Countdown to Christmas IV

Okay – I’m going to admit that until this morning I had never heard this song – or even heard of this song. But for our enjoyment:


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11 Responses to Countdown to Christmas IV

  1. Dr Fred Lenin

    Disgracefull parody by a recividist denier,its. People like you Trump and the Gilets Jaunes who are creating problems for comrade soros and his maggots to install one world unelected government in the western world ,a goal l assisted by turnbul,l may ,macron, merkel and the capable clintons . Desist Sir , I tell you ,dire consequences could ensue.
    On the global crap. Wonder what plans soros has for the Chinese and islamofascists ? The Chinese communists are unlikely to join this cabal , they wont give up power to the. Soros mob ,and the muslims hate everybody and want to kill or convert them

  2. wal1957

    Unbelievable that you had never heard of this song!
    Dean Martin’s version is the best I think. Great voice!

  3. stackja

    wal – Sinc leads an academic life.

  4. Mak Siccar

    The best bit in this version is that it is the sheila that is singing the seductive lines, unlike the original where it is the lecherous man who sings them! An excellent take the p1ss.

  5. pbw


    I think it’s the worst part of the song. We now have women and exmen, females and demales. Only women are allowed to be the seducers. Until it all falls in a heap, anyway.

  6. Elle

    Thanks for this, Sinc. Lady Gaga is certainly versatile. Interesting dress. Love the colour!

  7. Howard Hill

    Marry Xmas and a happy new year to all the cats. I hope you have a fun, safe time and are all back with your excellent wit, humour and intellect in the new year.

    On my way out for a big family dinner and hanging shit on my brother in law.
    Will be eating and drinking a plenty. Hope you all have as much fun..

  8. Procrustes

    I thought it was pretty good too.

    Note – I think it is from a couple of years ago, so pre-dating the current brou ha ha. I am astonished that Sinc had never heard of the song.

    Lady Gaga is a force to be reckoned with. I think that I would agree with her politics no more than 10% of the time but she sure is talented, whether wearing bacon or figure hugging dresses.

    God bless us, everyone

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