot of intel that may be very useful”.
    Summary, the military regard Barry with utter contempt and seething hatred.

  46. Angus Black

    What Obama did most successfully was to create and nurture the worldwide victimhood movement. Whether he did it intentionally or not (I see intention, but the man is the laziest!) that is sufficient for a climb to the top of the anti-Christ rankings.

  47. Jef

    Obama..the worst President in the history of the US. Yes he unashamedly proud to receive the Nobel Prize 2 weeks into the job without doing anything worthy of what the Prize is meant for (then again we have to question the intelligence of those who chose him). He should return the prize money if he has an oz of dignity left…biggest dud of a President the world has ever seen.

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