New Year 2019

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  1. Sinclair Davidson

    Judith – you thought I had forgotten Mariah?

  2. Peter Campion

    Yeah, nah, it’s only 2300 in the non-clock-fiddling world.

  3. Mindfree

    Happy new year cats
    Hold on to your hats guys its going to be an interesting 2019

  4. Sinclair Davidson

    Peter – I hear you have another grandchild on the way. Congratulations.

  5. Nob

    Happy New year Sinc.

    This is how we know you’re really an economics professor.
    Such reliably naff music taste.

  6. Peter Campion

    Thanks, Sinc. It was a difficult secret to keep!

    I did suggest that Baanyard could use the occasion to ride the meeja bareback…. But what would I know?

  7. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    All good wishes for a happy 2019, to ladies and gentlemen on the Cat.

  8. P

    Peter – I hear you have another grandchild on the way. Congratulations.

    Congrats Peter.

    My daughter will be ecstatic when she hears the news. She worked with Vikki some years ago and has a high regard for her.

  9. Oh come on

    Happy New Year to you time zone-challenged folk over east.

    Ps: your cheesy clips are the best, Sinc – love em! The more the merrier.

  10. calli

    Top o’ the mornin’ Cats!

    Oh look! A fresh new year.

    This will be the best one evah!

  11. bespoke

    long and prosperous life for the new addition Peter.

  12. DrBeauGan

    Ps: your cheesy clips are the best, Sinc – love em! The more the merrier.

    Cheesy doesn’t begin to cover it.

  13. DrBeauGan

    But I’m full of the milk of hunan kindness atm. Also Jantsz premium brut.

  14. Peter Castieau

    Happy New Year to all Cats. Being an election year I’m sure it will be very interesting.

  15. Baldrick

    A happy and prosperous New Year Cats and Kittehs 🎉🍻

  16. Elle

    Happy New Year. 🎉🥂
    The schnapps was off. 😳🤢

  17. Lady Nilk, Iron Bogan

    After the last year and its challenges, it’s time for a happy New Year in 2019. May all youse Cats and Kittehs have a prosperous, rewarding and above all entertaining year. xx

  18. JohnA

    From today’s headline feed at

    Life, soul of new year’s party

    For a year seared by drought, the final irony of 2018 was more than a million people drenched as the heavens opened over Sydney

    Global warming, yeah, right!!

  19. Dr Fred Lenin

    Happy and prospeousNewYear to all cats ,keep good health .be moderate in all things (haha ) and you msy live to be 81 like meself . I predict this year the new pope will convert the left and muslims to his btand of Christianity , can you imagine the confessions! WOW , mind boggling !

  20. Cynic of Ayr

    Whenever I see Mariah Carey, I see a cold, calculating, self centred bitch. Not that that’s all that rare. Most of Hollywood is the same.
    I don’t know James Packer – never met him. (Funny that! Wonder why? I guess we must move in different circles.) Anyway, this tart sure spat the dummy when Packer (or his minders) pulled the plug on her.
    Packer sure isn’t his Dad, but the bloke has a few personal issues.

  21. Rae

    I’m full of the milk of hunan kindness atm

    Ah. Toddler Gold in the province. But, you’re early. Chinese New Year, to welcome the Year of the Pig, will not be until Feb 5.

  22. Cynic of Ayr

    “I’m full of the milk of hunan kindness atm”
    I’m full of the milk of hunan kindness Automatic Teller Machine?
    hahahahahahahaha.. deary me…
    (Ow! I think I’ve pulled a muscle or something..

  23. mh

    I think Mariah took Agnetha’s share.

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